Friday, November 28, 2014

And creamy chicken soup it is.....

Thanksgiving 2014

Oh folks, I am so over the Thanksgiving food.  I always look forward to it, for months and months I envision the spread and piling my plate high with all the different foods.

And then the following day I have leftovers for lunch, and by the time dinner rolls around, I can't even look at the food anymore and I want to forget it until the following year.

So here I am, it is 7:20 pm and I have been sitting in my bed since about 4:30pm.

I haven't just been sitting straight without any breaks, but I have been relaxing today and trying to take it easy and kind of digesting all the bad things I put into my body yesterday.

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving 2014.  It was a good day, I don't think we really got to spend much time together or chatting as we quickly ate and then headed to Walmart for the Black Friday sale.  My brother wanted to get the 32 inch tv which was only 98 dollars, a really good price.

We got there at 4:30pm and didn't get back home until 9pm.  By the time we walked in the door my feet hurt so bad and my lower back was screaming in pain.  I left all the dishes and all the tidying up for this morning, I really didn't want to deal with it last night.

Thanksgiving 2014

So yeah, 3 dish washed loads and 2 hand washed loads later and I'm finally done with the dishes from Thanksgiving.  Oh my!!!

The house is back on track, everything is where it belongs and clean and I also tackled my bathroom, the toilet, the floors and the bathtub all got a good scrub, and even Miss Lola got a bath.

My back is absolutely killing me and my feet still hurt, but I have taken it easy today, for the most part, and now I'm sitting in bed typing up this post, watching a documentary on Queen Elizabeth I and eating some creamy chicken soup.  You know the Cup a Soup little pouches?  Yes, those.

Not exactly the healthiest thing but it is all I really felt like right now, I'm sick of all the other stuff.

Oh and I also got all the scarves finished for my giveaway winners, now I just have to pop them in a package and off they go.

I don't have anything really planned for this weekend and I'm so thankful for that, because my laundry basket is overflowing again.  Where the heck does all the laundry come from?  How is it that the minute we get caught up and the empty hamper gets put up, it gets filled again right away?

I'm so sick of doing laundry, it really is a never ending task.

So tomorrow, my plans are very simple.  I am going to get cracking with all the laundry, I am going to work on my menus for the next two weeks, and the grocery list because I have to go shopping on Tuesday. 

I need to look at my list of Christmas gifts so I can figure out what and if I'm still going to do handmade this year, which I want to but at the moment I don't know if I'm going to have any time at all.

Housework, family time with the hubby and kids, maybe a board game later in the evening, some homemade pizza, a few more Christmas decorations for the inside and I don't know, maybe a movie.  I would love to do some crochet but I'm drawing a complete blank at the moment and nothing is really speaking to me, so I don't know what to crochet.

Any ideas?

Right, I am going to finish sipping on this soup, finish my documentary and then I may just lay down and pop in a movie until I fall asleep.  I do hope you are all having a great day after Thanksgiving and that you have an equally wonderful weekend.

God Bless,


  1. I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving. I went to the Black Friday sales one year! That was it for me. My SIL loves going out shopping, so if I see a good deal I have her get it for me. Haha!

    As much as I love cooking I was so happy to not have to this year. My family gets so sick of the leftovers. Your table was absolutely beautiful!

    Tomorrow I am going to a new yarn shop in town. Called the Woolery! I cannot wait.

  2. I hear you Sandra. I was ready for a break from Thanksgiving food too. It always makes me feel like I want to go for a jog to work off all of that heavy food and just want a salad or something light.

    Have you ever crocheted a sweater? Maybe one for Lola? Lol

    Happy weekend! xo

  3. Wishing you and your family a belated Thanksgiving! Black Friday sales have taken off here in Ireland too, but I try to stay as far away as I can! Here is a link to a cute crochet pattern you might enjoy

    Best wishes, Alison

  4. Sandra, I crocheted the "Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf" from the Mooglyblog. I crocheted one yesterday and I am halfway through with another. It's a free pattern. I tried
    3 times to post the link, but I guess I haven't had enough coffee yet :). Tired of thanksgiving food here too.

  5. Can you believe that I dread the Thanksgiving day food...for the only reason that I can't control myself so I over indulge! Same as Christmas. We don't usually have that many left overs and they alway get ate with the only complaint of "why did I do that again!"!
    We are total pigs here.

    Danny and I always hate this time of year because of the food and even if you muster some control, you then get a guilt trip from someone if you don't partake!

    I hope you try some of the infinity scarves...I bet you will make some beautiful ones.

    We don't shop the Black Friday stuff as we are always harvesting that week...I better go get busy now of a matter of fact!

  6. Hoping your back is doing better. Mine went out without me yesterday and is still grumbling some today.

  7. What documentary did you watch and can I find it on Netflix? Love time period dramas as well and love documentaries from those times. Kelli

  8. They now have Black Friday (black weekend in fact) here in Canada too. There is no way I'll go anywhere near the malls. I'm not that brave.


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