Friday, January 19, 2007


I just LOVE this song, it's from the movie Eragon and though I've always loved Avril Lavigne, this is by far one of my favorites of hers. Enjoy!!!

When I was in my early 20's I used to love fridays because it meant that I was going to be staying up late, hanging out with my friends and going to the clubs. The thought of it all was enough to put me in a giddy mood the whole day.

You know what??? That hasn't changed, I still get giddy over fridays, but for different reasons. It's amazing how much a person changes with time,
because now I'm giddy over the fact that I can sleep in on Saturday morning LOL

See the difference??? I think we pretty much stay the same just that our interests shift and change according to where we are in that point in time in our lives. When someone would mention partying, going to clubs, dancing and drinking, I was ALL for that....nowadays, I just could not imagine doing that. I would probably be the party pooper sitting in a corner complaining that I'm tipsy after a sip of booze, OR that the music is too loud, there's too many people AND I could be home in bed reading a book.

Does that make me boring??? Some people would say so, I don't think it though, I think it just makes me NORMAL, makes me a mom and wife, different perspectives and different ways of thinking. Now I'm perfectly happy staying up late on a friday night, chatting with my friends online.

I look at pics like the one above and I start getting claustrophobic LOL
Seriously, what are those people thinking??? I mean you stand around there with a drink in your hand and you're bound to get pushed and shoved and bumped into, which would mean the drink would end up on your clothes instead of your mouth. I don't know, maybe I'm getting old, I just can't see that as fun LOL

In my partying years, drink on my clothes would mean we had a good time, but now it would send me rushing home to find the Stain Remover, if we leave it on too long it's NOT going to come out. LOL

I was so happy to see some new faces joining us for the Slow Cooking Thursday, for a while there I was thinking of stopping it because it doesn't seem like many are wanting to participate. So it's up to you I keep it going or should we just let it go??? I'm fine with it either way :)

I just finished posting my Pork Chops and Potatoes recipe over at my Food Blog (complete with pictures) go on over and check it out if you're interested :)

Speaking of food, the other night Curt said to me "I think I need to put in for a voluntary tour to Korea, for a year"......I couldn't believe he had just said that LOL I must have had a stupid look on my face because he said "no seriously, I really should because it's the ONLY way that I can ever loose weight, you cook way too well and make really good food, I have no chance in hell if I stay here" LOL
I just had to laugh at that, hey, I'll take any compliment I can get.

I love cooking, what can I say, and I'm always around the kitchen making something, looking through cookbooks or coming up with a new recipe. I remember when I first started cooking I absolutely HAD to stick to cookbooks, I didn't know what ingredients worked well with others so the thought of an experiment or coming up with my own recipe, just scared the bejeebers out of me.

As time went by though, I got comfortable with food (a little too much for my taste if you ask me lol) and now I can pretty much throw a bunch of things together knowing that it will taste good or in the very least, be edible LOL

Well it's time to get some laundry started and finish some paperwork, I hope you are all enjoying your friday....if you're heading to a club tonight, have fun and have a drink for me. If you're staying home like I am, I'll be joining you, book in hand and blanket wrapped around my legs.

It's friday night which means "Homemade Pizza". The kids love helping me make it and it's a way to spend some time together as a family.
Hubby will have his usual Pepperoni and Mushrooms......the kids always want plain cheese pizza, and I have either Ham, Onions and Green Peppers, or a Veggie Pizza.

General Hospital
Alcazar tells Mr. Craig that Sonny must be eliminated;
Sam determines to get a job on her own;
Elizabeth fears that Lucky is reading too much into their dinner date;
Ric has Alexis put under surveillance;
Patrick asks Robin an important question

Weird Travels - Travel Channel
Alien Encounters UFO sightings around the globe

Most Haunted - Travel Channel
The Peterborough Museum in Cambridgeshire has a rich and varied past.

Filing paperwork
Fixing kids computer
Sweeping and Mopping
Downstairs bathroom


  1. Oh my word, photographic evidence of PUG ABUSE!!! LOL How in the world did you get that dog to do that!

    You're very normal. Actually, I think it's called "all grown up." I can't imagine the party scene any more. I'd much rather curl up in my favorite chair with a glass of wine and my book.

    Boring I suppose. But let me assure you, my party animal days are so far behind me now that I can barely remember them.

    And yes, you DO love to cook. Just reading your posts, especially at Full Bellies, is fattening. Seriously, I think of it as the attack of the cyber calories!

    :-) Have a great, boring, dull, non-partying Friday, Sandra. Dull and boring works for me!

  2. Hilarious picture! I'm in your corner too, I'll be totally dull, boring and sober tonight. Well, pretty much every night. Although I do enjoy a good glass of wine...


  3. Awe, look at that little pug. Yep, I like to think that when you are surrounded with family and all your loved ones, children that look up to you and depend on you, some how, drinking your way to oblivion just doesn't sound appealing.

  4. I love this song, and I have been wondering who sang it! Thanks for sharing the video.

    I'm with you, Sandra! Give me a good book, and a warm blanket, and I am great.

    I think you should keep Slow Cooking Thursday, because even when you didn't have a huge turnout, I loved looking through all the recipes that were posted, and a lot of them have become favorite's around here.

    Have a great Friday!

  5. You are going to die......go to this me and a friend are planning a trip to this place next spring...yes I know next spring...we have to save our money....I think you would love it. As for the party seen....we go out once a month with 6 couples....we have dinner, drinks a little dancing....and home by midnight...we all have kids and we are over we gt tired easier...but we have a ball....

  6. You described me exactly when it comes to the partying thing. I have definitely become the party pooper, something I swore when I was younger would never happen. I can't even stay up late enough to go to a bar, never mind enjoy it.

    I hope you don't stop slow cooker Thursday. I don't have many recipes, but I like to get them off your blog on Thursday.

    My hubby says the same thing, I make him fat. Too bad.

  7. I'd have to agree with Barb. It's definitely called being grown up. It's too bad some people don't realize the need for the change and their married lives end up in a mess. Your cozy reading with a blanket sounds so warm and wonderful!!

    The Pug??? Cute.

  8. That picture is the funniest thing I've seen today! How'd you get her to stay like that?

    I am so with you on the whole Friday night thing. And it can't be all that boring if so many of us are doing it! :v)

    I like the slow cooker Thursday. I think it just got so busy there for awhile and I had to try some more recipes out before I could post them. Personally I like that post!

  9. That was such a funny picture!

    I'm a homebody myself...I'd never leave if I didn't have

    Have a glorious weekend and hopefully a sleep in!

  10. I"m with you - I'd much rather stay in then go out to clubs! I was never much of a party person anyway, even before I became a mom :)

  11. Yes, our interests do change. Just a few years ago in college I would gladly stay up all night watching movies and cruising town with my friends. Now just the thought of being out later than 12am makes me exhausted! I'd much rather stay home with the kids, read a book, and get to bed by 9-10pm lol.

    And I love your slow cooker Thursday. I should've joined in yesterday but I might next week. I love all the great ideas I get from it. I made a yummy pork roast this last Sunday that I need to share the recipe :D

  12. Thank you Thank you Thank are so sweet. How precious you are to everyone....Thank you friend.....

  13. Hi, Sandra! I'm catching up on blog reading ... I am *so* behind. :( Hope you're doing well! Thanks for all of the delicious recipes that you post. Happy New Year, BTW! :)


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