Sunday, November 23, 2014

It's beginning.....





Because some years, you just can't wait to get it all going.


  1. Ah, your suspicions that you might not be able to hold off opening the boxes were correct then! So pretty! xx

  2. I'm waiting until after Thanksgiving. I had a feeling you weren't going to be able to wait.

    Christmas is such a lovely, wonderful time of year. It's always sad when it com

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving ~ FlowerLady

  3. You are sooo sweet, and your decorations look soo pretty!

  4. I have the whole family coming for Thanksgiving, so won't decorate till the day after, but otherwise I may have started!

  5. So beautiful! I love your Christmas village. A lot of mine was damaged in a move a long time ago, but someday I'll get to replace them. I figure I'll rebuild it a little as we go. Right now though, with little babies and no higher shelving, I don't get to put up any of what I do have. I can't wait to get our decorations out. If I could get the giant boxes down by myself I definitely would but I don't believe it will happen. Next weekend though. I'm so excited.

  6. Oh my, is that a wall stencil? I love it!! Where did you get it? I lost my fireplace mantel and don't have anywhere else to put my nativity that is out of reach of little hands. I would love something like that!

  7. Your village looks so charming! Getting started here too. I figure it's legal as Thanksgiving is so late this year, I would have been getting my decorations out by now anyway! Lol

  8. I am going to get everything decorated this weekend :-)


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