Monday, January 1, 2007


Ok now I know for the next few weeks I'll still be writing 2006 on everything, and crossing it out and then rewriting 2007. It's just a normal thing that comes with a new year, I mean, we ALL do it don't we???

So we stayed home last night and it was just us four, so hubby and I decided to have a few drinks. I NEVER drink....I used to all the time before I got married and had kids, I would go out with my friends to the clubs and partied and drank and did the usual single life crazy stuff. I could pretty much drink any guy under the table. THAT WAS THEN, this is now......the poor old me just can't handle it anymore.

My favorite drink is Southern Comfort and Coke and the other one that comes close is Captain Morgan and Coke. I stuck to Southern Comfort yesterday, and it's weird but funny in a way, the minute I opened that bottle and took a whiff, I was INSTANTLY teleported to the club scene, I could almost hear the music, see the people and remember laughing and dancing with my friends. Amazing how smells, sounds and sights can take us back to a certain point in time.

Poor Nicholas tried to stay awake but by 10pm he fell asleep on my lap, so he got to ring in the new year asleep, something I've done oh, countless times.

So now it begins, the whole year ahead of us, what will happen, where will we be next time this year? I'm a bit of a control freak, no really, I just don't like not being able to control things around me, so when that clock strikes midnight I have this mixed feeling of YAY, we got through another year, and HMMMM what is going to happen this year? Control freak much?!?!? LOL

Anyway, I can honestly say that I'm BACCKKKKKKK!!!! I'm back to normal blogging and here in two days, things will be finally calming down. Jasmine goes back to school on Wednesday which is a good thing because if I have to put up with the sibling fighting and rivalry for just ONE more day, I will have to lock myself in my bedroom. At least hubby has this week off, and he said he will take her to and from school AND he wants me to sleep in every day. How I love that man!!!!

So since things are getting back to normal, I'm going to get my posts to the usual, including what I'm doing, eating, watching etc....also because it's monday, I'm going to post my Menu Plan for this week, not sure yet if Laura is hosting it today, but mine will be up nevertheless. So if you want to see what's cooking the our Household, go on over to my Food Blog.

I've started a new book today, called "Becoming a Woman of Spiritual passion" by Donna Morley. I can't wait to read it all, it's a book about Overcoming Challenges to Your Relationship with God.

"Spiritual Passion is what separates those who really want what God wants....from those who are merely going through the motions." Donna Morley
As I read the book I'll be sharing my thoughts and views, I feel that at times if I actually write it down it makes more sense....or I see something that I would have otherwise missed.

Well I better get going, I have tons of things to do today. The Christmas decorations are finally down, makes the living room look so much bigger and open....I'm a weird person, I love decorating during the holidays and getting the tree up, but once it's over and everything is removed, I breathe a sigh of relief.

Hope you're all having a wonderful first day of the year, I would give you my resolutions, but I don't have any, I found it's easier not to list them because that way I won't feel disappointed when I fail them all LOL

God Bless,

Dinner tonight is Pork Roast with Mashed Potatoes. You know the first time I made roast for my husband he wanted to know why I would make something that had to cook for hours. LOL

Dyeing my hair - yes those pesky greys are starting to show again.


  1. Yeah so happy to have my daily dose of Sandra again :)

    Your new year's eve sounded much like mine. We watched movies with the kids and let them stay up and drink ginger ale in champagne flutes at midnight. They loved it.


  2. I agree about being happy to have my daily dose of Sandra. Glad you're back.

    Our evening last night was much like yours without the drinks. We just sort of stayed in cozy and warm. I think I fell asleep about 15 minutes before midnight. Rats.

  3. Oh, we're like old fogies. It was just like any other day around here. The girls wanted to stay up - and I think they did, but we did nothing special!

    Anyway, glad you're back! Have a wonderful New Year!

  4. Happy New Year....I hope this one is a blessed one for you and your family.

  5. glad to hear that you are back to your normal blogging schedule :) Happy New Year to you!

  6. Happy New Year!

    I'm with you.. as much as I love getting the decorations up I love getting them down and put away even more LOL

  7. I'm so glad you're back to regular blogging! Now, starting on Wednesday, when SlowMo goes back to school, I'll be regularly with my coffee (decaf of course) reading your blog. I love stopping by here in the morning!

  8. The way you cook, I'll bet hubby doesn't question the way you do it any more. Your pork roast sounds wonderful.

    It's nice to have you back. You know, so many of us started blogging early in 2006, this was the first time we went through holidays together. I'll bet we'll all handle it better this year because we now know that everyone is going to get behind. The holidays are wonderful but they're also hectic.

    It does feel good that things are going to settle down a little now.

  9. I'm so glad your back to blogging regularly. I missed your posts very much.
    I might have mentioned this before, but I have a food blog now. I'm very excited about it!!

    Our New Year's Eve turned out to be alot of fun!!


  10. Glad to have you back. I'm back too...well sorta. I won't be on as much and won't post as much, but it's a compromise between blogland and realland.
    Anyhoo...glad you enjoyed your New Years...though Southern Comfort would have definitely ruined it for me...too many "my bad" days gone by with that stuff!
    I was in bed by 11 and missed the whole thing...must be getting old! LOL
    Blessings to you and yours in 2007

  11. Hey Girl!!!

    I'm in Japan now. :o) I haven't been on here since Dec. 4th, but hopefully I'm back for good now as well. We're supposed to be getting our internet/cable hooked up tomorrow, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm glad that you and your family are doing well. Catcha Later Hun. Happy 2007!!!

  12. I have the same mixed feelings about the new year so I know just what you mean. I am really hoping for a great 2007, you know my number 7 thing.

    My kids don't go back until Jan. 16th because of year round school here so the two boys, 7 and 9, are driving me nuts. They are the two that the sibling rivalry affects most for some reason. The 9 year old always has to be first, or be the best, or whatever. Anyway I am awaiting the 16th.

    I have all my decorations packed away too. Once Christmas is over I am done and feel refreshed when everything is finally put away.

  13. Lol, school starts here on Monday, ours have been fighting on and off over their Christmas toys, grrr!

    We bought some southern comfort for a Christmas tipple but then we had forgotten to buy someone a Christmas present and it then got wrapped up as a panic present before we opened it, lol. I like a nice glass of oaked rioja...hmmmm...[ahem] not that I'm addicted you understand? I was a holsten pils fan in my younger clubbing/student days...but I was a bit of a goth/grunge then so southern comfort and coke wouldn't have been 'in', lol.



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