Friday, January 12, 2007

Blame Canada!!!

I'm slow people, so I just found out that apparently it's De-Lurking week, and here I am on the LAST day possible, asking you all to just De-Lurk and give me a HI. Really I know there's people who read my blog but never comment, and that's ok, I do the same with some of my favorite blogs, but I invite you to just pop in and out, can you do that for this sickly person who is always behind on the cool blogland stuff?

Yep, it's all YOUR fault. Apparently some cold front coming in from Canada has turned us into walking popsicles. I'm freezing people, and I don't mean just a little cold and over is seriously cold here. It started yesterday and I just brushed it off to me not feeling well, but then I saw the weather report and since I had to blame someone, I blamed Canada. LOL

It's currently 15 degrees but with the wind chill it's -20.....hmmmmm do I really want to step outside my warm cocoon and face the cold harsh weather???
Not really, why is it that on days like this the kids are fine and then on days when it's nice and warm outside is when they're actually sick and can't go to school??? I'm just saying you know!!!

I am up, I'm tired and I just want to crawl back into bed, why you may ask? Well I got up at 5:15 am, like the good little wife that I am lol, and I fixed coffee and pancakes for my husband so that he could eat before going to work. Wasn't that sweet of me??? I still feel awful, and I think the reason is that I let it go too long before I realize "Hey, I'm actually really sick shouldn't I be taking something?". Yeah not really condusive to a fast recovery if you ask me.

I think I should hibernating every winter, I could certainly put away the necessary food without even flinching, I'm ALL for eating. But it would also allow me to sleep for long periods of time (something moms are not allowed to do apparently), AND I would be able to not get sick all the time....I don't know about you all but from where I'm standing I only see Pro's to this Hibernation thing.

Don't you??? Look at the bear all snuggly and warm....the one thing I COULD do without is all that hair on my body LOL

I'm so irked, remember I posted my Portuguese Chicken Recipe yesterday, and then I said that I would take a picture and post it for you all right??? Well......before I could get to the picture the family had dug in and went about devouring it. COME ON, are you THAT hungry that you can't wait for a minute just for me to snap a picture??? Then they started spouting stuff like "just take a picture of my plate?"....."just take a picture now?"......Yeah I don't think people want to see that half eaten chicken leg or the pretty much empty serving dish.

Guess you guys will have to wait until the next time I make it, which should be soon since they raved about it and pointed out the fact that I don't make it very often.

Anyway, it's Friday, and I remember when I first started my blog, I had this feature called "Remember When???". Every friday I posted a funny or memorable story from my family, either from when I was just a wee little one or teenage years or whatever. I stopped doing it for.....well, I really don't know why I stopped LOL But anyway, like I was saying, I think I'm going to start it again, and I'm going to start adding a Mr Linky if anyone is drawing a blank for that day and wants to share a funny story with us.

This is one of the stories I shared back then.....I'm just reposting for you all, I KNOW that you guys didn't read it, unless you had the strength and patience to ever go back on my archives that far, if you did, I admire you. *Hats off*

This is one of those short funny memories that I will always have.

We were visiting my grandparents house in Johannesburg. We had spent the day there and when it got to late afternoon we were heading back home. My brothers and I got in the back of the car and my stepmother and dad in the front.

We all sit down and buckle up, and right before my dad starts the car he starts sniffing around, like something smelled really bad. My brothers and I say nothing and just look at each other. He turns around and says "WHAT IS THAT SMELL???".

He is met with the "I don't know, it wasn't me".

He continues to sniff around and again asks what the smell is. Then he says "you guys stink, good grief can't you wait til you get home, that's disgusting", and he is going on and on and on about it. LOL
We keep telling him it wasn't us, and my stepmom turns to him and says "you know, maybe it's you". My dad gets this insulted look on his face and says "No, NO it's not", but then just as quickly adds....."OH, ACTUALLY, it was me, I stepped in dog poop". HAHAHAHAHAHA

We about died laughing at him. If you guys could have seen the look on his face, all that insult at being told that maybe the smell was coming from him, and only to find out that indeed it was LOL

If you're reading this dad, just know that we will NEVER let you live that one down LOL

I tell you, till this day whenever we all get together that is one of the stories we tell and still laugh just as hard as we did that day, sitting in the back of the car.

I'm not putting up a Mr Linky today because I have no idea if anyone would be interested in playing along or not, if you are then I'll set one up :)

Well it's almost 7:30 am and I need to get Jasmine up and ready for school.

Have a wonderful weekend all,


  1. Hi Sandra,
    Just wanted to stop by and de~lurk! Hope you have a good weekend...

  2. We should have your cold front by Sunday night...16 degrees.....yikes...break out the hard stuff...LOL!

  3. I'm delurking - happy Friday!

  4. I'm cold, too! The only way to keep the gas bill low enough that a person can actually pay the thing is to keep the thermostat down so I'm using the layering theory. Two pair of socks. A sweater over a tee shirt.

    Isn't the whole de-lurking thing funny? Seriously, am I the only one out here who doesn't mind lurkers? I'm sure five hundred people really read my blog LOL. But I have to tell you, if they all came out of hiding and left a comment, I'd probably go into cardiac arrest from the stress of it all. I'm pretty sure I may never get caught up with the people who comment over at my place. Sigh...

    I'd like to hibernate, too.

  5. Now, now Miss Sandra, you might want to blame Hawaii 'cause isn't all this cold stuff coming from what they call the "Pineapple Express"? :vD

    It's cold here too, frigid the last couple of days and considering the beginning of the week was ultra warm for this time of year it's like a major shock to the system.

    That story of your dad is ultra-funny!

  6. So it's Canada's fault? Well, that wasn't very nice of them to send so much cold! I hate cold!

    That was a funny story :D

  7. Oh that's a funny story! It's such a triumph to get a good one on the dad and then get to laugh over and over about it. Thanks for a great chuckle on my first blog I've read today.

    It's sooooo cold here. I think it was about 4 degrees over our way this morning.

  8. It's not delurking if I say hi all the time! :)
    You don't LIKE the nice cold front I sent you?

  9. That's it -- take the cold back Canada!!!! Ick.

    De- Lurking here!

  10. EH????Blame yeah no...It's so not Canada's fault BLame Mother nature.. google stanley park for what's been happening there..I do hope all gets warmed up! Here right now it's -5 !!!and my dh and I had a good laugh..

  11. You know I'd be happier about sharing this cold with you if it meant we didn't have it anymore but unfortunately it is sticking around here too...darn! Gosh we have a 10 foot snowbank (and no I'm not exaggerating) on the front lawn, we shouldn't also be freezing our butts
    Bring on spring...anytime!!!

  12. Does it count as "de-lurking" if I'm a frequent vistor that comments occasionally? :)

    Happy De-Lurking week!

  13. I'm out of the loop, too. I am new to blogging, so that's my excuse LOL! I guess I am de-lurking because I can't remember if I've commented or not before. I read you often and love your posts! I'll try to comment more. :o)

  14. just de-lurking. but you know I come by and read all the time and comment from time to time! ;)

  15. just de-lurking. but you know I come by and read all the time and comment from time to time! ;)

  16. It's been unseasonably warm up here in my part of Canada this year.. we STILL don't have snow.. so weird. Hope it leaves you and heads up here where it belongs soon!

  17. I didn't know it was the week of de-lurking until yesterday. See I'm on the tail end of it all right with you!!

    We've been cold here too! Woke up to a big fat ZERO this morning with below zero windchills....BBBRRRR... again, right with you. :-)

  18. Funny story about your dad. I did that recently too. Dangit, with all the snow we had you couldn't tell what you were stepping in when you went out back... yuck. Then I was blaming the kids just to discover it was me.

    Thanks for your prayers for my family/children.

  19. I'm delurking! : )

  20. Not a lurker, but hi! :)

    Thanks for the laugh this morning from your family story - too funny!

  21. Hi Sandra,

    I've been reading your blog for about a month now. I haven't commented yet, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to come out of hiding.

    I've always said that I want to hibernate during winter too. It is truly the worst season-imho. The only positive thing I can say about it is that it helps us to appreciate spring more when it finally arrives.

    Stay warm!!

  22. Sorry to say the cold isn't from Atlantic Canada. We haven't had any snow yet. Can you believe it? Nature is thoroughly mixed up, the grasshoppers are out, farmers are mowing their fields, nobody can make an outdoor hockey rink to save their life and we have a bunch of sad kids because there are no snowdays!

    I love your recipes and my family thanks you!! Keep'em coming!

  23. I am delurking, too, even if I am a bit late for that :-)

    I like your blog a lot!

  24. Hi Sandra, You are one of my favourite blogs to read, I have commented once or twice before. I agree with you, I'd love to hibernate for the winter, and I wouldn't even mind the hair. I'm in the same place as Laura we have a 10 or so foot snow bank in our front yard and it is -20 with the wind and I hate it. My grandaughter and OrgJunkies daughter played out in it yesterday for an hour or so?? My gas fireplace is cranked and I'm layered. Can't wait for spring as well. I have the cold that sounds like what you have I felt like c p all last week and still today. I hope the cold air gets rid of all the germs. Have a great Sunday Sue

  25. I hate to tell you this but it was 60 on friday & 50's today but with this crazy weather (cold one day warm the next) it's got everyone sick. We had to take Shannon to the Dr. today & she has RSV:(

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
    Love ya girl!!!

  26. Oh yea. Great story I have missed your Remember whens!


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