Saturday, January 20, 2007

Listen up peeps, I have a LOT to talk about.....

You might want to sit down and relax, I have a few things to share with you this morning. I have hot coffee coffee??? LOL I would offer you some donuts, but there are none in this house, hubby and I are on a sort of a diet, just watching what we eat, cutting out snacks etc. I do miss a good donut, maple preferably....mmmmmm.

Anyway, come in and sit with me a bit, I have to tell you about my book. I finished it last night and I have no words to describe how much I enjoyed it. Lori Wick is one of my favorite Christian writers and she definitely delivers. My review for "The Proposal" is up on my Book Blog.....I think you all would love this book and I'm so eager to read the others in The English Garden Series.

Now since we're talking books, I want to point you in the direction of another great Christian writer, Donna Fleischer. She is a retired Air Force Vet and a Christian Book Writer and I'm thrilled to have found her through my dear friend Eden, she was discussing the book "Wounded Healer" from Donna's "Homeland Heroes" Series, and I thought "now THIS is a series I could really get into". Being a military wife I have a special affinity for anything military related and love a good book, so what's better than both in one huh???

After visiting Donna's blog, I found that she is offering a free book to all military or military spouses. All you need to do is go visit her at her blog, and then email her, she'll pop the book in the mail for you, AND she signs it too :)

Of course you can also order her books, which I plan on doing too. I'm sure I won't be able to just stop at Wounded Healer. So if you get a chance, go on over and say hi.

I managed to go around and leave comments on almost all my favorite blogs, unfortunately Blogger is ONCE AGAIN PMSing and it was painful yesterday and the day before. How frustrating, I understand it's free and all, but come on, at least work right. If I didn
't make it to you yesterday, never fear, I'm on my way again right after I'm done here. (did that just rhyme? lol)

I have to tell you, I started feeling really sick yesterday afternoon, I was kinda of light headed, running a fever and felt nauseous. It felt like I had a bad cold, which doesn't surprise me, I know I still do and even though I'm taking medicine for it, it's not budging, I think the 4º weather every morning is not helping either. BUT, for some reason I got it into my head that maybe I was pregnant.....yeah my brain goes totally stupid on me at times.

Then I start thinking that there's no way I can be pregnant because I have an IUD (too much info? lol), but remember nothing is ever 100% so that just gets my mind work
ing overtime. If I'm pregnant that means I get to put on all this weight again, no wait, I have a trip to Africa planned for July this would interfere with that and there is no other time we can go.....but if I'm pregnant that means I have to go through the bittersweet moments again, then I remember the miscarriages and then I remember that I'm getting too old to be pregnant and my body can't handle it anymore.

I tell you, I got myself into such a state that I ended up with a pounding headache and then I thought "WHAT THE HECK are you doing?"...."why are you worrying about something that is not even happening?" So I gave it to God, yes I did, uh huh, and I am mighty proud of myself because I didn't snatch it back either....I was too sick and overwhelmed to deal with it and honestly, I didn't WANT to think about it anymore. He gladly took it off m
y hands and now even though I still feel sick, I am no longer driving myself nutty thinking about little bambinos in my stomach.

Curt just laughs at me through all this because he knows how paranoid I get....when I told him I didn't feel well and maybe I was pregnant, he just laughed and said "Ummm yeah you don't feel well because you're SICK not pregnant". LOL
Thanks honey, you always know JUST what to say!!!

So it's saturday morning, I'm sitting here chatting to you all, Jasmine is on the other computer playing a game and Nic is watching Blue's Clues. Curt is at the gym, he is going everyday and he tells me that he feels so much better and is really enjoying it. Then he says to me the other day "why don't you start coming with me?".

I'm sorry, I'm a girl and when someone TELLS me that maybe I should go to the gym, I instantly get defensive and annoyed....are you telling me I NEED to go? Does that mean I'm fat, is that a nice way of telling me I could loose some weight? Meanwhile he's standing there with this look on his face like I've lost it LOL
Apparently he just wanted me to go with him because they have a place for the kids to play at......silly Sandra!!!

I really want to go but I'm one of those people that feels embarassed. I could loose about 5 pounds, but that means I actually HAVE to go to the gym, and then people will look at me and I'll feel self conscious. What is it with me??? I swear at times I wonder if I should have just been born a hermit....never seeing the light of day and never having to interact with humans LOL

YES I'm in a weird mood today, I'm sure you can tell, well those that have stuck with me this far, I'm sure I scared some off the minute I mentioned IUD.....I hope there weren't any guys lurking, they'll never be back LOL

Anyway, I think I've babbled enough, I'll let you all go before I waste the sanity you have. Here's to a great saturday, stay warm and Laura honey, I hope I the snow has stopped coming down.

God Bless,

Dinner tonight is Feijoada, you can get the recipe off my food blog. I love this meal because it reminds me of Portugal AND it's really filling too.

Whatever I can find, weekends are HORRIBLE when it comes to TV, unless you have a good movie to watch you're pretty much left with nothing on. I might just go read instead of watching tv.

Mopping (yes I didn't do it yesterday lol)
Vacuuming bedrooms


  1. If you have only 5 pounds to lose you have nothing to worry about Dear. The best thing with the gym is that you actually do start to feel really good and you know what it just might help your immune system out too!

    I so need to go but I tell ya I have a bit more, ok a lot more than 5 pounds to lose. So there ya go, have I convinced you yet? No, okay how 'bout it's something to do with hubby? Is it working yet? :vD

    I've never read Lori Wick but I have my name in to win her new book "White Chocolate" along with a box of Godiva white chocolates. I soooo wanna win that drawing. :v)

  2. I left a msg on Donna's website a little while ago - I hope to read that series too!

  3. You are too funny!

    Yes the snow has taken a break finally which means I get a break from shovelling and snowblowing...whew! It always snows like that when hubbie is out of town but he got home yesterday just in time for it to stop

    I love Lori Wick too! And I don't go to the gym myself but it might be something fun to do with hubbie!

    Enjoy the weekend,

  4. I ate so much of that dang Feijoada that now I get sick when I smell it. Unfortunatly I made a HUGE pot of it, so we still have left-overs,and my family thinks it just wonderful so they keep heating it up and eating it! Barf-a-roni!!! I think it's the bacon, I just think of the bacon and ...ok, I'm gonna stop talking about it.

    Too funny about the pregnancy thing!! I have sure tell signs when I get prego, so I KNOW I am preg. Like my breasts get EXTREMELY tender!!! I just know.

    OH, I made your portuguese potatoes last night (I'm just becoming the little portuguese housewife.LOL) and everyone devoured them!! AMAZING!! I think I'm making them again this week! I want some right now!!!!!

  5. You crack me up! Isn't if funny how our minds work? I do hope you get to feeling better fast. I don't think there's anything wrong with being a hermit. And I should probably go to the gym... well if I could afford it... yeah... excuses...

  6. Your so silly but you know so am I lol! I think the exact things.
    I hope you feel better soon!
    Love ya Sandra,

  7. Start walking.....its cold here but I'm going to start walking at the mall real early after Madison gets on the bus.....then some sit ups every night before bed...get hubby to do it with you therefore he keeps you accountable...this is what we do....good luck lady.

  8. Lol, I hate the gym myself, I join and then don't go, doh!

    I did a pregnancy test recently too because I was so sick, but I wasn't.

    Hope you feel better too.

  9. Hi Sandra,
    You crake me up. I just love to read your blog. I will gladly take that 5 #. I need it bad. Just send it my way. I know I am weird.LOL A woman that wants to gain weight. The older I get the harder it is to find clothes in a small size that don't look like a teenager. I will be back on Thursday to post a crock pot recipe.

  10. Thanks for the info on Donna's offer. I love to read (but seriously, with a 1 and 3 year old who has the time) and a free book- awesome! Thanks!

    - Andrea


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