Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 22

:::: making butter for breakfast
Day 22

:::: there truly is nothing like fresh homemade butter
Day 22

:::: mmmmm
Day 22

:::: clean kitchen
Day 22

:::: this guy or girl or whatever, spent all day right at my kitchen window staring at me....I don't know what it wants.
Day 22

:::: never ending laundry
Day 22

:::: fixing dinner
Day 22

:::: Honey mustard chicken fingers, num num.
Day 22


Liz said...

I want to make my own butter!

That bird is a little creepy. I've had a thing about birds ever since seeing the Alfred Hitchcock movie Birds. I'm not scared of them, just highly aware and that one is just a tad weird.

Honey mustard chicken fingers sound really good.

Just Us said...

I would love to make butter too. I'm sure its all very easy but would you mind sharing how you do it?? Your kitchen looks so lovely with the crocheted table runner :)

FlowerLady said...

I'd like to try making my own butter too.

Have a lovely day today and thanks for being an inspiration.


Wendi said...

Hmmm... fresh butter. I know what you mean about the never ending laundry. I guess it means we are blessed to have an abundance of clothing.

Enjoy your day!

malorie said...

Do you have a laundry schedule that you follow???