Tuesday, March 07, 2023

{ Blog 365 #66 - Building a bigger coop }

One thing I was warned about from the get go, was that I would have to learn to deal with losing chickens.  I understand that, but it's never easy.
Yesterday afternoon, one of our baby chicks, the littlest one, died.  It was doing fine all day, but later in the afternoon when I went to check on them again, it was in the corner, very limp and with labored breathing.  I knew immediately something wasn't right.
I grabbed the baby, and wrapped it in a wash cloth, and just held it, rubbed it's little head and just gave it some love, within 2 minutes, it died in my hands.  I cried.  It's so sad seeing an animal die, it doesn't matter who the animal is.  I am the girl that cries when I drive by a dead animal on the side of the road.  Just can't help it.
But anyway, we now have 3 baby chicks, they are all doing well, for the moment, and I am hoping they continue to do so.  
We have the little coop we bought, and are currently working on building a bigger one in the backyard.  
Can't wait to see my chickens in the coop ♥ 


  1. I say a prayer when I see a dead animal on side of road

  2. Make sure you have a heat lamp on them all the time until they are old enough to go outside. We have plans to build a new coop this spring. We hope to start on it late March or early April.

  3. Aw, that must have been tough. I'm so sorry. The pictures of the sun hitting your chicken coop are very pretty.


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