Thursday, November 20, 2014 - Coffee Review AND 20% Off Coupon

Coffee review

Who loves coffee as much as I do?  Raise your hand, but raise it way up high so I can see.

Aaahhhhh I see many of you do.  But if you're anything like me, it's hard to find that good coffee sometimes, the one that you really enjoy and don't mind paying a little bit more for it, because you know that in the end it is well worth it.

I was contacted by the folks over at ClickRoastDeliver and asked if I would like to try their website.  They are a small independently owned upstart company in Seattle.

So what exactly do they do? Well simple.....

CRD have partnered with some of their favorite local third-wave coffee roasters to put good, fresh-roasted coffee into the hands of the consumer.  Currently they are working with 8 roasters, based in Seattle and on the West-Coast, and are looking to gradually expand their partnerships with roasters all over the country.

An order, once placed on the CRD website, is immediately sent to the roaster, who then roasts the beans, and ships directly to the consumer. Through this process, the coffee received by the consumer is usually even fresher than the beans available in the roasters own shops.

CRD's mission is to support the local roasters that they love (and the coffee that we drink!) and they want to introduce these coffees to as many people as possible.

Look, I am a huge coffee lover and a bit of a snob.  I don't like coffee that is bitter, I like one that I can drink even without sugar or milk.  If it's smooth and tastes good, I'm in coffee heaven.

But what I was really trying out was the ClickRoastDeliver website.  I was curious as to how long it would take for the whole ordering process to go through and then how long it would be before I received my coffee in the mail.

It was such a quick process, the longest honestly was me trying to decide which coffee to order.  I decided to go with the Victrola and boy am I glad I did, it is delicious and I'm really enjoying it.

Cup of Coffee

I went in, picked the coffee I wanted, quickly entered in my information and hit order.

I am not even kidding you when I tell you that I placed the order on a Wednesday, and by Friday morning my coffee was in the mailbox.  I mean, THAT quick.

Something else I noticed, the minute I opened the envelope it came in, the most amazing glorious coffee scent wafted out.  It smelled like it had just finished roasting.  *drool*

I don't think I've ever come across a site that shipped so fast and with such delicious coffee.  I'm sold, honestly!

Here's the best part, they kindly offered a 20% discount for my readers, when you order your coffee through their website, just enter CRD20 at checkout.  It is good for one use per person.

Go on and give it a try, you may just find your favorite coffee already listed or you may come to find a new favorite.  I know I'm enjoying the Victrola!

Coffee review


  1. I raised my hand so fast I'm sure there was a breeze! I'm off to check out the coffee! And look at this commenting format working for me!!

  2. Yup!! My hand was up there waving!! I'll go take a look see:-).

  3. We are so glad you loved your coffee! Thank you so much for your support! ~The CRD Team


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