Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 16

Had a busy day, errands, grocery shopping, putting to rest the little fishy, laundry, housework etc.

I haven't had a chance to come around and visit any of you for the past few days but I will be doing that in the morning, with my cup of coffee :)

Here's some snaps from our day..........

Day 16
::::  Early morning grocery shopping with the kids

Day 16
:::: this little boy is so heartbroken. It's been a tough day for him.

I let the kids decide the pace, I let them decide how they wanted to do this. They picked the area, they picked how the fish would be buried. We ended up using a Jello box with some cotton balls.

They then decided that they each wanted to find a big rock to use as a grave marker and they wanted to write something on it too.

Day 16
:::: Jasmine writing hers

Day 16
:::: Jasmine's rock

Day 16
:::: Nic writing his

Day 16
:::: Nic's stone, it says "RIP Derp....Swim in Peace". That made me choke up.

Day 16
:::: Picking flowers from the front yard and I almost grabbed this guy, he was as yellow as the flower. Eeewwww

Day 16
:::: Little Derp's resting place.

Day 16
:::: cookie jar was replenished

Sea Serpents
:::: for dinner, since the kids have been upset today, I decided to try and cheer them up with some fun stuff. This was their dinner....some Tuna Sea Serpents :)


Mandi said...

What a fun and compassionate momma! Way to go! I'm convinced our children need us for things like this!

Barry Allen @ Condos in NYC said...

This really sounds an amazing way to settle down in your dream home.

FlowerLady said...

Jasmine and Nic are so blessed to have a wonderful mother. You make life fun, you show love and compassion and you make fantastic things to eat.

I love their little headstones for Derp.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Christy said...

The grave site came out really nice.
For some reason I have been waking up super early in the morning, and I have been spending the quiet time reading your blog from its beginning. I have been enjoying it so much. I find it so easy to relate to you. I think it is your writing style, just like we are sitting together having a conversation. I am glad you are still writing. I think I look forward to your posts the most!