Tuesday, January 2, 2007


I'm slowly coming around and getting back into a normal routine. I swear these holidays are wonderful but completely throw me out of whack. The laundry is almost caught up, well, not put away, and that is something I put off for as long as I can.......ugh, I hate folding and putting it away, but it has to be done unless my family wants to live off of laundry baskets. Yeah, not really condusive to winning the "Best Homemaker" Award. LOL

The kids go back to school tomorrow and not soon enough for me, I love having them home but the fighting and complaining is just draining after a week or two. I honestly can't wait for EVERYTHING to be back to normal.

I just got done with my Morning Blog Drive, boy how I missed coming by and saying hello, seeing what you're all up. There seems to be a general consensus of, wanting do to better this year and attaining goals but not really wanting to call them RESOLUTIONS. I'm all for that, I was never one to make them, and the few years I did
I think it was just peer pressure, everyone was doing it and I wanted to be in the moment too, so yeah, throw out some resolutions and then beat myself up over the fact that I didn't keep to any.

So here's what I'm doing, just going to TRY to do better healthwise, eat healthier, drink more water, MORE God in my daily life and try to be a better person in general. No pressure to do it, because I think the minute I label it as a TO DO or MUST DO, I rebel. I'm quite the rebellious one at times LOL

I'm still not sure when we're moving, they told us after the holidays, but now they moved someone in across the street. HUH?!?!?! Yeah that was my thought, why move in someone if you're moving people out to tear down the houses???

It is now 6pm, and I started this post at 7am.....see how I get sidetracked with other stuff???
I'm beat right now, I'm tired, I'm still not feeling well and Nicholas is still sick himself.....this cold seems to be making it's way around our household, need to stock up on medicine and cans of Lysol to get through it.

If you're here looking for a meaningful and thought provoking post, you might want to skip my blog and head on over to one of the other ladies who will definitely deliver for you. I unfortunately have no earth shattering news or words of wisdom, nothing that will make you ooohh and aahhh, unless getting through Mt Laundry ranks high on your list of amazing things. LOL

Here soon I need to give the kids their bath and start getting them ready for bed and back on a normal schedule. Nothing is worse than school breaks and staying up every night, it wears you out, I tell ya.

I'm going to call it an early night for me too, a hot bath, and then snuggle into bed with my book, I miss reading, that's something else that's completely fallen off the wagon of life for me. Which reminds me I need to go order more books from Paperbackswap, I have tons of credits available.

I better get a move on, have tons of clean laundry to put away and the more I procrastinate, the worse it is.

Have a blessed and calm night........oh and before I leave, I want to send a hello and big hug to my family in South Africa and to Bela, yes I know you read my blog too, my stepmom told me. :)

God Bless,


  1. Hey Sandra! It was good to read your blog, I've been on the lookout all day. lol
    I know what you mean about mountains of laundry. I finally have everything washed, dried, folded and put up. It's such a good feeling!!!
    C U 2morrow.


  2. Well I have kept on reading your blog, just behind on commenting!

    I have SO MUCH to do myself,although for a different reason (pregnancy). Someday I will catch up, right?

  3. It doesn't have to be exciting or earth-shattering to be a nice post, Sandra. Thank goodness or I'd be out of the blogging business for sure. :-)

    I like it when you take a moment just to let us know how your life is going. I swear, I couldn't believe it when I saw you slow down a little for the holidays. The pace you keep makes me tired and all I'm doing is reading about it. LOL

    I know exactly what you mean about having the kids home on a long holiday break. On the one hand you love it, but on the other, all the scedules get off track and have to be "learned" again.

    My goodness, I think every single person we know out here is relieved that the holidays are winding down and life is going to get back to what we like to think is normal.

    Nice to hear from you and knowing you, you'll be all caught up, rested up and back on top of things any old day now!

    PS..Oh how I remember the sibling rivalry. Take heart. It's only going to last for about fifteen more years. It never ceases to amaze me how much my girls enjoy each other now that they're grown. There was a time when I truly believed the fighting would never, ever stop. Sigh....

  4. I agree - hang in there - life will return to normal soon - if that's "normal"!!! :)

  5. Is your base transitioning to privatization now? 2 yrs ago we were offered to move out of the oldest housing on base (cinderblock) because they were going to start vacating those and tearing them down. Now they're offering those houses to people as one of their choices! We just signed our "lease" for housing so I guess we're finally starting the process.

  6. Man, I HATE folding and putting away laundry too! I need to go get caught up.

  7. Mount laundry, only scaled once in 1843 by a very determined mother...never again repeated.

    Yep our spare room is taken over by the laundry monster.

    Hugs, off to do my ironing whilst watching Marilyn Monroe movie...if the kids'll let me, lol.

  8. Trying to get back to normal is very hard. I start today...and you see where I'm at...the computer...LOL!


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