Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I'm whispering today.........can you hear me now???

My voice is still not back, but at least it's now a whisper, I will have to stay away from the phone though can you imagine if I answer it??? "Helllooooooo" *whisper*....person on the line will think I'm a breather or a stalker. LOL

My answering machine will be working overtime today, so unless it's an emergency, don't bother calling my house, I am actually home today but I can't talk. *SIGH*

Things are quiet right now, it's 7am and the kids are still asleep, rather than fighting with them to get up and get ready, I've started letting them sleep until 7:30am, it helps that the school is not far because in 30 minutes, we're ready and out the door.

So I'm sitting here sipping my coffee and it feels weird that everything is dead quiet, I mean, I'm not complaining but it's something I'm not used to, usually there's dogs running around playing and barking, kids screaming and fighting, the tv blaring and the computers on......all the chaos that makes a home a home right???

For those that were looking for the "All Day Meatballs" recipe, it's been posted on my food blog. Later this morning I will be posting the other requested recipe for the Portuguese Chicken and Rice....can't wait for you guys to try it, it's actually my youngest brother's favorite and I remember him requesting it for his birthday.

Well I had to take a short break from posting to get Jasmine to school, there's nothing like sibling fighting first thing in the morning, gives you a rush of energy to last through the day LOL

Apparently, and this is for those who don't have children yet, when one of them decides to have the same cereal, cookie, fruit etc..as the other one, it's considered COPYING!!!

It means that a huge spat will break out. It's so confusing and after being a parent for 8 years you would have thought I had a clue to these things, but I really don't....it's always going to be a learning process for me.
Just when I think I have them figured out they throw another curveball my way, I must be the most clueless parent on earth LOL

Anyway, I'm going to end this post with my usual "What's cooking, watching, doing" and then I'm heading your way, that's right, you in the corner there trying to hide.....I'm coming by for a quick fly by comment, hope you're ready.

Have a great day everyone, see ya tomorrow.

For dinner tonight I'm fixing one of my
Dad's favorite chicken dishes, it's also one of my favorites too, can't wait.

General Hospital
::Nikolas says he'll use a gun even if his baby is in the room.
::Sam tells Elizabeth to leave Jason alone.
::"I'm not going to do it!" Carly insists..
Before his date in court, House has something to say to Tritter (David Morse) as he treats a firefighter (Tory Kittles) who's shivering when he arrives at the hospital from a fire.

Carpet Cleaning (I know, surprise surprise huh? lol)
Getting Paperwork Notarized
Paying Bills
Searching for my voice, if anyone finds it laying around, please send it on back to me


  1. Try some lemon drops for your throat...they seem to always help me...also I take 100 mg of Zinc during the winter months to keep colds away...try it. Have a great day!

  2. Ummmm, I think I kind of "demanded" the Portuguese chicken and rice recipe ;)

    Hope your voice comes back real soon and you're completely recovered.


  3. I've lost my voice 2 times and I think it's so weird! Hope you feel better soon! I remember doing that same thing with my little brother when we were kids!! LOL.

  4. Oh, sad. Those of us who are hopelessly stuck on old blogger won't be hearing from you for a while since it's down for "maintenance."

    This reminded me of something. I remember when I used to arrive at work every morning in a bad, bad mood because of all the sibling fighting that had gone on before I could get them off to school. I remember at the time it was downright frustrating so I wonder how I could have forgotten it.

    I guess the good news is it obviously stops sooner or later. My girls never fight any more. Hope you find some encouragement in that.

    And I hope you get your voice back soon, too. And thank you for the reminder about House. In all the commotion around here, I'd forgotten about this new episode!

  5. Poor Sandra. Hope your voice is back soon, you've had your fair share of illnesses recently. Hugs.

    I echo your prayer on yesterdays post...my kiddies fight over everything when they've been together too much, I'm sick of being sick too.

    Lol Super Mario,I've never played it. We just have The Wizard of Oz on loop at the moment, it's driving me mad!

  6. Sandra, dear lady! I feel so bad that you have lost your voice.
    Today, has been rough! I've been trying to leave comments all day, but blogger has been having issues!
    Your kids remind me of my younger siblings. My mom used to tell them that it's not copying, it's immitation, which is the highest form of flattery.


  7. Oh, you poor thing. It's just no fun to not have a voice when you need it so much of the time. Hope you recover soon.

  8. Hope you get your voice back soon!

    I like Eden's response about the coyping!

  9. I hope you feel beter soon. I have been sick for 5 days and just now starting to feel a little better. I am in Ohio and there is a chill in the air for sure. Come by and visit when you have time...

  10. I hope you feel better soon.

    I can't wait to check out the Portuguese chicken and rice recipe. I am going to have to try it next week.

    I am going to watch House soon. Can't wait. I love this show.

  11. I didn't know anyone was still watching daytime soaps these days. 'General Hospital' was my and friends' favorite back in the day. Is Luke and Laura still on?


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