Monday, March 27, 2023

{ Blog 365 #86 - Happy Homemaker Monday - 03/27/2023 }

Good morning sweet ladies, how was your weekend?   
I sure hope you had a good one.  I want to start by wishing you all, a very happy Monday and a blessed week ahead.
I have been up since 3:30 am.  Didn't get to bed until 10 pm, and then couldn't fall asleep, so to say I'm tired is an understatement.  I'm exhausted and sore from all the yard work yesterday.
But, the reason Curt and I are up so early is for a good reason, although under sad circumstances.  Miss Diane, who I asked you to pray for after the car accident, passed away on Sunday morning.  Her husband asked my husband (they've been friends for years), to please drive with him to Dallas, to take the family to the airport as they are returning home.
Of course my husband said yes.  That is why we had to be up so early, because they needed to leave very early too.  I am so sad for this family, I had hoped she would pull through, but I think given her age, she was 68, and the extent of the injuries, her body just couldn't take it.  We know as Christians that she is home with the father now, free of all physical pain, but it was such a senseless, sudden death, that it leaves everyone shocked and trying to deal with what happened.
Please continue to hold her husband, children and family, in your prayers.
Have a blessed week friends ♥

The Weather:::
Freezing mornings, and then hot afternoons.  We've been getting mornings in the 20s and then high 80s afternoons.  The weather has gone insane.  
Monday - Partly cloudy, 64
Tuesday - Mostly sunny, 60
Wednesday - Mostly sunny, 69
Thursday - Cloudy, 72
Friday - Partly cloudy, 80
Saturday - Mostly sunny, 72
Sunday - Partly cloudy, 84

As I look outside my window:::

Sun is shining and is reflecting off the dew on the grass.  I love dewy mornings.

Right now I am:::
I just sat back down on my bed, to work on this post.  I will make the bed after and get ready for the day.           

Thinking and pondering:::
About Diane's family.  It hasn't left my mind.  Life is so short, and we are not guaranteed tomorrow.  When things like this happen, so close to home and someone we knew, it makes it all the more real.  Makes you stop and think about what really matters in life, and the time we spend with our loves ones.      

On my bedside table:::
Water bottle, phone and tv remote, plus my Alexa.       

On my tv this week:::
Portuguese Soaps - Quero e Viver, Para Sempre and Flor Sem Tempo
Homemaking Vlogs on Youtube
Podcasts on Rumble
Star Trek Picard 

Listening to:::
Watching a video on Youtube, it is a slow living, quiet, unspoken video, which I've been really enjoying lately.      

On the lunch plate:::
Leftovers.  I was so busy in the garden yesterday, that I ended up not making my pork roast, for dinner.  Will do that today.  But after I came in from the garden, I showered then made a quick dinner of Basmati rice and some smoked beef brats in a tomato sauce.  That's what I'll have for lunch.  

On the dinner plate:::
Pork Roast and Potatoes, with steamed broccoli and cauliflower. 

On the menu for this week:::
I need to start working on the new meal plan, again.  Feels like these weeks are flying.
Monday - Pork Roast and Potatoes, steamed broccoli and cauliflower
Tuesday - Homemade Quesaritos, Chips and Salsa (using leftover pork roast)
Wednesday - Cheesy Onion Mushroom Chicken, Rice with carrots, Sweet and spicy cabbage
Thursday - Fish Sticks, Potato Salad, Homemade Tartar Sauce
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -
On my reading pile:::
Longbourn by Jo Baker.
A prairie Girl's Faith by Stephen W. Hines
A Feather on the Water

On my to do list:::
Kitchen - Put away clean dishes, sweep and mop.     
Laundry - one load of laundry to do

Plans for this week:::
Meal plan and grocery list
Refill my prescriptions

What I am creating:::
Blooming Flower Cushion
Psalms Embroidery 
Chickens and Geese for decoration

My simple pleasure:::
Working in the yard.  It is tiring, and difficult at times, and during the summer it is almost impossible to be out there for long, but I love getting everything clean and tidy, planting and setting up areas for entertaining.  
Looking around the house:::
Elliott and Kaia are both asleep on my bed.  The baby chicks are asleep in their coop.  We set the coop up by the office window (yes we have room to do that), and every morning I open the curtains, so they love the morning sun.  

From the camera:::
I just love fruit tree blossoms.  I find them so exquisite to look at, and they always have the most gorgeous colors and aromas.   

March 26, 2023

Bible verse, Devotional, Quote:::
Get up and face life with courage because, as God's child, you have not been left tot he limits of your own strength and wisdom. - New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp
How incredibly poignant is this quote today?  Especially as I was talking above, about Miss Diane's passing and how it left me feeling a bit out of order, and pondering on how quick we can all go.  We have a choice, whether to let that uncertainty of our time, take us over and freeze us from enjoying life......or to move forward each day and just live life to the fullest.
On my prayer list:::
My mom Jacinta
The Luckett family  


  1. Keeping Diane's family in my prayers. You are so right about life being short and not knowing - we truly need to cherish EVERY minute while we have it. Feel better - as they say getting older isn't for sissies. Seems the older I get the more I feel my every day activities come evening. Have a GREAT week my friend.

  2. Thank you for sharing the update on Miss Diane. I'll be praying for her family.

  3. Will definitely be praying for Diane's family. I agree with you completely about the fruit tree blossoms.

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'll continue to pray for the family. Hope you get some rest today. And that fruit blossom picture is gorgeous. Good thing we don't have room for fruit trees, I'd be tempted to get one or a dozen, ha. Hope you have a great week.

  5. Sending prayers for Ms Diane's family. For peace and comfort during such a difficult time. Life is so very precious. 🙏 What a gorgeous pic of that blossom. Seems to fit the thought of life being so precious. I'm with you that a fave simple pleasure is working in the yard. Love accomplishing things outdoors. Blessings on your week! xo

  6. I'm praying for Miss Diane's dear ones.
    Thanking you for hosting, dear Sandra, I'm sending blessings on your week
    XO Daniela at ~ My little old world ~ (Dany)

  7. Good Morning friend! I am so sorry to hear about Diane. I will be praying for her family. I am stopping by to say hello and hope to be back updating my blog more frequently! My blog has always been a place of peace for me. I am so tired of social media! So I hope you will stop by and say hello!


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