Friday, January 5, 2007

I'm SO glad it's Friday Ya'll LOL

Just had to add the Ya'll in there, for some reason it's stuck in my head.

I would invite you in for a cup of coffee, but I doubt you want my sinus infection and my sore throat, so today I'll be in here and you are much safer out there looking in. By the way, you might want to wipe down the monitor after you're done reading, I do NOT want to be responsible for passing on this cruddy cold I have.

Last night I wa
s watching tv and this show called "Dallas Swat" was on, for some reason I became so intrigued with it, and stayed up late watching the Dallas and the Detroit Swat going about their days, arresting bad guys, doing narcotics searches and hostage situations. It is so interesting to see them at their best but also nerve wrecking.
I have the highest respect and appreciation for men and women in uniform and the dangers they face daily.

Well moving on, and I'm sorry if seem to babble and rant and be all over the place today, must be the meds I'm taking, can't seem to stop from rambling LOL

Thank you all for the recipes you shared in the Slow Cooking Thursday, I thought that I wouldn't get much of a response with it being right after the holidays, but I was thrilled to see the familiar faces pop up. You guys rock!!

I'm so frustrated with myself right now, for this week's menu, I had put in Slow Cooker Sausage Bean Soup, I was looking forward to trying it out and got all excited this morning, yeah, well I can't find the darn recipe!!! I have NO clue where I got the recipe from, but I mean, can't have been somewhere weird, I had it long enough to write down the ingredients and whatnot.....what the heck is going on??? Is someone stealing recipes without my knowledge? LOL

Improvise, Improvise, so I'm just going to make my
Vegetable soup, it's so good and filling and perfect for today, it's freezing here and we all know that big ol' bowl of hot steaming soup just hits the spot.

I'm having the hardest time with my sinus, I think I have an infection because of the pain and burning, and I won't even mention trying to bend down to pick anything up, it feels like my nose and forehead are going to explode. But I'm on medication and hopefully this goes away fast, at least I have had Curt home to help me and to pick up Jasmine from school.

A couple of you mentioned Africa and how exciting it is, and it is WAY beyond exciting, I mean I haven't seen my family in 8 years and they haven't met my kids in person, just through photos and letters and the telephone. It will be great seeing everyone and going back home.

BUT I won't leave you all behind, because I'm going to update every day, and I'm going to have my digital camera with me, so in a way, you'll all be visiting South Africa too. You'll get to see the Kruger National Park and all the beautiful animals up close and personal, you'll see the places I grew up in, my school, my house, the town I lived in, the restaurants I was at, PLUS I'll be taking pictures of the food too, you can enjoy it all :)

So make sure you're up for a trip in July, I'm sure you won't want to miss it!!!

With that said, I need to get going, being on the computer is giving me a headache which in turn seems to make my sinus worse.

You all have a great friday and a great weekend. I'll be back tomorrow with my Five Senses Saturday, I've missed those.


  1. Hey Sandra! Sorry to hear your sinus is still bothering you.
    I am soo excited about your upcoming to trip to Africa. I'll be sure to have my bags packed and ready to come along!!

    I have been terrible this week about posting and visiting other blogs. I don't know what my problem is...I'm feeling very blah, blah, blah.

    Your veggie soup looks delicious! Hope you can find your other recipe though.

    Happy Friday!!


  2. Oh Sandra, I am so happy and excited for you. It has got to be hard to be separated so long from your family! Just being able to let everyone see the kids and share hugs and embrace life together! It is going to be wonderful!

    Take care of yourself, I will pray for you. Your family sure has had their share of colds. :)

  3. Sorry you are so sick. Your trip sounds like it will be so fun!

  4. I am so glad it's Friday today too! I made your Peppered Meatballs recipe from yesterday. They are fantastic!

    Get better soon, you need to be healthy for Africa and we all know how fast time flys. :v)

  5. Hi Sandra! I'm so sorry to hear you are still sick, I hope the medicine kicks in quickly!! How exciting that you are going to see your family this summer!!! I can't wait to see the pictures and hear all about it!!

  6. I made veggie soup this past week...I do ground beef in it for the baby..its easier for him to eat.....missed hearing from you...glad your back.

  7. Oooo Africa, how exciting. Really hope you feel better soon. I still feel icky too, it's been going on for ever this sicky bug.


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