Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Would you like a glimpse of South Africa???

The past few days I've pretty much been on a worldwide tour, it's amazing how much you can visit through the Internet.

I've really enjoyed looking at videos and learning so much about different cultures and countries, and taking trips down memory lane with my own country Mozambique. So today, I thought I would take you on another trip.....this way to my second home country, beautiful South Africa.

Come on, what do you have to loose??? You don't even need to leave the comfort of your home, just sit tight and warm and grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, then watch the video that I'm sharing with you. There are some pretty amazing people out there sharing their family vacation videos with the world. This is one of them and it features some of my favorite places in South Africa, including the Kruger National Park....I'm SO going there when I visit in July :)

Seriously, if you ever take a trip overseas, be sure to include South Africa, you won't regret it, it's a beautiful country and it has SO much to offer.

OK now moving on, to those of you that have blogs on Word press, I am having the
HARDEST time posting comments. I went over and checked all your menus and could NOT leave a comment, I could type it out and hit submit and then it would just sit there for 10 minutes. I don't know what the deal is, but just wanted to let you all know that I had been by :)

I want you all to go check out one of my FAVORITE blogs. I've been visiting Fish Creek House Inn for months now, it's the first one I check every morning. I just love the pictures they share and OH.MY.GOODNESS the recipes are to die for. Until recently you couldn't comment on the blog but they've changed that...so you bet your behind that I've been enjoying leaving comments. Here's what the little blurb on the blog says:

The adventures of a bed and breakfast innkeeper in Montana. Explore the great outdoors, travel tips and of course recipes. Hang your hat and come on Inn!

It's always been one of my dreams to own a Bed and Breakfast so for right now I'm living vicariously through the owner of Fish Creek House LOL

I have so much paperwork to tackle today and I'm trying hard to motivate myself to do it, but so far it's just not working. I want to sit at the computer and play all day.....are moms allowed that??? Can you imagine ONE day where you don't do anything at all??? I can just picture it, the kids would be running around naked, they would be eating junk food and all the candy they could find, drinking soda, not taking a bath and my couch would be non existent because for some reason they believe that the couch pillows look better ON THE FLOOR. If I got a penny every time I picked up the pillows and returned them to their rightful place, I would be a millionaire.

My sweet friend Sarah asked me how I ended up in Mozambique and Portugal....so I thought I would share a little of the how's and why's LOL

I was born in Lourenco Marques, now known as Maputo. In 1976 when Independence of Mozambique happened many families left for other countries, a lot of them taking only what they could carry.....with all the tension and violence erupting around us, we left first for Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and then later to Portugal where we stayed for approximately 8 years, I'm sure my dad will correct me with the time lines and the dates, seeing as I was 2 years old when I left my country of Mozambique.

Below are some pictures of old Lourenco Marques...some from this wonderful site and others from google searches.

Lourenco Marques - Marginal (main road that runs along the ocean front)

Lourenco Marques 1959-1966

Anyway, when I was about 10 years old my dad got transferred to South Africa and that is where we've lived for the past 23 years. South Africa become my second home, it's the ONE place that I remember going through my childhood and then later school, being a teenager, first boyfriend, becoming an adult, working etc. So I consider myself to be lucky in that I got to experience SO many different cultures and I carry a little of them all with me. I guess instead of "I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock n roll"......I can say "I'm a little Mozambican and a little South African" of course I'm Portuguese too because Mozambique was one of Portugal's colonies. I guess I'm multi cultured, got the best of 3 worlds LOL

I think every friday I'm going to do a "Greatest Places on Earth" post....share different places, videos and pictures etc. It's something I've been thinking of doing for a while and what better place than my blog right??? This way if anyone has been to these places or was born in one, they can also come in and share their own interesting stories or memories :)

Hey, I'm all for taking a break from reality and letting my mind wander to a different place....I can just picture it, Egypt, Greece, Ireland, you name it, we'll go. If there is a specific place you would like me to mention just let me know and I'll see what I can find :)

Well my friends, I think this post has gone on long enough, I have to go tackle that huge mountain of paperwork and get some other things done around here. I will see you all tomorrow.

Tonight I'm fixing Steaks with Mushroom Cream sauce...I will have the recipe up on my food blog later today :)

Jason tells Sam that trouble is brewing;
Spinelli looks for information on Alcazar's shipment;
Diane explains a plea deal to Alexis;
Dillon and Lulu become more suspicious of Alan and Monica;
Someone calls Shadybrook to check on Laura's condition.

Week 2A: Auditions 3 The best and worst auditions, as the search for the next singing superstar continues.

Dog tries talking a fugitive into straightening out his life.

Put away laundry
File paperwork


  1. I think your Friday idea sounds great! I'll be looking forward to that, I might even sit Eve on my lap and let her enjoy it too. Hope your paperwork goes quickly. It will be a relief to be done with it all won't it?!


  2. If you had a bed and breakfast, I'd come stay often just so I could eat your cooking!!

  3. Thank you so much for posting the video of South Africa! It was the geography lesson today! (homeschool) We are going to paint a picture with some of the animals and flowers of South Africa now :) She loved the background music as well.

    On a different note -- YAY! It's another AI night! Woot!


  4. thanks for the videos and photos you've posted lately of the different countries around the world - it's been so interesting to see! Thanks also for answering the question about how you came to Portugal and South Africa - I was wondering the same thing! I enjoyed your history lesson!

  5. I know you are so excited about this trip...I'm happy for you too....thanks for the photos...I so enjoyed this...

  6. My goodness, Sandra, what a great post. So many different things covered in this one.

    I put Fish Creek Inn into my favorites so I can go back when I have more time and look at the site. I can't wait to read all about it. I love the way she talks about the day to day experiences of running a bed and breakfast.

    Thanks for the lead. I've read enough so far to realize it's a lot more work than I realized!

    I think your multicultural background is what makes you who you are now. The next part of this story needs to be how you ended up here. I suspect I know, but the details would be fun to know. :-)

  7. I will check out Fish Creek House, it's sounds like a neat blog.

    I had to laugh about your description of mom being on the computer all day, I am sure it would be just like this.

    You are very lucky to have lived more than one place growing up. It's sounds like a pretty amazing childhood. I would love to visit South Africa, but like you said the cost is unbelievable.

    The pictures of old Lourenco Marques are beautiful. It looks like a place out of an old movie.

  8. Hi Sandra, First of all let me tell you I had a bit of withdrawl this weekend as I couldn't bring up your page through Org Junkie, you are always the first one I read after I read Lauras. Tonight I finally got in through Laura's and was I ever excited to see a bit of South Africa and hear about your heritage. Thanks. We have had so much snow here. I went to my Dr on Monday and he had flown in from South Africa on Sunday when we had another 1-2 feet of snow. We have two Dr.s from South Africa, they share the practice. Dr. W. is so tanned right now. I'm trying to think of a country, you asked for suggestions, how about England, I have relatives that came from there. Also Ireland but you already mentioned that. Take care and talk to you soon, Sue

  9. Oh - that is soooo beautiful - I can't IMAGINE seeing all that in person. WOW

    You sure do have a wonderful heritage!

    I was wondering if you have heard about the big ole party I am throwing. Some of my favorite blogging friends haven't RSVP'd yet so I am hunting you down!!! Cause you MUST come to my party girl! I would be so sad if you missed it. :(

    Head on over to my site to find out what on earth I am talking about.

  10. Cool post. I loved the B&B blogsite...thanks for sharing! :)

  11. Sandra, this was such an incredible post. I loved the video and felt I learned so much about Mozambique. Being a huge animal lover, I would just love to go on a Safari!

    It is so much fun to see different cultures and how they live. That is why I love the Great American Race! lol My hubby and I are frequently blown away at all the beauty there is in the world.

    So is it Friday yet?!!/*!:)

  12. Thanks so much Sandra for answering my question. How wonderful, and I understand the Portugal/Africa connection now...what an interesting background. Hugs


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