Friday, June 01, 2012

Everyday Contentment - #2

Take a moment to embrace contentment, to learn to love the everyday things that we tend to overlook or take for granted. 

I'm not referring to big things, or expensive things.

I'm talking about the nitty gritty, those everyday tasks, objects, thoughts that make our lives what they are.

So every Friday I'm going to be talking about my Everyday Contentment.

You are more than welcome to join me, to take a step back and to appreciate the small things.
Stop laughing!

No really, you can stop laughing now, because I know that you're looking at this picture and thinking that I've lost my mind if I think that Ironing makes me content.  LOL

Truth is, it does.  It really really does.

That photo was taken back in 2006.  I found it while looking through the old blog posts, and I immediately smiled because that joy on my face is still with me today.

You may not consider ironing a happy chore, but for me it's pure contentment. 

I find it relaxing, therapeutic, it allows me to think about my day, to mull over a certain problem I'm having and to just BE in the moment.

So yes, my contentment for today is Ironing, because though it may be frowned upon and looked at as a boring task by some.....for me, it's just another simple homemaking task that I enjoy :)


  1. I am not laughing...I am smiling, because I, too enjoy ironing and find it relaxing. When we lived full time at the (bigger, with more room) City House, I kept the ironing board up in it's special spot. My hubby wore 'proper' shirts that needed ironing, now he must wear fire retardant clothes at the refinery...somehow I think the iron would not be a good thing!

    Great, inspiring post. Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  2. I am a huge fan of finding contentment where you are. I am not laughing about finding contentment in ironing. It is one of my favorite things to do. I like to drag the ironing board onto the back porch and iron the afternoon away!

    BTW... I didn't mean to link up. My mushbrain thought it was for comments like on wordpress. Ugh... I had better go have another cup of tea! :)

  3. *grin* Oh Sandra, I have to tell you that ironing rates right up there with dusting and sewing as my top disliked chores. Now put a vacuum in my hand, that's a different story. Total contentment when vacuuming.

  4. Wow, your girl looks JUST like you! This post is a great idea and I hope to jump on board at some point! Also a great reminder every day as you count down hubbys return!

  5. I also find contentment in the most mundane tasks, but also in some of the most humble times in life as well. I posted on my blog and linked :) <3 ya Sandra! And you and the kids and Curt and his co-workers are all in my prayers today!

  6. I love ironing! Something so soothing and almost zen-like about the sound of steam and seeing the wrinkles get smoothed away. I find it relaxing!

  7. I'm not laughing at ya! I love doing laundry and washing dishes by hand....something therapudic to me about the warm soapy water. I get it ;)

  8. I'm not laughing at ya! I love doing laundry and washing dishes by hand....something therapudic to me about the warm soapy water. I get it ;)

  9. I always say I hate ironing, but you're right: there's something very comforting about it. Maybe it's because ironing is one of those few housewife chores we can do that don't get "undone" the instant our kids walk into the room?

  10. Hey there,
    My name is Kathleen and I just started reading your blog. :) I just started my blog as well. I just had my first son and my husband works a lot, so I wanted to start a blog in order to give me something to do while I'm home alone with the baby. I want to learn ways to be an at home Mom without being isolated and still finding ways to discover myself. I've been enjoying your blog a lot!

    I am curious how you have gotten so many viewers. I love writing and always wanted to keep a blog, but always felt like no one would see it, lol.

    Best wishes,
    Kathleen :)

  11. LCD the pic! lol! Truth be tod, I only ever iron fabric for sewing. Oh, and dress clothes for the rare wedding or funeral.

  12. Ironing? Oh yes I do iron my cross-stitch after I finish before framing & my contentment comes in knowing I have accomplished...much along the same lines...we ALL have accomplished!!

  13. Oh I am not laughing at all!!! I LOVE to iron!!!! Ironing is how I sometimes get to watch 2-3 movies in their entirety all in a row!


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