Thursday, November 13, 2014

Snowy Day!

Well, the weather people got it right, we have been hit with cold and snow.  It started early this morning and has just kept going all day long, matter of fact it is still going at the moment.

I know snow is cold and quite a pain to go out in, but I can't help it, I still feel mesmerized watching the flakes coming down.

Right, so about my day, here I am again to do my daily update and show you some more photos.  I know I may not be your traditional blogger with deep thought provoking posts or really teaching you anything, I'm just little ol' me sharing about my day.  It's not always interesting, most days are the usual boring housework, but I try to make it interesting any way I can.

I do hope you enjoy my daily posts, but if there is anything in particular you would like to see me blog about, just let me know.

Early morning bread making

As always, my days start pretty early, even before the sun is up. This morning I had two bread loaves to deal with, so I got those going while the water boiled for coffee.

Since the bread needs to rise for about 2 hours, I got my coffee and breakfast ready. I wanted pancakes again, but I keep forgetting that I don't have eggs and I haven't made it to the store for any, so bagels it was, not exactly what I was craving but still good.


The coffee creamer is the Gingerbread Latte that I am not too fond of, but I can't waste it so I'm drinking it and will do so until it's finished. I won't buy another one until this one is gone.

No Knead Bread

First loaf out of the oven. I absolutely love this bread, it is the easiest bread to make and always turns out amazing.


And second loaf out. I might go downstairs tonight and get another two batches mixed up, but it depends on if I have enough time after I get this post up and my laundry folded. Not sure yet.

Since I need to go grocery shopping, I don't have much in the house for lunches. The kiddos got the leftover pasta from last night, that is what they wanted, and for me I made a quick salad, which actually turned out amazing.


The snow continued to come down and as it started sticking the kids all headed outside for their first snow of the year.

Kids in the snow


While the girls huddled together from the cold, the boys went straight for the snowball fights.


Because, well, that's what boys do.


This child of mine couldn't find his gloves, so he showed up with socks on his hands. LOL I swear, he keeps me on my toes.


Curt went out with the snow shovel to try and clear the sidewalk, our neighbors are elderly and she usually walks back and forth between her house and our other neighbors so we don't want her to fall.


As much as I love the snow, I can only take it in small doses before my nose is frozen and I can barely feel my toes and fingers.

I left all the boys outside to play in the snow and came in to finish dinner. With the weather we had today, beef stew seemed like the logical choice.

Oh and look what came today. A few weeks back I had the cutest little Girl Scouts at my door selling some items, and the orders came in today. So yummy.....Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins.

Peppermint Penguins

Anyway, I had a little chat with my sister in law when she came to pick up the kids, and then we sat down to eat dinner after they left. You know sometimes I wish I was one of the kids or my husband because once they're done eating and we've all left the table, they get to go do whatever they wish, and as the mom I get left with clearing the table and doing the dishes etc.

Oh gosh, I don't want you to think I'm whining about the housework, I'm really not, but there are days that I kind of wish someone would call me to eat when the meal was ready and then take care of everything once it was done. Know what I mean?

For a while back I would get all the dishes and put them in a sink with soapy water until the morning, but after waking up a few times and being faced with that sight first thing in the day, I quickly realized that it is much better to take 30 minutes after dinner to get everything done, rather than wait and put it off.

Putting away leftovers

Dishes done, table cleaned and set back to normal, leftovers put in boxes for tomorrow's lunch and kitchen tidy. Love waking up to a neat kitchen and no dishes in the sink.

As I type up this post, I look outside and this is what I see....

Snowy night

it is still going strong and the wind is howling something fierce.

AND I just realized that I seem to be getting a cold sore, ugh, I dislike them so much and I seem to get them quite often.

Cold sore

Excuse the tired face, by this time of the day I'm all out of energy and completely pooped.

Before I forget, I wanted to let you all know that I've joined Instagram, so you can now follow Diary of a SAHM and see some little snippits of my day.

Candle Light

Oh I'm knackered, and with the weather the way it is outside, I can think of nothing better than to get into bed with a good show on the TV.  I don't even know what I'm going to watch, probably some Criminal Minds, maybe Tuesday's Agents of Shield, or some Star Trek with the hubster, or.........I will just fall asleep like I always do LOL

Well my family just all headed outside to play in the snow, they are nuts.  It is almost 9pm and there is no way that I am going out there in the cold to play with that stuff, maybe tomorrow but nope, not tonight.

The roads around our area are extremely slick, I see a lot of the cars coming by and sliding, so I'm praying that everyone avoids going out driving in this mess, but if they absolutely have to, that they are safe and take it easy.

For those of you getting hit with this storm like we do, I pray for your safety and that you stay warm.

Have a blessed night, friends,


  1. The gingerbread creamer would probably be good in hot chocolate. Tim Hortons here in Canada sells gingerbread hot chocolate and it is addictive.

  2. I hope that you stay warm and toasty and safe in the snow! xx

  3. Oh I am not ready for the snow....we got a dusting, nothing sticking, but oh its cold out....startingvthe wood stove, actually had it too hot in Love reading your post and your daily duties, the bread looks awesome, will have to give it a try. Thank you....
    Stay Warm.....

  4. We got some snow, but not enough to cause traffic issues or even stick to the ground.

  5. Burrrr! The temps are dropping here in the south today but nothing like your weather!
    Did you figure out the wood stove? We use our fireplace regularly, burning mostly pecan wood because that's what we have an abundance here on the farm. Hardwood burns better anyway, preferably seasoned wood (at least a year old). Pine is nasty, sappy. We use fat lighter to start all our fires with. We have a lot of that too. Can you burn pellets? I understand they are very efficient. Maybe that helps warm you up!
    Have a good day!

  6. Dont change a thing on your blog :) I come here daily because I can relate to your daily comings and goings. I have never found your blog boring. I too, love being a wife, mom, homeschooler and homemaker. Enjoy the snow!

  7. Howdy dear Gal! First of all, don't change a thing. I loved your blog right from the start because you're so easy to relate to and it's just plain fun to peek into your world. Plus, we share a love of many similar things (FYI I do NOT like the gingerbread creamer either! The best at this time of year to me is peppermint mocha!!)

    Second, I so feel for you with the snow and cold. We have the same fun here. Although our area could have been hit harder so I'm grateful we only saw about 5 inches.

    Lastly, I just have to thank you again for inspiring with your sharing of your talents and passions (cooking, crochet, etc) and your love of family and daily homemaking life. Keep Calm and Blog On dear Lady!

    PS: please check out my post today about my passion (scrapbooking) - I'd love your input.
    God bless!!

  8. Yay, so glad you've joined instagram :)
    Its 57 here in North FL and I'm freezing! haha Thanks for sharing your beautiful snow pics!

  9. oh yes - we got the snow. A good 8" just during the day yesterday. And today, there's a bit more falling - but at least the roads
    are clear. We're supposed to get some more Saturday into Sunday....and I have had to work all these days. But ....the snow is still beautiful!

  10. i love all your posts Sandra...
    how is your sister in law and brother in law getting used to the US?;
    have a great weekend..


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