Friday, June 15, 2012

Good morning :)

It's such a beautiful day today.  The sun is shining, there's not a cloud in the sky, there's a little breeze, just perfect for sitting down and chatting right???

Even though I'm doing my daily Day posts with the pics, I feel like I haven't really sat down and talked to you in a few days and there's all this stuff I want to share and talk about.

Come on in.  It's still morning time here for me, just turned 10 am and so far I've got the bedrooms all cleaned up, the beds all made, laundry going, living room picked up, dishwasher running and the sprinkler going out back.

I do need to give these floors a good sweeping and vacuum the bedrooms, but other than that, I am thinking it's a quiet Friday for us.

So first things first....who watched the Dallas premiere on Wednesday night????


Oh my!

Talk about twists and turns and edge of your seat TV.  That was so good.  I have to admit that the minute the Dallas theme song came on, I wanted to cry, what wonderful memories it brought back to me.

I think that Dallas was the last show that really brought the whole family to the living room.  It seems that today everyone is watching different things and there isn't much on that would pull a family together for a night of good TV.  Dallas was that for me.

I used to look forward to it every week and then the whole family would sit together and watch.

Anyway, back to the premiere.  I have always been a huge fan of Bobby and JR and Sue Ellen, so seeing them on the screen was wonderful, and then little Lucy who is not so little anymore.  The only one I'm missing is Pam Ewing and I do wish she would make an appearance, but I think from what I remember that Pam died in the old Dallas right???

Any of you watch the new one, did you like it?  Oh and if you don't have the TNT channel or cable, you can still watch it online, at the same place that I gave you to watch Downton Abbey.    Both episodes from Wednesday are up :)

Moving on to something else, it's been a busy, somewhat sad week around here, I'm going into it again because I think by now everyone and their mother knows what is going on LOL   No need to bore you again with the details.

Kids and I don't have anything planned for this weekend.  Tonight we're actually having a Pizza Party just for us 3.  I usually make pizza at home but the kids asked me to order some from Papa John's so that's what I'll be, hot wings, blanket in the living room, picnic on the floor as we watch the new Good Luck Charlie.

The kids are really looking forward to it, and truth be told, I am too.  I think it will be fun, of course I'll take tons of pictures and share them.  Just don't tell the kids they are at that age where I bring out the camera and they run like little gazelles LOL

Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend???


Star Sandwiches for the kids :)  Salad for me.  For dinner, Pizza Party. 


General Hospital on ABC
The Dead Files on the Travel Channel
Good Luck Charlie on the Disney Channel


Sweeping and vacuuming

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  1. Good Afternoon Sandra,

    We love to have a movie/board game and snack night with the air mattress and sleeper sofa pulled out even as old as my boys are now.(especially fun in the winter with the fireplace) Looking forward to more of that since the youngest will be done with school soon. Just got home a bit ago and rearranged my dining room as I have inherited my aunt's beautiful solid oak dining room set.
    We love Good Luck Charlie-can't wait for the new baby next Sunday but tonight we are all about Nik Walenda tight-roping Niagara Falls (ABC @ 8:00 eastern)It's one of our favorite vacay spots. Have a wonderful pizza party surrounded by the ones you love.
    Laura B.

  2. Enjoy your pizza picnic on the floor! That's something we have made into a tradition here, too! My 3 year old LOVES greeting the pizza man and helping me spread the blanket on the floor. Good memories. :)

  3. woops! Used my hubbys account to comment. {blush}

  4. Aww, I'm so jealous! We don't get Dallas over here until September! :(

    So excited to watch it!


  5. Living room picnics are so much fun!

    We'd had great plans for the weekend, but they've been dashed. We're trying to refinance our mortgage (it'll cut our payment in half and make it possible for us to live on my husband's Army retirement pay, since it looks like his current job on post is going to get cut). So I need to tackle those little home repair projects I've been putting off: sanding and repainting trim everywhere in the house, hosing down siding, washing windows and shampooing all of carpets. I'd planned to space them out over the next month, but now need to get them all done in 48 hours. Yikes!

  6. Weekends are usually totally serendipity for us.
    I love your plans. Rich, sweet times.

  7. Hey Sandra,
    I just watched the 1st episode and did so out of curiosity. I have mixed feelings about it really. Basically, it's the same old story with actors that don't seem near as good as the old ones. But I loved seeing JR come alive from his nursing home chair!! Lol!!
    I read your posts everyday & I'm truly enjoying them! So I may not leave a comment but I'm sure visiting regularly. I guess I'm destined to never have Internet service worth 2 cents! But that's the price you pay for living in the country like I do. I wish you were near. I would have you over for coffee & conversation! Thanks, Tina


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