Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 13

::::  kitchen window sill

:::: I find myself staring at my wedding rings many times during the day, makes me feel closer to my husband

:::: dropping diet coke and switching to just plain water. It's not easy at all, but it's something that I'm determined to do

:::: lunch, Baked Potato Rounds topped with Homemade Herb Mayonnaise...threw these together real quick and Nicholas said "you're killing me with happiness". Well now, I guess he really liked them LOL

:::: UPS knock at the door....two boxes with items for review.

:::: Will be doing a review for Lucky Leaf Pie Fillings tomorrow, also hosting a giveaway for a chance to win these cute ice pop molds, it will be over at Full Bellies, Happy Kids, but I will give you the link when it's up :)

:::: afternoon reading


  1. I know that you are creating these posts for your husband, but I too am thoroughly enjoying them. Your photography is inspiring and I love how you capture little snippets of your day.

  2. in Lawton is thinking of you, reading your posts, and praying for have a family behind you!!! Your an inspiration to us all!!! Love, Aunt Nita

  3. I too am switching to water. Day 3 or is it 4, LOL, I was doing so well but today my right foot was swollen up like a football and I had the first withdrawal symptoms. My body is used to the caffeine in 60 ounces of diet coke. But I still managed to drink only 2 12 ounce cans instead of the normal 5 (what was yucky though is I'd forgotten to put the fridge pack in the fridge so that first can was cool but not cold!)

    Am generally feeling more energy with the water but again today wasn't good! Even canceled some bloodwork at my medical clinic because I just couldn't get the shoe on the foot, and the thought of walking to the bus stop (I don't currently have a vehicle) just made me feel sick.

    Tomorrow is another day, and I got a nibble on the room I'm trying to rent out. Plus I managed to write 13 articles. Money, money, money.


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