Saturday, November 22, 2014

And there were potatoes and onions.....

Snowy mountains

Good evening folks, how are you enjoying your Saturday night?

I am currently sitting in bed, under my nice warm comforter, watching some vlogs on the Roku and typing up this post. what did I do today?

First I have to tell you that the snow is finally all gone, save for what is left on the mountains.  I'm fine with that because honestly it was just ice at this point and making everything so difficult.

We woke up this morning to no Wifi.  I love technology but sometimes I feel it is such a pain in the behind, especially if it decides to conk out.  We sat on the phone, or rather my husband sat on the phone with the techs for a while to try and get it all back up and running again.

It's fine now, obviously or I wouldn't be here right?  Haha

Once that was taken care of, Curt had to head to work so he dropped me off at my sister in law's, as we had to head to Walmart for some Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner shopping.

It's always a treat when we get to go just the two of us, we catch up, we laugh, we ogle and ooohhhh and ahhhhh all the cute things we see and take our time without having to worry about kids or husbands.

By the time she dropped me back off at home, my hubby was just arriving himself.  We came in the house and then realized that he had forgotten to get firewood, so we headed back out again.

Potatoes and Onions

We got the firewood we needed and then on the way back home we saw a farmer selling potatoes and onions on the side of the road.

50 pound bags for $10. I mean, can you believe that? That is a steal!

Picked up one bag of red potatoes and one of the onions. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow. Yes, freezing pounds and pounds of potatoes for future meals.

Fries, hashbrowns, mashed potatoes, twice backed potatoes. I'll also pickle some onions and freeze some as well. Busy busy day I'm thinking.

Fruit Cake

I'm running a little late this year on my Fruit Cake. Usually by this time I have it made already, but time has just gotten away from me.

Not a problem, I actually got my Fruit Cake baked today and it has received it's very first rum dose. I'll keep it stored tightly wrapped and every few days I'll give it a little more booze.

It smells SO amazing, I want to dig in already.

Fruit Cake

Hubby and I also made it to the storage to put away the Halloween Decorations and grab our Christmas ones. I am dying to start putting things up, but I've been good.

Problem is, now I have everything at hand and I don't think I'll make it past tomorrow without at least my Village going up. Oh goodness.

Enjoying the fire

We've spent the rest of the day watching movies and enjoying the fire.

Christmas with the Kranks....have you watched that one? We watch it every year, along with a few other favorite Christmas movies. We also watched Free Birds which is the animated one about the Turkeys trying to save Thanksgiving. It was really cute.


And I've also been messing with my yarns and trying to figure out what I'm doing with some of them. Planning, thinking, finding patterns etc.

So yeah, that is what my Saturday was all about. I think I may just watch a girly flick on Netflix tonight, I feel like something cute so I'm thinking either Scents and Sensibility or The Real Jane Austen Documentary?

Ugh, decisions, decisions!

Either way, I better get out of here if I'm going to watch anything before falling asleep, and with this rain coming down outside I may just conk out within the first 30 minutes.


  1. We love Christmas with the Kranks, indeed, I have already watched it again!! I love that you and your inlaws get on so well together and spend so much time together, that is so lovely to hear. I hope that you are having a good day and that you are not too bogged down in the onions and potatoes! Oh, and I love that you make Christmas cake and use the term booze! I make cake and use that term too!! xx

  2. I love when I am able to take my time shopping. Young kids in tow usually make it a mad dash for me. I have to get out before someone has a melt down! Great find on the potatoes and onions. I imagine you will be busy today. :)

  3. My daughter and I went to Walmart and did the same thing! We went for Thanksgiving items and got lost looking at all the special holiday products! So fun even if we can't buy it all!
    Neat about the potatoes and onions. Living close to farms (we do too) is so nice! I get my eggs from a little farm and they're often double yolked. Have fun freezing them all! I just did that with loads of squash the same farm gave to me for free! Waste not, want not, right?! :)
    Your cake looks amazing and now I'm going to look up Free Birds to see if we can watch it, sounds cute.

  4. I do not like fruit therefore I have never liked fruitcake but I have to tell ya... That fruitcake you are making sounds good and looks delicious!!!

    That a good deal on potatoes and onions. Have you ever canned potatoes? I've been given some that had been canned but I've never tried it.

    I came across a blog you might like, She is a lovely writer, artist and very much has a Beatrix Potter feel. Probably because she is fan of her too. Her home is lovely!

    Let me know what you think.

  5. We've been trying so hard to wait until after Thanksgiving for our Christmas decorations to come out, but even the husband is having a hard time waiting. He's already moved the couch to make room for our tree. Hahaha! What a great find with the potatoes and onions. I never thought about freezing stuff made from them. That will save me from wasting some in the future!!!

    Your picture of the mountains makes me want to pack up my family and move right this instant. It's so beautiful there.

  6. Wow, that is definitely a steal of a deal of potatoes and onions!! It is more fun shopping with another person.


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