Thursday, September 13, 2018

{ A new crochet project and a busy schooling day }

Ubuntu CAL

Hi everyone :)

Come on in and sit with me a little, won't you?

I am currently sitting on my bed, already showered, got my Tens unit going on my back and some Youtube vlogs on the telly.

Speaking of which, some of you were curious as to which vlogs I watch, and I've mentioned them before, but I'm always adding new ones, so I'll have to make a post all about that for you all.

Today has been a pretty busy day schooling wise.  I feel that as the years go by, school becomes harder for the kids and the amount of work they are expected to do each day is quite overwhelming at times.

We've been working on English, Geometry and Biology today, all of which had quite a big load of work to get through and that is basically where most of my day went to.

I did manage to get a bit of crochet in, which always relaxes me and helps de-stress.

Ubuntu CAL

Here it is....the Ubuntu CAL in it's beginning stages.

Ok so here's the thing, I know you're probably looking at this and thinking "why Sandra?  you have enough crochet blankets on the go, why add another?".

I ask myself that very same question, but I just can't help but jump right in when I see a gorgeous new pattern get released.

Crochet brings me so much joy, aside from homemaking, cooking, baking and photography, I have to say that crochet is one of my biggest passions and I get immense joy out of it.

This new blanket is so pretty and unusual, and Dedri Uys is one of my favorite crochet creators, after all, she brought us the breathtaking Sophie's Universe.  When I saw that she had created the Ubuntu, I knew I would have to once again dive in and add yet one more crochet project to my pile.

If you're interested in joining in and making this blanket yourself, check out Dedri's page Look what I made where you will find all the details about the blanket, the yarns used and so on.

As usual, as much as I would love to purchase the yarn kits for these patterns, it's not something that I can justify spending money on, so I use what I have in my stash or if I buy yarn it is the really cheap Red Heart at Walmart.

Well friends, I wish I had more to share with you today, but this is life and we don't always do fun things or have anything interesting to talk about, some days are busy with normal daily life and that's ok too.

I hope you all had a good week, I for one am very glad to see Friday just a few hours away because it means that the weekend is on it's heels and I get to sleep in.  Oh the things that bring us joy when we get older, huh?


  1. Sandra, I always enjoy reading your blog. And I would never ask why you were starting another crochet project!

  2. I always debate joining CAL, as I have so much to weed this year. My flower beds and garden are a mess due to our horrible weather this year. I have been crocheting for an upcoming Farmer's Market. I hope to share some photos soon. Very pretty by the way.


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