Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Coffee anyone????

Alright come on in and sit with me, it's really really really cold outside, I start shivering just thinking of going out there soon. Is it too early to start calling for Spring???
I'm more than ready for it to arrive, not that I don't like winter but seriously after a month or two I'm done with it.

It's 4 degrees right now, yeah you heard me, I said FOUR DEGREES.....I went to go start the car to let it warm up, as I do each morning, and I couldn't open the doors LOL
I must have looked like an idiot sitting there pulling with all my might....*sigh* the things we do.

So here I am this morning, my hot coffee cup right beside me, trying to warm my insides and waiting on Nicholas to wake up. For some reason the past 2 nights he's been really fussy and restless, must be getting sick again......don't even talk about this cold or whatever it is that's going around, it seems to be staying here and taking turns going from person to person. Funny thing is that it's not just us, seems to be the norm around here.

Anyway, did you guys watch American Idol last night??? I was so thrilled that it's starting again, it's by far one of my favorites, I love the whole process of auditions and finding the next Idol....though I have to say that the auditions are what gets me hooked, there are some funny ones out there.
I may be in the minority but I actually like Simon, he has this certain charm about him *don't throw stones*, I know I know, I must be loosing my marbles, but I really do like him and he's hilarious. Harsh and really mean at times (I admit) but mostly just funny!!!

Definitely something to look forward to every week. If anything the laughs provided during the auditions are great. I can't believe that some people who obviously can't sing, argue with the judges and are so upset at the fact that they've been told they can't the one that walked out to go get water in the middle of his audition then came back and sang exactly the same......or the girl singing like the lion from Oz....I mean, that's cute and all but not for an AMERICAN IDOL....sheesh!!!

I'm sure you've noticed the lack of pictures on my posts compared to a couple months ago, and the reason is that my digital camera has decided to just quit working...I mean it comes on but then I can't get the zoom or the shutter to work which leads to blurry pictures or black nothings.....I don't think that's what you guys want to see. I'm sure I'll get it fixed soon and then I can start sharing pics of the kids again, or the beautiful sunset, or my food, I think I miss snapping pictures right after dinner is ready, though I think the family is happy because I would make them sit there and wait for me to get done with the camera before they were allowed to touch the food.

I told you yesterday that I'm really enjoying Lori Wick, and for those of you who don't know who she is, she's an amazing Christian writer. The English Garden Series which is the one I just ordered from Paperbackswap, are just wonderful. I am reading the first book called "The Proposal"....if you follow THIS link to my book blog, you can see the other books in the series as well as a little blurb. It's one of those books that you pick up and can't put down, I find myself getting frustrated because I want to read and I can't LOL

Is there anything better than snuggling in bed, kids asleep, dead quiet in the house, and you're sitting there with a wonderful book just devouring the words. It's always been one of my favorite things to do, I'm glad that the kids love books as much as we do. The day we buy our own house there is definitely going to be a study, I can just picture wall to wall books, perfect place to hide out in for a day.

Nicholas is laying on the couch complaining that he doesn't feel good, so I think that's mommy's cue to get off the computer.

Don't forget the Slow Cooking Thursday tomorrow, seems that we're not getting as many participants as before so if you could pass the word around, it would be nice to have a lot of people sharing their recipes :)

Have a wonderful wednesday, stay warm,

Pork Chops is what's for dinner......some potatoes made the portuguese way. You fry the Pork Chops and when they're done you remove them from the skillet, add a little butter or water to make some gravy with the pan a separate pot you boil some potatoes, then cut them into cubes....drop them into the skillet and let them sit in there for a few minutes to absorb all the wonderful gravy. It's really really good.
Going to serve a salad to go with :)

General Hospital
Elizabeth shares her dilemma with Jason; (UGH I can't stand this woman)
Lucky clashes with Maxie at Kelly's;
Jason has a feeling that Sam is hiding something from him;
Patrick appreciates that Robin bought him a couch;
Dillon allows Lulu to search for Rick's date book.
Montel Williams
Psychic Sylvia Browne answers questions about strange occurrences.

American Idol
Week 1B: Auditions Singers continue to audition for the judges


  1. You sound just like me last night watching Idol. I about died when the girl was singing like the lion & the juggler kid!! OMG, really what are these people thinking & why doesn't their family tell them the truth!!! LOL! I love it though & nevedr miss it!

  2. I was watching every minute of it too. Can you believe some of what we see????

    I'm with you on Simon. I actually find that he's right most of the time, even if he is blunt. I thought Randy was unusually mean last night and Paula was just spaced out somewhere. I wonder what's up?

  3. I'm so confused by these portuguese potatoes!!! I need you to email me step by step instructions. Do you eat the pots you fried?? Or just the ones you boiled, or both????? LOL. I need to know!!!

  4. Oh how I have missed your long posts. Yes I watched American Idol last night and laughed so much. The lion was too funny. And the last girl dressed in black...LOL! Your fried pork chops sound devine.....yummy. Enjoyed your talk today.

  5. brrrrr! it sure is cold where you are! I hope it warms up soon!

  6. Hope you're staying warm inside! I'm not a big AI fan but it's nice to have something that makes the winter go faster isn't it?

  7.'s unusually cold here in California. But not as cold as it is there.

    Stay warm!

  8. I'm glad American Idol is back on! When they get to the "real" singing, I think Simon is usually right on with his assesstments of each person.
    I LOVE to read too! And I have read Lori Wick books but not sure I've done that series, I'll have to check it out!

  9. I'll take some of that coffee! The audition part of American Idol is my favorite part. I feel the same way as you about Simon. :0)

  10. Yikes, 4 degrees...brrrrr! I'd have my wood-burning fireplace going day and night. :)

  11. Hi Sandra! Missed ya during my little break :)

    I'd join you for a coffee but this bug has really put me off coffee. I've only had 2 cups since before Christmas!! I even worried I was pregnant, even though all the signs denied it. So I did a test, and I'm not, phew! Sorry I'm practically doing a post in my comments. I like Simon Cowell too, he speaks the truth, here in the UK Sharon Osbourne does X-Factor which is like Pop Idol but for all ages. She's a little better, she speaks the truth but is gentle with the ones who look like they might have a breakdown.


  12. ..'my comments'...doh...I meant 'in your comments box'


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