Wednesday, June 06, 2012

5 steps back.......

5:30am found me wide awake, like out of bed and ready to just get this day over with, awake.

I thought that I would be able to sleep in and get some good rest while hubby is away, but forget that, it's like for one, I've completely forgotten how to sleep without him.

Happens every.single.time. he leaves.

What is that?   We sleep alone for most of our lives, until we get married, then if they're not there for a reason, we can't sleep.  Frustrating LOL

So we're doing ok, it's day 8 today but honestly, it feels like day 80 to me.  I don't think I'm cut out to be away from my husband, I never was and we both never were able to function 100% without the other.

We have Skype, which helps tremendously, it makes him feel like he's part of the day, he gets to see us all and even the pugs.  You should see him talking to them  Hahaha

Lola looks right at the camera and tilts her head when he speaks.  Bella takes off running around the house when she hears his voice and looks for him everywhere, it's pretty funny, but also sad, it breaks your heart to see the doggies so miserable.

Jasmine is doing ok.  I think being 13 she understands a lot more and is able to handle the separation a little easier, but she does say she misses him everyday and last night just out of the blue she said "I wish I could hug daddy right now, I miss his hugs".

Lump in the throat moment for me.

Nicholas is harder, he is 9 years old.  He gets it, he understands as well but he just doesn't like it or accept it and he is struggling.  He can't even look at a picture of daddy without getting teary eyed, he actually hides his face and the other night told me "I really miss my daddy, I love him so much".

Again, lump in the throat moment for me.

Oh I'm sure there will be many more for the weeks to come.

So, anyway, I've been keeping myself busy, housework, taking care of kids etc.  I do have to mow the back yard today and it's never one of my favorite chores, it's so hot in this place that being out there pushing the mower is plain hell.

And I think the mower may need gas, which means I may have to go and fill up a gas tank, which I really don't like doing, I'm paranoid like that, I'm always thinking what if I do something wrong and blow up the whole place LOL  Told you, paranoid! 

I also need to make a run to the commissary and pick up some tomatoes and some onions, I have a lot of cilantro that I just harvested from the garden and want to can a bunch of salsa.

Busy, busy, busy.  It's what I need.

Kids are still asleep, it's not even 7am yet, so I think I'm going to go ahead and get my Bible reading done while the house is still quiet.

I do hope you're all having a fantastic day.  God Bless.


Kids will be having some Mac and Cheese and some Apple slices with peanut butter for lunch.  For dinner, I'll be making Toasted Bacon and Egg Sandwiches.  (I have a menu all planned out but for some reason, it's all been switched around, oh well)



General Hospital on ABC
Haunted Collector on the SyFy Channel
Catch up on Amish:  Out of Order on the DVR
Watch last episode of Hatfields and McCoys on the DVR


Two loads of laundry
Changing bed linens
Vacuuming all the bedrooms and washing carpets
Mowing yard

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  1. When my husband works over night im not able sleep well niether i cant imagine if he left for a cpl nights stight.

  2. When we are apart that is usually when I get all my deep cleaning done cause I can't sleep either...wish I could reach into my phone and HUG you right now!

  3. Awww, bless your heart.
    It IS hard when they are gone.
    I see it however as being able to go to bed when I want without feeling guilty.
    I hope your sleeping improves!

  4. I really enjoyed the Hatfields and McCoys. Although it really is a sad story.

    Hope hubby is home soon!

  5. I can't sleep when my hubby is out of town, which is strange because we have separate bedrooms. (He has horrible apnea, I am an incredibly light sleeper, and separate rooms are best for our marriage and each of us. Trust me.) But if he's on a business trip, or off fishing or hunting with the guys, I just can't fall asleep at all!

  6. I can imagine it hits all of you at various times of the day. Bless you as you all go through your days.

  7. I used to feel like you when my husband was away, but he has traveled so much through the years that it is kind of relaxing to have the house to myself occasionally. Then of course when he comes home - !!!!! Sometimes being apart can be a good thing because coming back together is so sweet. It took me a while to figure this all out, and I'm thinking you will find the same is true over time.

  8. I was so looking forward to having someone to cuddle with all night once we got married. Two weeks before we were married the military changed him from days to nights! He worked a lot of mids and swing shifts during our first four years of marriage.

  9. My husband goes away on business quite alot and often there is overseas travel included so its never a quick couple of days away, so when he's away I grab one of the sleeping kids and put them in my bed and find I have a much better nights sleep!! Hope you got all your jobs done today :)


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