Monday, January 15, 2007

Oh the joy of sleeping in!!!

You know for a mom there is NOTHING more precious than those extra hours or minutes in bed, and thankfully I've been blessed this weekend with some good sleep. Saturday night I actually fell asleep at 10pm and didn't wake up until 8:30am, uninterrupted sleep without the usual bathroom breaks during the night.

I'm one of those that gets up at least twice a night, really, I don't know why my bladder can't just wait until the morning and it's frustrating to have to keep waking up for it. So you know when I don't get up, it's something new to me, it's a welcomed break LOL

Today I'm being lazy though, maybe I got too much sleep??? I better not say it out loud though because hubby will look at me and give me the "are you ever happy with anything?" look. Why yes, yes I am, but I am allowed to complain right.....not constantly but sometimes maybe?

I had NO luck whatsoever with the movies I had to watch, mind you I haven't gotten to United 93, I'm having a problem with that one, I really want to watch it but I also am dreading going back to that moment in time, it's bad enough that when a show comes on the tv, if it is anything about 9/11, it gives me a knot in my stomach and I end up crying through I honestly want to put myself through that again??? Decisions, decisions!!!

So I sat down in front of the tv yesterday afternoon, that's not something that happens very often only because everyone (mainly the kids) seem to claim the big tv in the living room, and I have to resort to my bedroom if I want to watch something. Ugh, now that I've typed it out I realize how pathetic that sounds, I mean, I AM THE MOTHER right??? Aren't I supposed to be in charge and make the rules??? LOL

But whatever, anyway, I got the tv to myself and it's one of those big huge ones that make you feel like you're at the movie theater, plus throw in the surround sound and bowl of popcorn and I'm right THERE. I pop in "Reign of Fire" only to realize that not only have I seen it before, but I hated it the first time the heck did I get it again without even realizing it??? I'm thinking it has to do with the gorgeous pic of Matthew McConaghey on the front....yep, I'm blaming him for my moment of "dumbness".

I quickly remove that one and pop in "The Cave"....UGH, what the heck??? Talk about a stupid movie, I didn't like it at now I'm annoyed and I want to watch something dagnabit, I have the tv and I WILL MAKE USE OF IT. I pop in one of my Netflix movies "The Ghosts of ...." can't even remember...and the narrator is this woman with the most annoying monotonous tone I've ever heard, okkkkaaayyyyyy, take THAT one out and pop in the next one "The ghosts and witches of Olde England"....(see the pattern here, I must have been in a supernatural mood when I ordered these movies) I'm faced with a perky nasaly voice that is as annoying as nails on a chalkboard. Pop THAT sucker out too!!!

I GIVE UP, just take the tv back, it's become too stressful to find something to watch LOL

I decided to just go and make dinner, cooking has always been something that calms me down. I turn the radio on and cook, look through cookbooks or really is food for my soul. After 30 minutes, I had a wonderful Chicken Curry ready, the family raced to the table and devoured it....there's nothing better than sitting down to see everyone eating and having seconds and praising "this is soooooo good mommy"...."man, sandra this THE best meal on earth, definitely my favorite". Again, Food for my Soul!!!

I was looking for tickets for us for the upcoming Africa trip and ummm.....I don't know how I haven't had a heart attack yet? LOL
I don't know how anyone affords to travel overseas, I mean, even if it's just one person it's expensive, but when you have 4 tickets to buy, it's a LOT. We're looking at around $8000!!! *GASP* Lord help me! LOL
This is one problem that I am certainly putting in the Lord's hands and asking, or begging for His help with....I do know that in the end everything will work out, but now I have to literally force myself to let it go. It's not easy though, I do it constantly, I give Him something and within 5 minutes I'm inquiring about it:

Me - Ummm, I know you're busy and all that, but did you get to my problem yet?
Lord - Actually, no I haven't, why don't you just quit worrying about it, it's in good hands.
Me - yeah I know, but, I really would like this done like think you could push my issue to the front of the line?
Lord - Sandra, you need to be patient, remember that things are done in My time.
Me - Ok.....

*5 minutes later*

Me - So, I know it's only been 5 minutes, but I can't stop thinking about this, anything yet?
Lord - No, not yet, why don't you learn how to wait purposely?
Me - Hmmm ok, well look I'll just take this back and do it myself....

Why do I DO that???? I always give it to the Lord and then quickly snatch it back because it's not going fast enough for me, or it's not the results that I was waiting for, and I spend so much time worrying about it that I fail to see what I was to have learnt from it. I know I seem to have completely strayed from the whole ticket thing, but really I didn't, it's just an example of what I usually do when I say I will leave it in His hands.
Going to try REALLY hard this time to not interfere and to wait in His "Waiting Room" without pouting and whining and complaining.

Anyway, I better get on out of here, have to get lunch ready and then watch General Hospital, and then I'll be coming by to say hi to you all.

God Bless,


  1. I always cook to calm myself down too....its good therapy.

  2. Wow, is that your own TV room? It is beautiful. If I had a tv that size at home I would never darken the door of a movie theatre again.

  3. Oh the precious, uninterrupted sleep!! I'm so glad you got some. You definitely sound in better health today -- I'm assuming the colds have gone away?

    Might as well give up on the movies. There is so little worth watching anymore. I agree with you on United 93. I just can't bring myself to want to relive that day.

  4. Ah, I'd kill for a good night of sleep like that! Sorry your movies weren't very good, that stinks.

  5. United 93 is a good movie but I'll admit it made me very sad to relive 9/11 through the eyes of the passengers on that flight.

    Your prayer exchange with God made me smile.

    I love curry. I'm guessing the reason I missed this recipe is because you posted it two months before I even started my blog. But I can assure you it's printed out now. LOL I'll make it with the chicken AND the wonderful sounding toppings you suggest. Can't wait to try this one. You've never let me down yet!

  6. I can't remember the last time I slept all night without getting up to pee!! I'm so jealous!! LOL. Man, I'm just gonna start making the same meals as you everynight, so I can get all that wonderful praise too!! Sorry you're having no luck in the movie dept. Go get Beaches. haha it's my favorite...but you'll cry!!

  7. Sleeping all that time probably did your immune system some good!

    My hubby gave me "World Trade Center" for Christmas. It was tough to watch but the story with it was so very good. It was about what two of the only 20 people who were pulled out went through.

    I look at cookbooks to relax too and I'm the same as you, family loving it and gobbling it up just builds me right up!

  8. I read my cooking magazines all the time and my hubbie is always wondering if I'm ever going to make anything from them...ha ha...I made the muffins though and they turned out...yeah!!

    I haven't had good luck with movies lately either....sigh.


  9. Yes sleeping in is such a nice luxury! Sorry none of your movies worked out for you!

    I feel your pain on the plane tickets - ouch to a budget! Will pray everything will work out!

  10. Yes, sleeping is nice. I sleep through the night without any problems. Steve wakes me up every morning. lol
    Yikes! on the plane tickets. We will be praying that the prices will go down and that it won't be such a hole in your budget.
    That's too bad that none of the movies you chose worked out. I enjoyed Reign of Fire, though. I haven't seen United 23 yet, but I have seen WTC.

  11. I haven't watched this movie for the same reason you posted. I just don't know how sad it will make me. Kind of scary.

    I get relegated to the bedroom tv sometimes too.

    $8000. I don't think I will be seeing Africa anytime soon.


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