Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm about to babble for a while, be prepared!

We actually had a nice morning yesterday, we went out for breakfast, something we NEVER do. Go ahead, shake your heads and look appalled, but really, we're not the "get out of bed and head out for breakfast" kind of peeps.

Mainly because it's an expense which is not justified, and also because we're lazy, rather just pop some bread in the toaster and call it good. Man we ARE lazy.

But I woke up in the mood for a nice big breakfast, so we headed to AJ's Restaurant which have really good buffets, not that we got the buffet but whatever, just wanted to let you know in case you ever head that way. LOL
I had THE best omelette....goodness gravy is all I can say. It was called The Big West and it was filled with mushrooms, green pepper, onions and smoked ham....served with toast and tons of hash browns (really good ones too).

Ok now that I've made myself hungry again *sigh*, here I am munching on my toast and drooling over the eggs.....pathetic much?!?!? LOL

So anyway, we went to breakfast and then by Walmart, isn't that the cool place to hang out every saturday morning? I still remember when I was a teenager, the cool place was the mall, nowadays we chill out at Walmart bwhahahaha
We had a couple more errands to run, and then headed back home to drop off hubby and kids while I went grocery shopping and then by the library.

There's a very relaxing feeling about grocery shopping alone, at least for me, I don't have to be stressed over kids fighting or yelling at each other, or one taking off and me chasing them down the aisles with my purse in hand and all the while keeping an eye on my precious cart, lest someone come and steal my bananas or something.

I got all my groceries for two weeks, being military we get paid on the 1st and the 15th, so I go shopping for that pay period. I tried the once a week thing but found that I always ended up going back for something, so now I just draw up the menus and grocery list for those 15 days and rarely go back for anything, well, milk, but that's because Nicholas chugs it down like nuts. I'm surprised my poor son hasn't turned into a cow...or bull since he's male? You get the picture LOL

I've learnt that cooking from scratch and sticking to a menu, really does save a lot of I'm able to get everything I need and not spend a ludicrous amount of money. Want to know how much I spent yesterday??? $150!!! Does that shock you??? This includes snacks, toiletries, cleaning supplies and all the food necessary for meals for the next two weeks....pick your jaw up off the floor, I'm not joking, that is exactly how much I spent.

Anyway, after the groceries and coming home to put them away (something I really really hate doing), I did some house cleaning while my meatloaf cooked away in the oven. Folded laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, did some dishes and then I sat down at the computer, the minute I did I felt as if my body went "AHHHHHHHHHH", my lower back actually ached and my feet were killing me, but that could have been from my stilleto boots....if I'm going to go shopping and do the mom/wifey thing, I want to at least look and feel good. The pain is well worth the effort in this case!!!! Just gotta remember not to repeat this all the time, my poor feet wouldn't be able to take it.

I sat at the computer and opened my Paperbackswap account, only to realize that I had 5 credits just sitting there, waiting for me to use. I literally jumped at that chance, I LOVE books and if you tell me I have some free ones, by God I'm going to use I got some Romance books:

Dancing at Midnight - Julia Quinn (one of my favorite Historical Romance Writers)

Her Highness, My Wife - Victoria Alexander

The Wallflower Series by Lisa Kleypas:
Scandal in Spring
It Happened One Autumn
The Devil in Winter

I will be putting these up on my book blog soon too, I can't believe it's been forever since I've update it at all. So look for that update, as well as my food blog update later today.

Now after doing all that, I called it at an early night and curled up in bed with some movies I had picked up at the library and some I rented at the Shoppette. First one I watched was "The Breakup" and can I just say DISAPPOINTED!?!?!?!?!

I guess I had thought this movie was going to be great but it really left something to be desired, it had some cute moments and some funny parts, but the end was just a big HUH? for me. Not at all what I was expecting, I think by the time the credits started rolling, I was just sitting there with a stupid look on my face wondering what the heck just happened.

So to quickly put that flop out of my mind, I popped in "Poseidon". Now THAT was a movie I enjoyed, mainly because I've always liked watching Kurt Russell and hardly ever see him on screen anymore, but it had action and Fergie singing???? LOL
Kinda threw me for a loop there, but whatever, it was pretty good and had some action which was great. Josh Lucas was one of the main characters and he's good plus very easy on the I lame for that??? I mean, don't you ever find yourself watching a movie just because the main character is nice to look at???

I still have some movies to watch today:

United 93
Reign of Fire
The Cave

Wish me luck, hopefully they're good LOL
Is it just me, or is this post super long, I seem to be on an endless babble today, please feel free to walk away or tell me to just zip it already. I have days where I seem to have nothing to say and then there's days that if given the chance I will talk your ears off, or in this case, your eyes off since you're reading.

Since I love you though, I'm going to stop here and go take care of the chores I have left, then I can sit down in front of the tv and watch some movies. It's cold and cloudy and even though it's 11am, it looks like 6pm at night, that's how dark it is.

You all have a wonderful sunday, I'll see you back here tomorrow morning.

Hubby is going to be super happy today because I'm making Chicken Curry AND I'm using my new Curry powder that just arrived from South Africa....mmmm it smells SO SO good, wish we could send smells over the computer, well....good smells at least LOL

Putting away laundry
Cleaning upstairs bathroom
Watching movies (uninterrupted ones I hope)


  1. I do my groceries the same way...but I spend $200...diapers and wipes contribute to this I believe. We have a play date at the library on Thursday so I will get some movies...that is a great idea...thanks for reminding me of's free entertainment....see ya tomorrow.

  2. $150 for four people for two weeks, including non-food item? You're a great shopper, Sandra. And it's true of course. Cooking from scratch is always, always more economical. Lately, I'm scratching around here like crazy!

    United 93 was a good movie. It's a little difficult to go back to that event but the movie really is well done.

    Never apologize for the length of your posts. It's always nice to catch up with you!

  3. That's about what I spend for two weeks...but I am SOOO about to scrap all the organic and home made cooking and grabbed boxed crapola with this pregnancy. All I want is junk, how sad is that?? We've eaten KFC like 3 times since I got pregnant, and I rarely allow us to go out to places like that!! AND tonight we're going out to a really good mexican rest with some friends, at least it's all homemade mexican and it's not from a box or can...see how I justify stuff??


  4. I really need to do the menu thing and plan everything out and shop like that. I'm a frugal shopper but I think that would help a lot more.

    Hey I agree on looking good while you shop. Good for you wearing your stiletto boots. You go girl!

  5. We've gotten to the point where we can spend about $150/month for groceries for the 3 of us (baby doesnt count yet lol). I tried planning menus and cooking from scratch but ended up spending more cuz I had to buy lots of things we don't usually use. Isn't it nice to be able to shop without the kids in tow? I love it :D Enjoy your movies!

  6. Sounds like a busy day! I got tired just reading it. We aren't breakfast people either. Have you seen "Big Daddy" with Adam Sandler? There is a scene in that movie where he wants to take his son to McD's but they stopped serving breakfast already. That is so us. The other day my kids asked me what was an IHOP.

    I didn't like The Breakup either--very depressing. United 93 was really good, but intense. Definitely not an easy movie to watch, but very much worth watching.

  7. $150!! Wow! I'm so jealous. I'm trying the menu thing but the kids are so darn picky. I'm no good at cooking from scratch either. I keep telling Matt I need a "Sandra" cooking class

  8. Okay Sandy! Give me your shopping tips. I went to the commissary and spent $370, Yes three hundred and seveny doollars!! I even had a list! I about fainted!! no fruitis for the kids, nothing out of the norm, I still will be going back once a week for 6 gallons of milk!!


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