Saturday, September 15, 2018

{ A day of pawn shop hopping }

My family and I love thrift stores and pawn shops, and not even so much to buy anything, but just looking around and seeing what kind of fun things we can find.  It's amazing the treasures you end up discovering in the back of the shelf, right down there at the bottom.

Today though, my husband and son had a specific goal in mind, they wanted to see if they could track down any of games for the old systems like Nintendo.

Nick lately has been enjoying playing on all of the old consoles, and he has quite a nice set up going on in his bedroom, I'll have to take a picture and show you.

Anyway, they wanted to go check out a few pawn shops and I just decided to go along for the ride, literally.

We went to 5 different pawn shops and saw all kinds of things, from saddles, to pepsi light fixtures, guns, cameras, tv's, and even a fully functional Gaitlin Gun.  NO JOKE!!!

It was on sale for $10, 000. 

My thought was, not even thinking about the high value of it, but who in the heck has a Gaitlin gun to pawn in the first place?  LOL

We stopped for some lunch at Wendy's, and then checked out a few more pawn shops. 

All I bought was a 10 part documentary set of the Civil War, and it cost me a whopping 50 cents.  Bet you thought I was going to say it cost me a lot more than that, didn't you?

Curt also picked up a couple of movies he wanted, all for 50 cents, and Nick got the Galaga Nintendo game to play.

The fun part of all this was just hanging out together, spending the morning driving around, browsing through all these cool things, and having some lunch.  Jasmine opted to stay home, but we did bring her back some lunch too.

The rest of the day, Curt finished mowing the yards and I got the laundry done, cleaned the kitchen and tidied the house.

No one was hungry for dinner, so I went ahead and roasted some chicken thighs which will be for tomorrow's dinner instead.

I just finished having a bowl of cereal and I'm watching some vlogs on the TV.    I have my book to finish reading for the review on Tuesday and aside from that, it's just going to be a quiet night watching some movies, falling asleep in between, waking up and realizing I've missed half the movie, rewinding it to watch again and falling asleep again only to wake up and decide that it's not worth the effort and it's easier if I just go to sleep for the night.

I'm not even joking, that's how most of my nights end up.  Hahah

So there you have it, that was my Saturday in a nut shell.  Hubby and I have church in the morning, then I have some ironing to do tomorrow and not sure what else is happening, but whatever it is, I'll be back later in the day to share with you :)

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  1. I've never shopped pawn shops. It sounds like the three of you had a nice day together.

    May today be a lovely day for you ~ FlowerLady


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