Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A very nippy Wednesday!


We started out the day with 13 degrees F, or -10 Celsius.  I am so cold, so very very cold, my poor toes and fingers actually ache.  It's been such a huge change in the weather, one day warm and then suddenly we're thrown into a very cold weather system.

Sweater weather, for sure!

Wednesday mornings, my husband has to be up at 6am to get to work and then straight to college for the rest of the day.  I could stay in bed, but I like to get up with him and make some coffee, chat a little and see him off before sitting down to watch my vlogs and check on my blog etc.

This morning however, I wanted to stay in bed so badly, and he told me to stay but the minute he left the bedroom the pugs woke up and wouldn't allow me to go back to sleep.  Miss Bella loves her daddy and so she whines and whines for him, Miss Lola on the other hand is perfectly happy on the bed with me but she scratches and licks and scratches again and walks all over my legs, making it quite impossible to get any kind of rest.

So I braved the cold and just got up anyway, nothing a hot cup of coffee won't cure right?


I sat and enjoyed my coffee, did a little computer work and then got my breakfast started. I wanted to make some buttermilk pancakes but completely forgot that I had no eggs, bummer. I decided to go with oatmeal instead.

Oatmeal with honey and coconut, so good, so filling, and warmed me right up.


While I waited for the oatmeal to cook, I set to work making Curt's lunch.  I usually make him a sandwich to take with to school, I would make him something more but it's all he wants.

Fixing hubby's lunch

Once Curt left for school, I got my day started. There is always so much housework to do, you would think that if you cleaned your house from top to bottom the day before, you wouldn't have much to do the next day, but you know that is not the way it works. There seem to be the same chores day in and day out, those that are never ending and totally repetitive, you really do have to look deep inside yourself to attack these tasks with the same conviction as if you were doing them for the first time, otherwise, I don't know....I think many of us would be running for the hills.

Watching the sunrise

It helps when you take a moment to watch the beautiful sunrise outside the window.

Not for long though because my boy's laundry was waiting to be put away and his bed needing to be made.

Putting away the boy's clothes

By the time I got downstairs to clean the living room, I was so hot, I had to take my sweater off. Who says housework isn't good for anything? If anything it is a way of keeping us warm during the winter months. HA!


It seems like a never ending job lately with the dogs shedding, my poor vacuum gets a good workout and I'm afraid it's starting to get quite old.  I just can't afford a new one at the moment so I'm hoping it holds out for a little while longer.

I didn't take too long with the housework, by 11:30 am I was all done and just needed to get the school lessons for the day, prepared. 


Before I could do that though, the kids were hungry.  Usually they fix themselves something to eat, I keep sandwich fixings, soups, pizza rolls, hot pockets, burritos etc. , on hand, but I've been thinking that I would much rather start fixing lunch again and incorporating some healthier options.

Today I baked up some haddock fish sticks and steamed some broccoli.  They were so happy with the lunch and actually told me that they would love for me to start making meals like these, so I think I'm going to write down some ideas on my next menu plan and get started with this next week.

 You know as the kids have grown up, I kind of enjoyed their independence and knowing that if they got hungry they could fix themselves something to eat, but I also miss the times when they were toddlers and I was the one preparing the meals.  Much as I love their independence, I love them more and would rather see them eat healthier food.

Afternoon tea

Some days are so exhausting that by mid afternoon I find myself struggling to keep my eyes open and start counting down the hours until bedtime. Today was one of those!

By 3pm I was freezing cold and really needing a little pick me up, so a cup of hot tea was just what the doctor ordered.

Thank goodness for that cup of tea, it was the only thing that kept me going for the rest of the day.

Preparing dinner

From 4pm onwards it seems that the day is a blur of events, from dinner prepping to eating, to cleaning the kitchen and all that fun stuff in between.

Bread Rising

Tonight I went ahead and started two batches of the No Knead Bread. They will stay on the table rising until the morning, then into the oven they'll go. We'll use one to make sandwiches for tomorrow's lunch :)

Night cup of tea

I'm tired and my warm bed is calling me, so I'm going to finish this cup of coffee and get some rest. We'll see if I wake up to snow or not, either way you know I'll be here tomorrow telling you all about it.

Goodnight friends.


  1. love love love all the pictures so warm and good to look at...

  2. Oh I enjoyed the "day in pictures" also! Love the sweater!

    Sandra did you know that Kelli from "There's No Place Like Home" is back! She's posted a couple of times.

    Stay warm!

  3. I too love all of the pictures and your gorgeous sweater!

  4. I enjoy post like these. There is nothing like finding joy in the ordinary!

  5. You are so lovely to get up with your husband. Nice to see your day in pictures too. xx


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