Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ice, grocery shopping and movies!


Woke up to such a huge mess out there.  The snow stopped last night, but we got some rain and it just froze everything.

Our street looked like an ice skating rink, so shiny and slippery.  I don't like driving when it is like this as my car is not very good for this kind of weather.  Rather, I should say, my tires are not very good for icy weather.

Icy road

Everything is still white, we got a lot of snow, and according to the news beat the previous record for November which was back in 1935.  Goodness!
Snowy mountain

As much as I would have rather stayed inside where it was nice and warm, I had to go out.  I couldn't put off grocery shopping anymore.


I usually get my groceries at the base commissary but because the roads were so bad, we didn't want to chance it driving out there, so I told hubby we would just go to Walmart.  I didn't get everything I needed but got most of it, and then tomorrow morning when he has to go to the commissary for work, I will go along and get the rest.

Walmart is usually crazy on a good day, but this afternoon was impossible.  I don't know why there were so many people in there, the aisles were crowded, the checkout lines were long and at one point I started feeling quite claustrophobic.  That is when I told Curt that we  had to leave.  Thank goodness for that decision.

Evening coffee

We came home and I set to work putting the groceries away, something I don't particularly like doing because it seems to take hours on end.

After I was done, I grabbed a cup of coffee and went outside to enjoy the sun which was just starting to set.....yes it was cold but it felt so good to be in the fresh air.

Snowy heart

I didn't stay too long though, it was starting to get quite cold and even my coffee was losing it's heat fast and that is something I just couldn't let happen.  What good is a cold cup of coffee, huh?

Sugar Cookie Candle

I faffed around inside for a bit, tidied up the kitchen a little and got some dishes done all while trying to figure out what we were doing tonight. The hubby and kids decided on movie night, and since we haven't had one of those in a while, it sounded like fun.

Sun setting

A hot shower, my warm jammies, my crochet blanket, another cup of coffee and a slice of coconut cake later, and we settled in to watch a movie.  I had The Purge from Netflix and that was our first movie for the night.

If you enjoy Psychological Thrillers, then you'll enjoy this one.  It was pretty good.

Sun setting

The second movie is currently playing, I'm watching while typing this up.  We went with some fantasy, this one called The Curse of the Dragon Slayer.  It's pretty good so far and since my husband and kids love video games with orcs and dragons and knights etc, they're really enjoying this one.


I have to be honest, I do too.  I've always enjoyed movies along these lines, it's almost like Lord of the Rings and Hobbit.

Cozy fire

Yep that is our night, warm and watching movies.

Oh and by the way, we managed to get the fire going....we used one of the logs wrapped in paper from Walmart.  One of you had suggested it, and I want to thank you because it really does work and we've been nice and toasty for the past few hours without having to turn on the air.  Yay!

Tomorrow I have housework to look forward to, some grocery shopping, mainly to buy my meats and what I need for Thanksgiving, laundry, ironing, need to wash my carpets and then at night we will be at my brother's for Walking Dead.  I still need to figure out what I'm taking over but I'll talk it out with my sister in law in the morning.

I better finish this up and go watch the rest of the movie.  Since it's still early, I will probably watch some vlogs before bed.

What have you been doing this Saturday?  Anything fun?


  1. Oh boy freezing rain, I am with you I don't go out when its like least try not was just cold here, sunny, but cold... I adventured off and went to a craft show, I met a fellow blogger that was selling her goods, bought a couple of patterns, everything was wonderful, but way out of my price range ..came home and basically vegged out with my cross stitch and made baking pumpkin rolls, making grocery list for thanksgiving food I will need and crafting....need to finish up Xmas will be here soon..
    stay warm

  2. I hope that the weather is better for driving in today and that you can get all that you need. The movie night sounds like a good idea, it is nice to stay in and snuggle together sometimes isn't it! xx

  3. Since 1935?! Wow! That is crazy weather and it seems like y'all really got cut short on your Fall. At least you got groceries and and y'all can finish up with that today.

    It's funny how different our weather is. This week was the peek here for Fall color. Thursday was especially beautiful here. I actually had a moment I could go outside and enjoy the colors.

    As usual, we are having our big dinner here today after church. Mustard greens, pinto beans, sweet potatoes, sweet cornbread, fried pork chops, apple cobbler and ice cream!
    Some Uno with my mama and granddaughter....just togetherness, good food and fun.

    I hope y'all have a good day.

    I love the daily pictures & posts. Always cozy!

  4. Wow that is a lot of snow! Here in Oregon, its been freezing at night but nothing like that. I am not fond of snow. I like going to the snow not the snow coming to me:) I cant drive in it. Anyways, I hope your weekend continues to be good and like always, I look forward to seeing what tomorrow bring you.

  5. after running errands, i went to michaels to get a few skeins of simply soft for more chemo hats...
    it was nice and cool in the morning, love the cool, hate the heat..
    love your mug Sandra, sooooo cute..
    have a great Sunday..


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