Wednesday, March 01, 2023

{ Blog 365 #60 - Welcome March and a little haul }


Welcome March!!!
You know what this means.....Spring is but a few days away and I'm here for it.  Oh I am so excited, just thinking of warmer weather, gardening, new blooms, my flowers all coming back to life, and this year....chickens!!!

Yes, finally getting our chickens.

But, today I just wanted to quickly show you a small haul from the Brazilian store Favi Foods.

I usually order from there, the items are pretty inexpensive and the shipping is quite quick as well, plus I can get some of our favorite Brazilian and Portuguese treats.


The first thing is Pao de Queijo, or Cheesy Bread.  This is great for a snack, breakfast and so on.  You can make as many as you need, or make a huge batch and freeze to pull out when needed.

I also got some Marmelada which is my Quince paste.  It's a Portuguese thing, we eat it on bread with a slice of cheese.  It's soooo good.


Got some more Colorifico, which is like paprika, it gives the food a nice color.  I use it in all my cooking.


Also got a box of various chocolate.  If you've never tried Brazilian chocolate, you have no idea what ou're missing.  It's really good.


And finally, I got some of my seasoned salt.  I also use it in everything I cook.  It's delicious.
So yes, a very small haul but just thought I would share.  I love seeing other people's hauls, especially with food from other countries, it's so interesting.
Yes I mentioned above, I buy from, Favi Foods.  
My next order will probably be in a few weeks, and for my birthday this year, in August, I really, REALLY want to buy myself a clay water filter.  They're a bit pricey at around $150 but well worth the investment.


I hope you're all having a blessed Wednesday.  We are halfway through the week, and heading into a whole new month.  My word!!!


  1. This post was interesting to me. Every year for Christmas I get us a subscription to a snack box from a company called Universal Yums and last month's country was Brazil. I'm going to have to grab the book and see if the chocolates are the same. My husband and sons really liked a bar in there that was white chocolate, toffee, and banana flavored. (It smelled like suntan lotion to me so I didn't like it but they did). Hope you have a wonderful March!

  2. Hi! I was curious about the cheesy bread, does it have wheat flour or soy in it? I can’t read the ingredient list and I have kids with food allergies but we really love the cheesy bread! Thanks!


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