Sunday, June 03, 2012

Sunday thoughts - Positive thinking


Have you ever noticed how negative thinking blows things out of proportion? Problems start to seem larger and much more difficult than they really are.

I've always considered myself a positive person.  When others are freaking out about a certain issue, I'm the one usually sitting back and saying "let it go, calm down, it will be ok".

But it doesn't mean that I don't also have doubts at times, that I don't also succumb to the negative train , the one that seems to gain speed with each passing thought, the one that seems to be never ending and the one that seems to always have the worst outcome, kinda like envisioning a train going at high speed and slamming on the brakes, the cars just piling on to each other.

Graphic thought?  Maybe!

But then again, when you think negatively all you're ever going to get is visions of horrible things happening.

Our enemy bombards our minds with every weapon at his disposal every day of our lives.
As long as we are alive, our minds remain Satan's battlefield.

Not exactly a warm fuzzy feeling is it?

I've been struggling with this for a while.  See, as much as I try to be positive, there still seems to be moments where I let my guard down and allow myself to be overcome with not so nice thoughts.

And it's not easy to stop them because usually it will be our worst fears playing in our minds.  Oh it's never just a small little thing, the enemy has to strike hard, he has to hit where it hurts, he has to bring to the forefront the things that he knows will get to our core.

I'm learning to stop that.  I'm trying really hard to not allow any kind of negativity into my mind or my life, and no it's not easy, matter of fact it's extremely hard because we live in such a negative society.

I can't use excuses to continue thinking and acting a certain way.

My problem is that I'm weak......God says "that is not a problem, I am your strength."


You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the arrow that flies by day, nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness, nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday. - Psalm 91: 5-6

So how do I change how I think?

One of the devotionals that I have on hand is Joyce Meyer's Battlefield of the Mind.  What a fantastic treasure this book is.  She will teach you how to change the way you think because believe it or not, our thoughts DO affect the outcome of things around us.

Your attitude determines your actions.  Oh boy, does this ring true.

If there's one thing I've learned from these devotionals is that we can't prevent bad thoughts from popping into our mind but we can remove them.

I still have so much to learn, I have to recognize what is a true thought and what is a negative one, and I need to weed them out.  It hasn't been easy, but I'm working on it.

In closing, I just want to share this video where Joyce speaks about Wrong Thinking.  It's worth a watch :)

Again, I am not sure why I felt compelled to talk about this today, maybe it's a lesson for me, well, actually I'm SURE it's a lesson for me, but maybe there's someone else out there struggling with this very same issue.  I hope this helps in some way :)


  1. Your post has helped me a lot, actually. There's something happening today that I've been dreading, and I know that my negativity about it (which I've been experiencing for the last couple days) has completely blown it out of proportion, but as you said, the devil is striking hard on all my soft, vulnerable spots from hurt in the past. After reading your post I remember that the devil can only be in control if you let him, so I'm going to try and put it all out of my mind and put my best foot forward. It will be hard - we'll see how it goes. haha! Wish me luck. :)


  2. Ps- Such a coincidence that you posted this on the day I needed it as well :)

  3. Sandra you know I look at all things from every possible angle. It's ok to look at the negative side of things and even to prepare for the possibility of that negative becoming reality. The hard part is not focusing all your energy on the "what if it happens". We have to roll with the punches and play the hand we are dealt at the moment as best as we can for the best possible outcome. We don't always end up with what wanted or planned for but we do get what we need to make it through and learn from each experience... if we pay attention. <3 you Lady!

  4. Thanks for reminding us to stay positive...lately I have been concentrating on the "what ifs" and the "how comes" when I just need to let go & let God!!

  5. I love Battlefield of the Mind too, it's my fave JM book.

    I need to remember so much of what you wrote today. xx

  6. Love me some Joyce Meyer! Especially her book Battlefield of the Mind. I truly believe it changed my life! Great post! Hope you're doing good!

  7. Thanks Sandra! I so needed this. I struggle with this so much. Today my entire Sunday school class prayed for me for my anxiety and panic attacks. It was something that I haven't let many people in, but today God wanted me to let people in and know that I wasn't alone. After that it just seems that everywhere I looked was someone else dealing with the same thing. I felt like I was alone. It's good to know that I am not alone and I know that the lord loves me and hears my prayers because he has put people like you in my path to help me. Thank you and god bless you!!


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