Monday, January 22, 2007

Well it's Monday, BOO HOO!!!

I honestly don't understand how time flies by.....when I was a kid I remember the days dragging on, there would be times I'd be sitting there going "man when is it dinner time?"

Anyway, I started with a funny cartoon this morning, because that's how I FEEL every time I have to clean the bathrooms LOL

I sat down and rewatched the "Greatest Places on Earth" DVD....I just can't get enough of it. It's absolutely amazing how beautiful nature is and how much is still left you know that there are over 250 000 different species in Madagascar and 70% found NO WHERE else on earth???

How cool is that??? I love watching IMAX movies, they're educational and I find myself learning new things, plus the kids and hubby love watching them too, so w
e get to do that as a family while learning at the same time. You know you're doing something right when you're 7 year old daughter turns to you and says "do you know that there are 289 different Octopus species?".

Yep, see those blinking eyes??? That was my reaction!!! I think kids are so much more advanced nowadays, I am NOT trying to call myself dumb, but at 7 years old I had NO CLUE how many Octopus species there were, all the names of the dinosaurs....and I certainly didn't walk around telling people I want to be a Paleontologist (yes that is what Jasmine tells everyone).

So before I go on, I want to share with you a video of Mozambique. You know that is where I was born, but not everyone knows where it is or what it looks like, and yesterday while browsing around YOUTUBE, I found a TON of videos. I actually had tears in my eyes, I miss my country and all it's beauty. I truly truly hope that one day I'll be able to go back and visit.

What wonderful memories it brings's wonderful and weird in a way because I see places that I remember walking through, and now I'm seeing it on video and I know I'm thousands of miles away. How things change!!!

Anyway, I have housework to do and some other errands to run. I'll make this one short.

If you're interested in seeing my menu for this week, go look over at my Food Blog.

I'll see you all tomorrow, I'm heading out :)

For dinner I'm fixing Padre Island Shells, I'll have the recipe up on my food blog later today.

Kristina watches as Alexis is arrested;
Alexis tells Sonny she has decided on Molly's future;
Ric shocks Alexis;
Jason finds that Sonny was targeted by a sniper;
Alcazar warns Jason not to interfere;
Father Ruiz defends Sam to the hotel manager.

A fun-loving aspiring model from New York swaps lives with a conservative woman who helps raise her granddaughters on a Texas farm.

Jo helps two marine biologists who cannot control their 3-year-old and 18-month-old sons.

Put away laundry
File paperwork and get Tax documents ready


  1. What a wonderful post!!!I've been to joberg and cape town.But I don't remember it ( i was four )thanks for sharing.and your menu plan looks amazing.would you mind three people taking residence at your house??Thanks

  2. How cool :) That movie sounds neat too. I know what you mean about kids being smarter. My little sis loves animal planet and knows more about animals than I will probably ever know. I mean, when she was 8 she knew what a plecostomus was. I can't even say it right! She says she wants to be a veterinarian.

  3. 289 octupus species? Who knew? I never would have thought that - I thought there was ONE. LOL

    Sometimes I think about all the amazing and beautiful places there are on this earth that I'll never see. I'm going to have to get this movie into my Netflix lineup so I can visit it that way.

    That previous post was amazing. It was like taking a tour!

    Hope you have a great week - mine's going to be as laid back as I can possibly keep it.

  4. Sounds like one great movie....I cleaned bathrooms today too...yuck.

  5. I just happened upon your blog today and I am really enjoying it. I plan on doing your Slow-Cooking Thursday, or at least checking out the ideas next Thursday! I got a brand-new red crockpot for Christmas, and I am loving it---and committing to using it more this year. I just did a big shopping trip for 12 meals, and 4 of the meals were for the crock pot.

    Love the look of your blog!

  6. I'm sure you do miss your country, it would be so hard to be away for such long periods of time. Everytime I come to your site I find myself smiling - youre are the busiest girl! Not only are you constantly accomplishing so much, you even redo your template all the time. Very impressive! And you cook ALL THE TIME - wonder woman is alive and well.

  7. These last two posts have been so great -- the videos and photos. It must be really hard to be so far from your home place.

    I love the Maxine cartoon!! She always gives me such a chuckle.

  8. Sandra, just really enjoyed the video of Madagascar. Incredible statistics! Amazing that 70% of those species are not found anywhere else in the world! Hope you get to go home this summer! Would be so wonderful if your green card comes in so you can! :)

  9. LOL--that Supernanny episode must be us!!!! I love Jo! And I love seeing amazing places on the TV. There are so many places I'd love to see in person :)

  10. Lol that cartoon is just too funny! Yep totally agree, and a duster tied to a dog's tail, it'd get some of the dust ;) How did you end up in Mozambique from Portugal? Is there a post where you've told your story? It's great to revisit old haunts. Hugs.

  11. I would really love to see South Africa someday. I love the culture of the people, the beauty, the history, the animals, and the terrain. Truly wonderful!

    Did you watch the Wife Swap last night w/ that model woman? I'm so happy she changed at the end because I really was being very unChristian-like towards her at the beginning! lol I wanted to smack her upside her head!


  12. Hi Sandra,
    Can I borrow the otter when you are done? LOL I love Super Nanny too. Miss Candi hates for me to watch it. She saids it gets me too many ideas. LOL
    Have a blessed day.


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