Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Gloomy weather

Oh my goodness, I am freezing!

Remember yesterday I told you that the weather predicts snow for Thursday and I was still a little on the fence about whether it will really happen or not?

I honestly have no doubt whatsoever that snow is on the way, like, no doubt in my mind.  It is freezing cold here, it actually seems to have shifted so quickly from 80 degree weather to freezing.

I have pulled out all my winter clothes and I've even had to wear my under armour thermal stuff, it is that cold right now.

Being that it was Veteran's Day today, we didn't do school, and the kids hung out all day on the couch, wearing their pajamas, covered with blankets and watching movies.  Curt and I had to run out this morning to get a few last minute things for my niece's birthday, she's now officially done when it comes to gifts.  Whew!

On the way home we decided to pick up some Tacos, we don't get a lot of take out food, I think I'm quite sick of junk food to be honest, but Tacos sounded very good at the time.

It filled us up, and along with that it has just given me tummy ache.  I love Mexican food but it does tend to mess with my stomach so I don't eat it that often.

Anyway, after getting back home, Curt had to go back out to work and I decided to get some things done around here in order to prepare for the incoming freezing temperatures and snow.

Frozen leaves

I stepped out back and everything was still kind of frozen. These leaves were on the deck, just look at how frozen they were? Not that it surprises me, a funny story actually, I mopped the floors yesterday afternoon and then set the bucket with water out on the deck and the mop as well.

I always set the mop outside to dry (during the summer and warmer weather) and sometimes the bucket of water too while I get other things done and then I'll come back a few minutes later and empty out the bucket, wash it out, take it back inside etc.  I completely forgot about the mop and bucket out there, like totally forgot until I stepped outside today to get things put away.

It didn't surprise me to find the whole bucket completely frozen.  I did let it sit out for a bit while I worked on the deck and then was able to pour out the water, but there was even a couple dead flies and bees in there, frozen solid.

So, anyway, I put all the summer decorations, pots and soil etc, into the big tub that I have for my garden, and then moved that into the shed.  Then I moved the grill up against the house and stacked the chairs and the table all neatly next to it.  I'm just waiting for hubby to get the furniture covers on them and we'll call it good.

Prepping for the cold

While out there I noticed just how bare some of the trees around here are.  Not a single leaf left on a branch.

Bare tree

While others are still filled with orange leaves, like they're holding on for dear life not wanting to let go of summer.

Last few leaves

I always look forward to Autumn and then just as quickly I start missing it because I realize how short the season seems?  At least this year, I feel like we had Autumn for a month if that, and now we're already heading to Winter.  Just crazy!

Last few leaves

I didn't stay out for very long, after about 30 minutes I had to come back in because my nose was frozen and I was so cold I actually shivered.

By the way, as I'm typing this up the wind is howling outside.

Anyway, with that job out of the way, I thought it time to get the fire going, or try to.  What a pain in the behind it is to get a good fire burning.  If you have any suggestions at all, I would greatly appreciate it.

I did manage to get it started quite well and even used some homemade fire starters which consisted of cotton balls and vaseline, they work really well, my problem is keeping this fire going without dying out.

Fire starter

So yeah, if you have any tips on a better way to get it started, keep it going, and what kind of wood is best for it, just leave me a comment down below.


I'm hoping to perfect this before it gets very cold, I am hoping it will cut down on our bills this winter.


Miss Lola does not like the cold, neither does Miss Bella.....but Lola especially is such a blanket hog. She will not sit anywhere that is not a couch with a warm body under a blanket, just look at this brat. She makes me laugh!

Body Mist

I wanted to show you my favorite body mist of the moment.  I am out of my usual perfume and have one other small bottle which is almost finished too.  I wanted to buy some but I realize that Christmas is right around the corner and I usually get some either from my husband or other family members.

While at Walmart the other day I saw this Naughty and Nice mist from Bodycology, it was pretty inexpensive and I figured I would give it a try.  It smells AMAZING!!!  Then again I love musky scents, so this is Sheer Musk & Peony, but oh my word, so good.

Yeah, just thought I would share that with you.

It's just after 9pm now, I am showered and in bed and I've pulled out my big mink blanket because when I tell you it's cold here, I mean, it is COLD.  The house just seems to freeze overnight and the past few days Curt has had to get up in the middle of the night and turn on the heater for a few hours.  I usually turn it off when I wake up, or if it hasn't been running, then I turn it on for about an hour just to warm up the house and then off again.

Soon as I finish this post, I'm going to tackle the big pile of laundry on my bed, probably put something on Netflix to watch while I do that.......

Laundry folding

and then finish up my night menu planning.

Menu Planning

Exciting isn't it?

Right, well, I do hope you've all had a great Tuesday, I hope you're staying warm, I do know that a couple of you have already seen snow, yikes.

I will be back tomorrow with another day in my life post, and a winner, or rather winners, for the arm knitted scarves giveaway.

Night everyone :)


  1. It is amazing how quickly the weather can change from one thing to another isn't it, I hope that you won't be quite so cold today! It is still quite mild here and I am grateful for that! xx

    1. It is actually -10 Celsius here today, it's freezing. :)

  2. Wow, winter has arrived at your place. It makes me cold just reading about it. It is 63 down here in s.e. FL this morning. It's the start of 'beautiful' weather for us down here. Not to rub it in. Summer is over, hurray!

    Enjoy every day with your dear family ~ FlowerLady

    1. It's crazy Lorraine, this morning was 13 degrees F, it is so cold outside, I'm sure that snow is well on it's way. Right about now, I do tend to miss Arizona's winters LOL

  3. Yesterday it was in the 60's here in Ohio I was able to finish the rest of my winter keeping outside, pulled all winter screens to store, organized the garage, and got a few crafts cut out to paint this week while in doors....today it starts here, I think the high is 39...urgh, ready or not here it comes....
    Stay warm...

    1. It is really cold here, I wanted to go back outside and finish some things up but I just can't stand to be out there longer than 5 minutes, goodness. Hugs :)

  4. Yesterday I put the flower beds to rest and put up the outside furniture. Thankfully the morning was still nice (about 60*) but by the time we finished the wind was strong and the temperature was dropping. Today the high will only be in the 30's. I guess ready or not Old Man Winter is coming!

    1. For sure Wendi, ready or not, it's on it's way! Stay warm!

  5. hasnt been bad here, love the cool much better than hot..Since its been hot for months and months, iam hoping the cool down is here..
    thanks for the info on the fragrance...I have yet to find one that smells good and that i stay with..used to love body works vanilla, but its either changed or my body changed cause it stinks now to me..
    have a great day Sandra..

    1. Give the fragrance I mentioned a try, hope it works for you. You know I've had that happen before where I used to love a certain scent and now it doesn't smell good to me at all.

  6. Oh I can so relate with the COLD temps (& of course already dealing with the snow!). Thank you so much for stopping by my blog sweet Gal! I was just giddy to get my first comment and felt like a true blogger! Yay! Lol

    Hope your Fall hangs on as long as possible - it's the best season of all in my opinion and I always hate to see it go too.
    God bless.

    1. You are so welcome, I know how it's like to start a blog and have that very first comment, it's so exciting :)

  7. Mexican food doesn't usually agree with me either but in my house we are big fans of tacos. I agree with the dogs, I do not like the cold weather either. They are calling for snow here in PA too but it just doesn't seem cold enough yet. We have an electric fireplace so I have no advice to give. My parents have a wood burning one but they use the logs that are wrapped in paper from the grocery store. They seem to work well and keep the chimney clean.

    1. Me too, we love Tacos around here too and still eat them, even if it doesn't quite agree with me at times. I will have to try the paper wrapped logs from the grocery store and see if those work for me, thanks for the tip :)

  8. I really love how well your posts are written. It's like a well crafted short story. I can feel like I am sitting right alongside you. We will remain at mid 70's here through as long as the forecast shows but we know that can always change. Our trees are slowly beginning to drop their leaves on our willow which makes it look so sad. Just a couple of weeks remaining and trying to find time to begin to put the fall stuff away and bring out the Christmas decorations. Do you decorate for Christmas before or after Thanksgiving. Stay warm and I'll package up some warmer weather to send your way!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

    1. Awww Kat, you're too sweet, thank you :) I usually start decorating right after Thanksgiving, sometimes on Thanksgiving day itself I will start bringing out small things. I get my tree around the 1st of December and then it's all out decorating from there :)

      Big hugs,

  9. I guess that big arctic blast is coming down from Alaska ... over Idaho, Minnesota, etc ... and is even affecting the weather here in Arkansas!!! It is FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And supposed to get colder. :(

    1. Isn't it cold? My word, feels like the middle of winter.

  10. We use our wood stove as primary heat. Basically, make sure you have air flow between your layers of paper, kindling, and logs. Don't let things get too crushed up. I don't know if I'm explaining it right. Egg cartons are great for getting it started (paper only obviously). I tear one in half, fill it with the shavings that fall from our wood pile, and use that on top of newspaper with some kindling. Gets it going fast!

    1. Carol, thank you so very much for your tips, I'm going to try them and see if I can get this fire going :)

  11. Sandra you're always talking about the Dr. Who show it sds so good !! What Dr. & what season is the best?

    1. Christal, we absolutely LOVE Doctor Who. If you want to watch, I would suggest starting with the 2005 version which is the ninth doctor, and going on from there :)

  12. I'm in Michigan and snow covered the car this morning. =( I agree that Fall just passes by so quickly and winter seems to last an eternity.


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