Thursday, March 02, 2023

{ Blog 365 #61 - A day of meal planning }


When my kids were younger, I used to manage to get my meal plan and grocery list done, in about an hour.  I don't know how, or what magic tricks I had up my sleeve, because nowadays, it takes me at least a full day with multiple interruptions.

I feel like I sit down, and within 5 minutes I need to get up again, take care of something, then sit back down, get interrupted yet again and so forth.

So today, I worked on the meal plan and grocery list.  I would love to say that as of this moment, at 10 minutes to 7pm, I am done.....but I am not, I have the meals planned but I'm not finished with the grocery list.

Today was the perfect day for this kind of task.  It's been raining non stop, thunder roaring and even quite a bit of lightning, but it hasn't been cold, so I've had the back patio door open with just the screen door open, and it's been absolutely blissful.

I grabbed some cookbooks, and between my usual daily homemaking chores, and switching between the living room, the dining room and even my bedroom, I managed to look through the books, and jot down our meals for the next two weeks.  

I'm not going to talk about how I meal plan, again, because there's a few posts already here on the blog about it.  But basically and very quickly, I have a notebook, and on the left page I write the meal plan, and on the right page I work on the grocery list.  Just find that it makes it easier for me, and when I go to the store, I take the book with me not just for the list, but if for some reason I can't find something I need for a recipe, I can quickly change the meal for that day.

Also, if I write down a certain meal for a day, but find a cheaper cut of meat or something on sale, I can then also quickly change it on the menu side of the page.


Over the past almost 25 years of marriage, I tried different ways, but this method seems to work best for me.    

I think homemaking is all about trying and changing, and adapting.  If only I could tell you that the way I started doing things, when I first got married, are the exact same way I do them now.  But that would be a lie.  I'm still changing and adapting after all these years.  Isn't that something?

Guess it keeps things interesting and fun.


So, the next two weeks are all planned out, and the grocery list is all but finished, although I do need to add a few more things, which I'll do in the morning.  
I need to run some errands, as well as go grocery shopping tomorrow, so I'm going to need to head out pretty early, which I don't mind, I am a morning person and also the type who likes to get everything done early in the day, then come home and relax.
I'm going to end this post, so that I can publish it, and watch a little tv before bed.  
Oh and be sure to come back tomorrow, because I have to show you our new baby chicks, that we just got yesterday afternoon.  I am in love!!!
Have a wonderful night sweet friends.



Chrissy T said...

You have inspired me to get my cookbooks out. It has been a while. I used to love doing that every two weeks and now I have kind of like an arsenal of meals that I am use to making but it would be nice to shake some things up.

Jackie See said...

Our electricity just came back on and our pond is filling up. The rain has been non-stop. I am loving your daily posts, as said above, they are inspiring me to get up and try something new. I also plan my meals but not by day since we retired. I plan main dishes, vegetables and fruits, etc. I use to do it by day and shop weekly, i loved being organized and at the time I used a lot of coupons. Cooking for two is different than cooking for a family. Thank you for the many ideas you share! ~jackiesee~

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Everyday I feel like I'm being interrupted, and for me, never get to enjoy my coffee in the morning. It's laundry, tending the chickens, taking trash out, watering my seedlings, cleaning something, or phone calls. Life is tricky in trying to find a balance for sure.

Jean said...

I need to look at my cookbooks again. Haven't done that in some time. Excited to see your baby chicks when you post them!