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Well before I tell you just how I got to this point in my life, why don't you come on in and make yourselves at home, I have coffee and I have cinnamon pancakes AND I promise to keep you entertained, for I'm about to give you a lesson, in love and life.....I think LOL

You know I've been asked that question so many times, and I figured since I'm on this mission of sharing my life and where I've been, I might as well explain just how I ended up in the USA.

Back in 1997, I had just started delving into the Internet and all the possibilities of being able to chat and interact with people from all over the world. I still remember the Mirc and Pirch chats, I would go into one and just sit and watch everybody else.....until one day, I decided to take a leap of faith and jump right in. One of the first people to talk to me was none other than my hubby. Yes you see where this is going right???

So 9 years ago, I had just started using the internet and becoming familiar with chat rooms. After lurking around for a few months, I decided to join
MIRC Webchat. It was August 12, 1997.
After chatting for a few minutes with some people, I get a private message. It was Curt.
My chat handle was Koala, so his first question was "are you from australia?". LOL
I told him that I was not, that I was in South Africa, and we started chatting, we hit it off and during the next year we talked on the phone, wrote letters, emails, sent packages and photographs.
Now that may sound like your usual internet love match, BUT there was an obstacle. I was christian and Curt was a Pagan third degree priest. I told him that I was not comfortable with that and that nothing could ever happen between us while he was involved in the Wiccan/Paganism Religion.
I didn't give him an ultimatum, that wouldn't be my place to do so, but I was also not about to immerse myself into that belief.

And so it started. A whole year of questions, endless questions about the bible and why MY way was the best? Why MY God was the right one?
I felt overwhelmed, I loved him but I honestly did not know how to answer some of the questions, so before we talked everyday, I prayed to God to give me the right words to reach Curt. He obliged!!!!
I knew the right scriptures to quote, I knew the right things to say and I didn't give up. It took time and patience, but he is now a devoted Christian like I am.
One of the best examples of the power of God working in our relationship, was when Curt was deployed to Bahrain. He called me in the afternoon, and I was talking to him on the fax machine phone, which was plugged in to the power outlet.
We talked for about an hour, and when I got off the phone, my grandmother walked up to me.

Grandma: "What were you doing on the phone?"
Me: "Talking to Curt"
Grandma: "Really? Are you sure? How long have you been talking to him?"
Me: "Oh I don't know, maybe an hour? Why?"
Grandma: "Well I don't know how to tell you this but we have had a power outtage for the past hour, there's no way you could have talked to him on that phone"

I was stunned, I picked up the receiver and brought it to my ear, SILENCE!!!! The phone/fax machine was indeed dead.
Wow, to this day it gives me goosebumps to remember that. How amazing?
So exactly one year to the day we met, on August 12, 1998, Curt flew to South Africa and we got married.

One month later, I packed my bags, already pregnant with Jasmine, and moved to the States. I left my family, my house, my friends, everything behind. It was the scariest thing on earth for me, I was and still am, extremely close to my family, and leaving everything I knew behind was terrifying. BUT I did it, I held my head up high, I moved to where my husband was stationed and 2 kids and 2 dogs down the road, we are still happily married :)
I thank God everyday, for my life and my family!!!

So there you have it, now you know how I went from Johannesburg, South Africa to Idaho, USA. Isn't it just amazing how life works and the ups and downs and lefts and rights you take?

Before I go on, Barb I am so frustrated, I tried to get on your blog countless times yesterday and kept getting a 500 Error. 500???? What is up with that??? Anyway, I just want you to know that I'm going to keep trying today and hopefully get a comment in.

It wasn't just Barb either, some of the blogger sites were not working for me...anyone else have that problem yesterday? Or was it "pick on Sandra" day without me even knowing??? LOL

So since some of you showed interest in having a friday "Greatest Places on Earth" I decided to go ahead. I'm doing it as much for you all as for me, because I'm so thrilled just thinking that we can all go on a tour together, every week.....wouldn't that be awesome?
My kids are excited too, they get to learn about new places and see photos and video too, they're looking forward to where mommy is taking them.

I'm always trying to come up with a new way to spend time with the kids, a family activity that everyone will enjoy....and this is definitely a way to have them with me on the computer. We've decided that we'll get some popcorn and drinks, we'll watch the videos and learn about that country and then that weekend we will do a craft from that country. Don't worry, I'll share the pictures and if any of you decide to play along, you can share yours too, would love to see them :)

Don't forget about Slow Cooking Thursday tomorrow, can't wait to see all your recipes. As for me, I'm out of here, still trying to finish the pile of paperwork I have. BTW, my email is not working right, I can receive emails but I can't send any.....MSN is up to it's old tricks again.

Lori, for the Slow Cooker Thursday, I will have the post up tomorrow, all you do is enter your name and a link to your recipe post. The reason why you can't add your name to Mr Linky on previous posts is because he has it where the links get disabled the day after the post is up.

Anyway, ladies have a great wednesday, I'm heading out for the rest of the day, have tons of places to go and things to do.

Before I go though, I just have to say I LOVE American Idol, I laugh so hard at some of those people. What was UP with them yesterday, half of them you couldn't understand a word they were saying LOL Another one that cracks me up is Ryan Seacrest LOL The way he just sits there sometimes staring at them without saying a word.....boy do I love this show. Can't wait for tonight.

God Bless,


  1. That's so neat how you met your hubby! I didn't know you are in Idaho too! I was also having some troubles with Blogger yesterday, weird.

  2. Very interesting how you met Hubby and came to be in the States!

  3. What a fabulous story you have!! That was so cool to learn about you and to see the hand of God in it all. You're definitely made of strong stuff to make those kinds of changes in your life and tough it out. Good for you!

    Yesterday was an awful blogger day. It was have tantrums most of the day and very nearly drove me to a tantrum.

    I'll be watching AI tonight along with you.

  4. Blogger is being a pain in my rear today! It took me five tries to get your comment box to come up, it kept saying Blogger is having a problem! Well, I guess so! But, I love you, so I persevered!

    I love the story of how you met your husband! What a sweet, wonderful love story. I definitely see a few acts of God there!

    I can't wait to see what you do for your Friday 'Greatest Places On Earth' posts! Your kids are going to have a blast!

    American Idol is cracking me up. I said last week I wasn't going to watch anymore until after the city auditions, but I couldn't stop myself last night. There were some crazies, that is for sure! Tonight? New York, I can only imagine what we will see!

    Well, Sandra, I hope your having a great day! I will see you here tomorrow for Slow Cooker Thursday!


  5. Enjoyed reading your story so much Sandra! Very interesting, and I'm glad your husband became a Christian too.
    I LOVE that Martina McBride song, thanks for sharing it!

  6. Even though I've read your love story before it was still wonderful to read again.

    And YEY we're watching American Idol here in the UK on one of the free satelite channels we get, I think we are probably quite a bit behind you, they've just done auditions at Seattle.

    Oh and blogger has been down on various occasions today.

    Have a great day, hugs.

  7. thanks for sharing your story - what a love story it is! I had goosebumps too reading about the power outtage but yet you were still talking to him on the phone!

    It wasn't just you - I kept getting that error message too which is why I'm so far behind today!

  8. Good heavens, Sandra. What an amazing story! I'm glad I asked. I just assumed maybe he was stationed somewhere near you, you hung out at the bars where all the soldiers were and met him that way. LOL I'm KIDDING! But really, who knew you met in a chatroom and that he was into all that wicky stuff and you led him to the true Word. Honestly, as different as it is, I think this story is very romantic.

    Ryan Seacrest stares at those folks because they are too weird for words and his job is to be nice and if he opens his mouth he might not be. His reactions during the auditions are one of my favorite things. Yes, last night was very strange but I suspect tonight will be a lot stranger. You have to love this show! :-)

    Blogger is just a mess right now. Has been for days. On my end, blogger said it was down for maintenance all afternoon. Yet I kept getting comments so it obviously wasn't down everywhere. Maybe just on my street. sigh

  9. Love your story. That's how living happily ever after starts, I guess.


  10. That is so neat how you met your hubby. Isn't the internet wonderful. I didn't even get online until 1996, can you believe this? It's also a wonderful story on how your husband came to the Lord and then you ended up married. How sweet.

    What a great idea to learn all about different countries. I may steel this one.

    I am going to watch American Idol tonight too. I love this show. I think most of America watches it.

    Great Martina McBride video.

  11. Love story :) kinda of like me and my hubby but it took us 6 years to get married after meeting online. Really enjoy your site.

  12. I just absolutely love your story!! Beautiful!


  13. i love you and your hubby's story. i always think of you guys when i hear about internet romances.

    LOVE that song!!!!

  14. What a wonderful story. I was always curious about this one - thanks for sharing it. You must be excited about coming "home" in July

  15. that is an awesome story! Thanks for sharing it.

  16. Aaaaawwww - I simply love those "happy end stories" - thanks for sharing yours, it sure helps getting known to you a bit better :-)

  17. Totally cool how you and Curt met. God is so awesome.

    And I love AI too! Those people are insane.


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