Thursday, June 07, 2012

Like a ball of yarn.....unravelling

Ask any military wife and they will tell you that when their husbands are gone, something always breaks, falls apart or goes wrong.
It's not made up, it's not something we imagine, I think it's probably written in the cosmos.  When hubby deploys, things will act up to really test you.
And you know when those days are going to happen because it starts off small, like picking up a little corner of a ball of yarn and then slowly pulling, watching it start to unravel.

unravelling yarn

Not all in a big WOOSH, but little at a time, to make you really savor the moment LOL

So it was yesterday.

But before I tell you anything, why don't you come on in, I will make you some coffee or tea, whichever you prefer and I can even whip up some of those yummy Cinnamon Bun Pancakes I shared just below in the Cooking Thursday post.

I tried to put off mowing for a bit because it's not something I usually do due to my allergies.  Usually the hubster gets out there in the heat and sweats up a storm and whips that backyard into shape in no time.

I'm usually inside, looking through the back door, smiling, hoping to make him feel better just by having my presence nearby.  I'm such a meanie like that aren't I?

And then come days like yesterday where I can't let it go any longer, the grass is getting tall and I don't want to lose one of the pugs in that jungle cause you see, they are like our babies and I think my husband would kill me if I lost one of them.  Ha!

I get out there and I do the whole prime thing, you know, push the button in 3 times and then hold down the thingamabob on top and pull on that wire thingamajig really hard, which is a pain in the shoulder for me because I injured it many many years ago and still bothers me daily.  And wouldn't you know it, the darn mower didn't start????

It took me about 20 minutes to get it going, but by golly I did it, it started up and I began mowing.

Freshly mowed grass

Hey this isn't so bad.

Until I ran over a rock (which for some reason these yards here on base are full of), that thing shot up like a bat out of hell and whacked me on the shin.  So now I have a sore arm and I'm limping, I must have been quite the spectacle out there.

About 90% of the yard was mowed and then.  It dies.  The mower just stops.  Out of gas.  You have got to be kidding me.  I can't just leave that patch there.  So I pull out the weed whacker LOL  So now I'm mowing with a weed whacker in hand which by the way, died on me after 2 minutes, so I had to recharge it before I could finish the yard.

Before walking into the house though, I heard a chirping coming from the veggie garden, when I went to check I find a tiny baby bird who somehow managed to climb into my covered raised beds and couldn't get out, so I figured I would help him and went over to try but next thing I knew I am hearing a huge commotion with birds and chirping and flapping wings and look up to see 3 birds right on my face flapping wildly.

I kind of did a drop and roll thing on the grass.  I may have been waving my arms above my head and yelling out "Stop, darnit I was just trying to help"......I MAY have....not sure, it happened so fast.  Then did a semi crawl onto my knees and ran into the house, where I proceeded to stand there with my hands on my hips for 5 minutes while my kids laughed so hard they cried. 

I am so embarrassed to admit these things because I may have given a neighbor the best show yesterday morning LOL

Anyway.  I was hoping that would have been the end of the weird day for me, but it just got weirder as it went LOL


This is my husband's truck, which I drive. Remember he took my nice sporty car because it's more reliable for long trips.

Anyway, this truck is old folks, it's a 1998, still runs great but is slowly starting to fall apart.

The side panel on the driver seat has fallen off, the plastic thingy that holds the screw in broke so it just dangles there, which makes it weird when you're trying to drive and suddenly the seat is way up high and you can't reach the pedals and your knees are kind bent.

Story of my life.

Anyway, because the panel came off, it's draining the battery. Hubby is away and I had to fix it myself, so I finally thought of using a piece of hard cardboard, I cut a circle big enough to squeeze in the plastic panel, screwed the screw into that and then into the seat. PERFECT!

Until yesterday morning when the kids and I ran to the commissary and Jasmine decided to climb over my seat to get out and put her feet on the panel and knocked it right back out. *sigh*

So I spent another hour in the triple digit sun fixing the panel again.

Then came inside and went to take the dogs out, only to see a huge line of ants coming in through the back door, they were feasting on one of the pieces of dried dog food. Whatever.

I vacuumed them all up, and then realized I was out of vinegar but wanted to kill the scent trail, so I grabbed Febreeze and sprayed away, then decided that wasn't working as well as I wanted, so I removed the nozzle and poured the Febreeze onto the patio (I don't know what I was drinking or smoking yesterday lol).

I set the bottle down at my feet, went to turn to grab the nozzle and knocked it down pouring it all over my wood floor.

In the meantime, you have to understand that I was canning Salsa and one of the cans was refusing to seal properly, I had to redo that one 3 times and change lids out etc until it finally worked.

By the time hubby called on Skype, I was so ready for bed LOL

So I'm hoping for a quieter day.  I have laundry to do and housework, cookies to bake for the kids etc.

I'm sorry this was such a long winded post, I tend to babble at times.

But I'll let you go, for now.  I'm off to get my day started.  :)


  1. Oh, you poor thing! It seems that when it rains it pours. Thankfully we get a new day and a fresh start. I your new day is much better. :)

  2. You had me cracking up about the birds and I can so relate to the ants. Hope you have a great day!!!

  3. Hello Sandra,
    I had to laugh so much while reading!!!! Hilarious!!!
    I know those days...
    Hope you have a better day tomorrow :)

  4. What a day! I'll bet you were exhausted!

    But so funny, especially the birds bit.

    We have a fly-mo for the grass with plastic blades. Because the housing for one of the blades is cracked everytime I hit a twig or a stone it makes the most awful racket and the blade flies off.

    So all my neighbours can hear when I mow the grass is - "brrrrr...CRACK...WACKAWACKAWACKA...'Oh for crying out loud'...wooooo...'where the heck has that blade gone...aha!'...brrrr...CRACK...WACKAWACKAWACKA...'Right, THAT'S IT! I'm giving up, stupid lawnmower, stupid grass, grrrrr'." So Hubs comes home to half-mowed grass and raging dandelions.

    Happy days. :)

  5. You poor thing! When hubby was in Afghanistan I actually the handle on our toilet just broke off. I didn't want to call a plumber to fix it knowing how expensive THAT would be so I just figured it out by myself. Went and bought a new one. Took a picture with my camera of how it was suppose to look on the inside before I took the broken one apart and did it. Wasn't perfect, but it worked until hubby came home for his 10 day break. Hope today is better for you!!! Seems when ONE thing goes wrong everything else just follows.

  6. Oh my goodness, what a rough day! I sure hope today was a much better day for you!

  7. Poor Sandra! But I must tell you I was laughing really hard reading about your bird incident! I'm sorry all this stuff is going wrong. I pray you had a better day today.


  8. What a day you had!
    Snuggle with the pugs with a cup of cocoa and relax. <3

  9. I discovered today that the ex-roommate (thankfully he's gone, I was starting to lose my sanity no joke) thought that MY plates were wonderful things to use as chopping boards. I don't know how much force it takes to scratch (repeatedly) Corelle and Pfaltzgraff but he certainly did. What I don't understand is that he had a large round Cephalon wooden chopping block that he could have used. least someone else mows my lawn, because otherwise not only would I hit a rock, the neighbors would hear language that isn't fit for man nor beast!

  10. Oh dear. Let's just believe it, whatever it is, has got it out of it's system and now the rest of time hubby is away will run smoothly. I must admit Sandra, I'm with the kids, and laughing my head off at the vision in my head of you and the birds.


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