Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday thoughts - The Deadly Joy Busters


Another great devotional come through my hands the other morning.  It was about the Deadly Joy Busters, places where as Christians we should never even consider parking.

Parking by Life's Defeats

Parking by anger

Parking by Escape

Parking by Discouragement

Parking by Worry

Parking by Guilt

As I looked at the list, I thought, actually, I felt embarrassed because I've been guilty of parking, sometimes for long periods of time, at some or all of those places.

So looking more closely at those Parking Places, I was able to realize that I do to some degree, hold myself back, sabotage my own joy, bring myself down, because I can't seem to let go of something things. 

"Let it go and let God"!

How many times have you heard that saying?  I admit to telling myself and others that many, many, many times.  But it's easier said than done.

Parking by Life's Defeats - Things that have happened in the past that disappointed me, that brought me down.  Why would I want to continue staying in that moment, reliving that?  Move on!

Parking by Anger - Storing anger, holding a grudge, thinking about something someone said a gazillion years ago but that still hurts deep down.  What exactly does this do for me other than hold me down, and eventually boomerang back ten fold?  Time to let it go.

Parking by Escape - Things look tough, so I quit.  I run away, I turn my back, I don't want to deal with it.  I have to learn to keep going, keep pushing forward, not let the thought of a difficult task or issue keep me rooted in fear or even worse, make me a quitter.

Parking by Worry -  Well I have to say that I have not only parked myself in this spot, I have set up shop and I don't think I'm leaving anytime soon.  So the what if's, the what may's, the what will's keep me almost paralyzed at times.  I worry too much, even my husband tells me this.  What sense is there in worrying, in driving yourself insane by the unknown?  Let it go, how will we know what possibilities are around the corner if we don't allow ourselves to think that far or to let whatever may come, just come.

Parking in Guilt - Simply put, let it go.  Stop thinking about what you've done in the past, rather start thinking about what you'll accomplish in the future.  Don't let resentment hold you back, don't tear yourself apart because you feel you are not worth it, or that you should pay and continue suffering for something that you did years and decades ago.  Forgive, put the past behind you.

I never really thought much about these things, or what effect they may be having on my life, on how I perceive things, on how I live.  But when you really break it down and start putting it into perspective, it's almost scary just how much you sabotage your own happiness.  The only person holding YOU back, is none other than yourself.  Scary thought isn't it???

God knows about all my pains, all my worries, all my guilt.  He loves me no matter what.  But here's the thing......unless I confess all of these to Him, I won't be able to move on and to be happy.

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?" - Matthew 6:25


  1. All so true...thanks for sharing...

  2. This was exactly what I needed today. I am so guilty of all of this and I need to move forward but it's seriously easier said than done. Thank you for posting this.

  3. Definitely worth remembering, Sandra - each day is a new day and He has loads of good things in store for you.

  4. So true. I really struggle particularly with worry and guilt. Jesus came to give us life. I know that when I feel like this I need to turn back to him and walk in that new life always.

    Thank you for sharing this.


  5. Sandra,
    Thank you for sharing. I am guilty of some of this as well, particularly of worry and dwelling on things that have been said to me in the past. I will have to share this with my brother as he is going through a difficult time with a family member. Blessings to you and your family.
    Laura B.


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