Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What is UP with Blogger?!?!?!?

I had the best of intentions yesterday, after I was done posting here, I grabbed my coffee cup and went about visiting you all.

Tried leaving comments and NOTHING.....I could not get Blogger to cooperate, must be that time of the month again.

It's SO frustrating, I must have written the same comment 3 or 4 times and couldn't get through, by the 5th blog, I just gave up trying.

I will try again this morning, so please don't think I didn't visit, I did, just couldn't say hi.

Well my voice is back, croaky and weird but at least people can hear me, though I don't know that they enjoy it, sounds like I was hitting the whiskey bottle all night long LOL
The kids just laugh at me and try to imitate me which is just hilarious.....especially when they've done something and I'm trying to sound all tough and mean then come out sounding like a cartoon character. *Sigh*

This is going to be a REALLY short post, seems that my cold is migrating south....started with a headache, moved to my sinus and now it's all in my chest, staying awake at night coughing is NO fun. What is it with coughing and nighttime, I mean I'm ok during the day, cough once in a while but nothing major, not those cough attacks that have me gagging and keeping the family awake. Think it's time for some Nyquil LOL

Anyway, I really wish I could stay longer but I want to run by your blogs and see if I can leave comments today, if not, I apologize in advance but I'll keep trying until I succeed.

I leave you with quote from the book I'm's something I have to keep reminding myself of and I've actually printed it out and hung in on my refrigerator.

God answers our prayers according to His infinite wisdom rather than our limited foresight.

For dinner I'm fixing the Portuguese Chicken and Rice, and yes, for those that asked, I've posted the recipe at my food blog.....go run on over and check it out :)

Filing paperwork
Changing Bed linens


  1. You poor thing. It seems you are always sick, which makes me think it's really allergies...I think you need to fine yourself a really good multi-vitamin and stick to it!!! Build up that immune system! LOL.

  2. I hope you feel better soon....glad to here your voice is back.

  3. It seems like you have been sick off and on all winter. Hope you feel better soon!!

    I had issues with Blogger yesterday too. And I read somewhere typepad was acting up as well. *sigh*...

    At least all seems to be well again today.

  4. Blogger was a BEAST yesterday. I lost more comments than I can count and I finally gave up on it, too.

    Have you tried Mucinex for your cough and congestion? It's in pill form, over the counter and it's really great for both issues. My doctor had me get some last fall, and I've decided it will be a staple of my medicine cabinet.

  5. Blogger was horrible yesterday :P Sorry you're still sick. b

  6. Sandra, just wanted to let you know my Mom had exactly what you are describing and it ended up she had a sinus infection that went down into her lungs. Her Doctor put her on antibiotics and a couple of something else. Maybe you should have someone check you out!

  7. Yea, I've had trouble with Blogger today too. I keep swearing I'm going to leave and go it alone but I'm a coward deep down. :)

  8. Hi Sandra. sorry to hear that your having trouble with blogger..:(
    HOpe that you feel better soon.Michelle

  9. Blogger was sick with the flu yesterday like have the nation...I can't explain it better than that.

    Have a fabulous tomorrow!

  10. Well, I know exactly what's wrong with blogger. It needs to blow it's nose, really really hard, because it's being a big booger!


    My goodness, the price we pay for something that's FREE!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  11. I've had so much trouble with blogger too. It's very frustrating. Glad you managed to get a comment on mine too, hurrah!

  12. I love the quote you posted - how true that is! Hope you're feeling better!

  13. Oh I hope you're feeling better soon.. I swear this chest cold's been getting to me for a month now!

    Take care of you!


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