Friday, September 14, 2018

{ A yarny kind of Friday }


I often get asked how I managed to do get my housework done and still have time for crochet or watching a show or doing the things that I enjoy.

It's not the first time that I've talked about this, but it has been quite a long time ago so I thought I would quickly mention it again.


The answer is quite simple.  I do all my chores first and then and only then, I am allowed to relax or do whatever I want to do for my own pleasure and fun.

When I first became a housewife and mother, 20 years ago, I struggled with this very topic, because I felt that I shouldn't be sitting down to do anything for myself during the day, because my job was to clean and take care of the house, husband and children.

While that is all very true, we can't function and we can't give the best of ourselves, if we are neglecting our own well being or happiness.


I love being a homemaker, but I don't think I would love it nearly as much, if it wall absolutely all that I was allowed to do.

And so, very early on in my marriage, I started giving myself time during the day for those things that I enjoy doing.

I have a pretty set routine that I follow every day, and while it may change here or there and is not an absolute strict routine, for the most part, I do the same things at the same time and so on.


I don't however, allow myself to sit down and relax, until the house is taken care of and all the homemaking chores are complete.  Sometimes it's just a matter of forcing myself to finish the task at hand, and getting some crochet time or reading time, as a reward.


So bottom line, if you have to add "Me Time" to your schedule every day, then do it.

My me time today consisted of yarn, going through my current crochet projects, sorting things out, putting everything in piles according to what is needing what to be finished and so on.


I finished the last two diamonds for the current Ubuntu CAL.  I can't wait until next week for the second part, this is the only thing about crochet alongs that I don't enjoy, having to wait a whole week for the next part to be able to continue.  But, I have to learn to be patient :)


These are my usual colors, but I am actually liking them togetherand I'm trying to steer away from the same colors I tend to use, over and over and over again.


This stack above is going to become a baby blanket, which I've decided to sell, so keep an eye out for that if you're looking for a baby blanket or know someone who is.


On the far right, above, are my diamonds for the current blanket.  On the left are the colors I'm using, below is my Sophie's Universe which I've given to my daughter, so it's technically hers, and right below is another baby blanket that I need to finish and will probably end up selling as well.


Dinner tonight was super simple, we had Jalapeno Cheddar Brats and Smoked Beef and Cheddar Brats.  I didn't even make a side to go with it because I've found that lately my husband and kids just eat the brats on the buns and don't even touch the sides, so no use wasting food.

I am however craving something sweet, as I always do during a certain time of the month *wink wink*, and I may just go and make a mug cake.....I think a Caramel Vanilla Cake sounds divine right about now.  Ooohhh!!!

I won't be doing anything else tonight, other than watching TV, oh and snuggling with this Mister below.  By the way, he is now 2 years old, I completely forgot to mention it on the blog, but he turned 2 on the 5th of September :)

Ok, now I'm really out of it.  Have a great night everyone :)



  1. That is how I always did it. chores first and then watch out1 Now with my health I am only good for short bursts but still my chores come first!

  2. I worked when we first married....until 4 yrs later we had our first little baby.
    After our kids came along, I, too, was a stay at home routine was a lot like yours and now that I am a great grandmother that lost her soul mate of 57 years last year, I have time on my hands. My house stays pretty clean and I don't have much laundry any more. My fun time is blogging....

  3. What an inspiring post dear Sandra. Since losing my husband I've become 'off-kilter', things have lost their joy and I procrastinate in doing them. I need to get up off my behind and take care of things daily so that they won't become overwhelming.

    So, I thank you for your post today.

    It is always great to see your crocheted pieces.

    Have a lovely Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  4. I always put "me" time in my day. Especially with a cup of tea and crochet. I sometimes have to leave work to the next day to do it, but it's better than leaving "me" time out.

  5. Sounds like a terrific plan and day to me. I'm spending a few minutes linking up my blog post and eating a Muffin in a Mug and drinking a cup of coffee. Then I'll be starting in the kitchen.
    Have a terrific week!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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