Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm so cold.......

I'm sitting here at the computer and for some reason, even though the heater is on and it's warm in the house, I'm still shivering........and my right hand, the one that holds the mouse, is constantly freezing, isn't that the weirdest thing???

I actually had to go grab a sweater because I couldn't stop the shivering. Either this house is really cold or my fever is coming back.....please please let it be the house.

So it's tuesday morning and it feels like monday....guess the whole long weekend thing just threw me off, at least it means one less day before the weekend right???

I just realized that it's also been forever since I've participated in a "Tackle it Tuesday" or a "Treasure Tuesday"...wow, it's been months actually, I will have to get myself on track again and start doing that. Honestly sometimes I feel like I'm running on empty, isn't it amazing how much a mom can do and how long she can go without crashing? Superwoman powers is all I can think of!

I've now ordered 10 books from paperbackswap and I can not wait to get them. One of my favorite book authors is Lori Wick, I just love her books. I started "The Proposal" which is book one of her English Garden Series. I'm SO hooked on it already, I read half of the book just last night and now I'm trying to pace myself so that I don't finish it before the other 3 come in.

This post is going to be super short, I have places to be and things to do, just wanted to check in and say hi :)

Hopefully I'll have a longer post tomorrow....take care everyone!!!

For dinner I'm making Onion and Potato Soup, it's one of those meals that you remember from your childhood. I love it and it's filling and comforting and just perfect for a cold day, like today.

General Hospital
Carly runs from the courtroom during the ceremony;
Maxie confesses her pregnancy charade to Lucky;
Lucky lashes out at Maxie;
Sam feigns ignorance when Tracy mentions Angela Monroe's name;
Skye kisses Alcazar;
Nikolas apologizes to Emily.
American Idol
Week 1A: Auditions
Judges Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson begin their search for the next singing sensation.

Legal stuff
Errands and Bills
Cleaning house


  1. I am the same way! Our thermostat is set at 70, but I get cold when the temp outside is colder because the house cools down so quickly. I can actually tel when it's time for the furnace to kick on. I also have a chilly mouse hand! I wiggle my fingers adn clench my fist while I read to keep the circulation going.

  2. It's cold in our part of the world, too. It is so cold that I wear two jogging pants and two sweaters and a bonnet inside the house.

    My 3-year old thinks I'm nuts.


  3. My "mouse hand" has been freezing all day too! I touched my daughter's face with both hands earlier and she said that one was warm and one was cold.

    It's American Idol night, woohoo!


  4. It was 17 here this morning.....and I will be on the edge of my seat for American Idol tonight!!!!!

  5. Snowing here!! I'm loving this snow! We're only suppose to get a couple of inches, but I wish it were a couple of feet!!!!
    I like it cold. We keep the thermostat at 68 and I still open the windows and balcony door! lol
    I love paperbackswap! Thank you for introducing me to that wonderful website!
    Happy Reading!


  6. You know it's cold when the warmth from your lap top makes you sigh with pleasure. :)

  7. Sounds like you need gloves at the PC...Moving from Florida to Ohio I am for sure felling a chill in the air. I am going to check out the books that you posted. Thanks for the information.........

  8. I am cold too, but here it's the weather (i have pics up). your dinner sounds yummy

  9. I hope you're not getting sick again and that the cold was just your house! Although I've been sick since Sat and know what you mean about not being able to get warm!

  10. Just reading today's blog (before I read your profile) I got the vibe that you were a Christian. Christian SAHM here too! HUGE fan of General Hospital & love American Idol (not much talent in Milwaukee). My blog -- www.claypotsandearthlytents.blogspot.com

  11. It's freezing here too. My thermostat says it's 75* in the house, but I am soooo cold! Stay warm!

  12. I will pray your fever is not coming back. I am normally a cold person, as far as temperature. When everyone else is warm, I am still freezing.

    Can you believe I have never done paperbackswap. I really have to do this. You have posted a few times about it and I have books that I could send in. I have never read Lori Wick, but I hear great things about this author. I am going to check one out next week when I get to the library.

    I watched GH and American Idol. I finally got a tech out here to fix my satellite. No more bunny ears, Praise God.


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