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I was supposed to come and do this post last night, but we got back from my brother's house around 9pm and by then it was pouring rain, so I quickly jumped in the bath and got into bed to relax.  It didn't take very long to fall asleep.

My weekend was good, quiet but good.  We have such a busy schedule during the week that we don't get to really sit down and spend much time together.  I can safely say that I see my husband less now than I did when he was in the military, save for the months when he would deploy somewhere.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday he is at school from 9am to 6pm and Tuesday and Thursday he has work from 10am to about 3pm, then he has to do all his schoolwork which if you have kids in college or are going to school yourself, you will understand that the work load is absolutely crazy.....there have been many days where he is up until late doing homework.

Anyway, we spent the weekend catching up, taking it easy and trying to spend some much needed family time together.

I didn't do much cleaning on Saturday, just the usual daily tasks of tidying up and cooking, and then yesterday I did my housework and pottered around.  I did take some photos and wanted to come in and share, I wish I could project through my blog just how much I love being a homemaker and taking care of my family and home, it gives me an immense sense of pride when I know that at the end of the day they can climb into warm beds, enjoy a slice of fresh bread just out of the oven, or sit in the living room covered with crochet blankets.


I started the day with a yummy breakfast, some leftover cheddar sausages that I grilled up in the oven, maple bacon, scrambled eggs and toast. We usually don't have a big breakfast during the week so Sunday mornings we like to go all out, sometimes it's stacks of pancakes drizzled with syrup and whipped cream, or big biscuits with gravy.


Next on the list, the dishes.  I always unload and reload the washer, but then keep some soapy water in the sink during the day and everyone dumps their dirty dishes in there, makes it easier to wash when they've been soaking for a while.


One of the jobs I know a lot of you can't stand, but I love, is ironing. So I grabbed my laptop, put on some of my favorite vloggers and got the task done.....and all before I even got dressed for the day.

Roasting ham

Cutting up ham

I also put on a big ham to roast, let it bake for a few hours and then sliced it up.  Most of it will be for tomorrow's dinner, but the rest will be used for sandwiches throughout the week.

Unmade bed

The bedroom cleaning came next. I had to go out and buy a mattress pad because the mattress is old but we can't really afford to buy a new one right now, the thing is the springs on there are just killing me and making it sore to lay on at night. Hubby helped me get it on the bed and then I quickly got things sorted out.

Bed freshly made

I am loving my yellow and grey bedding so much.


And it wouldn't be me without some sort of crochet right?


I also got some time to sit on the couch and enjoy my new book.  I am really enjoying the stories, and will be reviewing it here on the blog next week.

A nice cup of tea, a comfy couch and a few hours lost in a good book is what I call a great afternoon.

Sunday nights we usually go over to my brother's house to watch Walking Dead and we always have some yummy things to eat.  It's a nice way to get together at least once a week, catch up, laugh and enjoy a show as a family.

Before we left for their house, I made a Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding which was so yummy, I will have to make it again very soon.  I also had to paint my nails and these were the colors I settled on, the pink was the main color and then I did two accent nails on each hand with the silver glitter.  Love it :)

Nail Polish

The weather had already started turning and there were a few drops starting to come down.

Late afternoon

Late afternoon

But goodness, by the time we returned home it was coming down so hard and very windy, not to mention the cold. I think it's safe to say we are headed straight into Winter without much of a transition from warmer weather.

I am actually looking forward to the first snow, you know how I love to photograph the first flakes that come down, so I'm quite excited for the end of the week, we'll see if it really comes to fruition or if it's another missed weather prediction.

So there you have it, my Sunday in pictures, hopefully it was able to convey the peaceful and relaxing weekend I had :)

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This old gal is headed to the shower, I am freezing right now and am ready for a hot bath and my fleecy jammies. Have a wonderful night friends and as always, thank you for taking the time to stop by and say hi :)


  1. Yes, your pride in homemaking is very evident. Thanks for sharing your day. God bless you!

  2. It sounds like a good day. I love how you love homemaking, I feel the same way! I don't think that I am as good at it as you are, but I do love it and I know that you do too. xx

  3. Sandra your love of homemaking inspires! I'm going to start making more of my own homemade bread. Also, love your bedding...gray and yellow do go together beautifully and just "speak" to me too.

    Getting cozy here too as we had about 4-5 inches show up here the other day - hello Winter!!
    God bless.

  4. I am so excited to have found your blog, I am really enjoying it. I also love to iron, not to many people feel that way. I can not wait for the day when I can be a full time homemaker again, the service you provide to your family is priceless.

  5. Great post. I have been so busy and not able to read/blog for awhile and have missed it. I think your blog is the best. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

  6. We have the same problem with our bed. In fact we had to purchase a pad for it until we can afford to replace it. I know exactly where you are coming from when you talked about the lack of time together. We spend exactly 1 hour together a day in the morning before I leave for work. When Matt gets home I am already asleep. I am so thankful I have had the past 2 days off. It was great to just reconnect as a family again. Sunday we had a big ham with the works.

    Have a great week. Its back to work tomorrow for me. I emailed you a while ago.

  7. Hi again Sandra! I had to pop in because I'm so excited to share that I finally put up my first blog post! Yay! You have been a big inspiration for me to want to do a blog and share about my life in the north woods. If you want to check it out you can find it at I still have a lot to learn and perfect yet, but it's a start on something I've wanted to do for a long time. I plan to share a lot like you: about family and life, cooking, baking, crafts etc.

    Thanks again for inspiring me!

  8. I really wish I had your drive and love for homemaking. I love a clean house so I do what I have to, but I do not enjoy doing it. I love cooking, and I do love scrubbing ... dishes, the oven, stove tops... that's pretty much it.

    Your yellow and grey bedding definitely makes me smile. How beautiful! And the crochet pillow! I'm so in love! I usually tend to lean towards blue and turquoise but I've really fallen for yellow lately, especially with grey as an accent color.

    Looks like you had a nice weekend. I know that it's difficult with your hubby in school, but just remember that this doesn't last forever, and this sacrifice will be worth it very soon.

  9. I love that you do your own nails! I do mine once a week and I always love that they look polished and taken care of. I know that that sounds funny but most people either dont care or pay to have them done.


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