Wednesday, March 15, 2023

{ Blog 365 #74 - Having car problems }

New car
I love my little Sonic, it's been with me since 2015 and in very good condition.  But over the years, there have been issues here and there.  
Now I'm having a coolant leak issue, due to a bad o ring seal.  I know that sounds like crazy talk if you don't understand anything about cars, but I grew up with 3 brothers, and a mechanic grandfather who was always tinkering on cars.
I've always loved mechanics and found it quite interesting.
Anyway, driving this morning, I get on the highway and all of a sudden my car starts beeping.  I look down and the engine overheat light is on.  I had to quickly get off the highway, to a gas station nearby (thank the Lord).

The seal had completely collapsed, my coolant tank was empty and it had spit the coolant all over my engine bay.  My word!

I managed to refill the tank, sit for a bit, then drive home slowly.  We managed to fix the seal and now we're back in business.

What a day though!!!

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  1. I think Chevrolet is fam for that my daughter had a crush always had problems with it


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