Wednesday, September 19, 2018

{ What I watch on Youtube }


I'm often asked what I watch on Youtube, because I usually mention that I watch quite a few vlogs.

Instead of replying individually to one person at a time, I think it will be easier if I just make a post on it, share my faves and maybe you will find a new favorite to enjoy from my list, who knows.

My Youtube tastes have changed a bit over time, but for the most part, 99% of my Subscription list is vlogs from the UK.  I know, we live in the US, but I don't really enjoy the local vloggers as much as I do the overseas ones.

My son will often make fun of me for watching all the mom vlogs, because in his eyes (15 year old's eyes), it's quite lame.  Hahah

I don't however watch only vlogs, and I'm subscribed to a few other channels that I watch here and there, once in a while.


This may be a bit of a long list, so bear with me, but here we go:

Vlogs in the UK, Scotland::::

Witt Family *
SacconeJoly's *
The Foulger Family
Ash - Mama Reid
Life with Pink Princesses
Isabel Brandon
Mummy in the Know *
Emily Norris
Ashley Bailie
Eight Miles from Home
You, me and the 6 C's *
The Conway Clan *
Kira Hutt
Katie Ellison
The Freer Family Vlogs *
What's for Tea?
Elise Sheree - Mummy Vlogs
Joanne Guy
It's Em
Phoebe & Me
The Mummy Monologue
Serena Christina *
Amy Being Mum
Katy - What Katy Said
Wright at Home *
Land of Lawson
Mrs Meldrum

Vlogs in the US, Israel, Australia and Canada::::

Libby Withnall *
James & Lea D - Philia Ministries *
The Life of the Cassells
Kisha Jaggers *
Foolyliving *
Ania's Kitchen *
Living with Wildlings
Jamie's Simple Life

Brazilian Vlogs::::

Mamae da Carol
Diario da Fran
Greice Brigido *
Deborah Silva *
Canal Gesele Martins
Ariane Garcia *
Dani Lima  *
Ramini Lima
Vida a Quatro *
Maristela Freitas *


Exploring with Josh
Timeline World History Documentaries
Exploring with Fighters
OmarGoshTV *
Tim Farmer
Moe Sargi

Crochet and Knitting::::

It's Crochet O' Clock
Skeindeer Knits *
It's All in a Nut Shell *
Little bobbins knits
A Homespun House *

That is the short list of my subscriptions on Youtube and the ones I mostly watch, now I have over time gone over the list and unsubscribed from channels that are either not longer available, or no longer updating, or just channels that I have nothing really in common with anymore.

Sometimes you start off liking a certain channel and within a few months or year or so, you kind of stop enjoying it as much, so I like to go ahead and unsubscribe so it doesn't fill up my feed.

I hope you will go through and maybe find some new fun ones for you to follow along, I've marked the ones I absolutely must watch every day and the ones that are my favorites at the moment, with a little star.

Who knows, maybe we watch some of the same channels?


  1. I started watching one Vlog that you posted, and ended up watching vlogs of people who live in tiny houses for a long time! I see how it could end up being hard to pull away from haha! Very interesting though, I didn't even know vlogging was a thing? haha! Thank for sharing, I like this a lot!

  2. Thanks for sharing.....I will be checking them out.


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