Saturday, January 6, 2007

Five Senses Saturday!!!

I have missed doing my Five Senses Saturday post, it's kinda weird to say that the last one I did was last year. Isn't that something???

I'm still having a hard time realizing it's a whole new year, I keep writing 2006 on everything and when someone tells me "
it was last year" I start thinking of things that happened in 2005. LOL

Anyway, it's snowing outside, yep, woke up and the snow started coming down pretty hard, everything is white already and we're supposed to have these snow showers for a few days. I love it, but I really really don't like driving in it, so hopefully by monday it's subsided :)
I should be cleaning but instead I'm sitting here at the computer, coffee cup in hand, watching the snow flakes coming down and listening to my hubby and kids playing Mario Kart on the Tv. Life is good!!!!

Here in a few minutes I'm going to take a long hot bath, maybe it will help me feel better, this sinus infection is just horrid. I actually feel OLD today, what a scary thing at 32 years old. I mean, I wake up and my lower back is killing me, my sciatica is acting up, my sinus is driving me nuts and I'm cranky because I didn't get enough sleep........LOL
WOW, pathetic huh???

Anyway, I leave you with my Five Senses Post, hope you enjoy it :)


- Kids Playing
- Avril Lavigne "Keep Holding On"

- Tv playing in the background
- Rain on the rooftop

- Voice of my family on the telephone


- Snow covering the roads

- Ice covering my Durango

- Rush of Traffic on the Way to Boise

- The up and down movement of my kids chest as they sleep peacefully

- Raindrops running down the windows


- My daughter's tight hug when I drop her off at school

- Clean silk pajamas rubbing against my skin

- Pages of the book I'm reading "Becoming a Woman of Spiritual Passion"

- Headphones on my head while I listen to music on the computer

- Hubby's kiss on my cheek


- Popeyes Chicken
- Southern Comfort and Coke for New Years Eve

- The silky smooth taste of Caramel Truffle Coffee

- Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray (eeewww)

- Ice Cold Water


- Sugar Cookie Scented Candle

- Pork Roast cooking away on the stove top

- Devil's Food Chocolate Cake smothered in Fudge Icing
- Laundry fresh out of the dryer

- Papaya Shower Gel and Body Lotion on my skin


  1. I've never seen a 5 senses friday! I really enjoyed it!!

  2. I always love when you do the 5 senses post. I really like your music clip too. I was playing Carrie yesterday in my car. I think she is dating my cute quarterback on the Cowboys. I love Carrie.

    I really enjoyed the pics of the snow. Someitmes I miss it. It's so peaceful to be stuck in the house with the snow falling around and nice cup of coccoa or stew in the Crockpot. I also love it when it snows and you go outside at night when it is silent.

  3. I sure do enjoy your 5 senses post! Hope you are feeling better!

  4. That cake sounds wonderful......I made a Derby Pie this week...I try to make one dessert each week for something sweet.....


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