Wednesday, February 22, 2006

100 Things about me........

in no particular order!!

1. I'm 31 years old at the time I write this.
2. I'm wife to an Air Force Sergeant.
3. I gave birth to 2 beautiful kids, Jasmine who is 6 years old and Nicholas who is 2 years old.
4. I had 2 miscarriages and have my 2 angels waiting for me in heaven!
5. I love to read!!! SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!!
6. I love Romance and Biography books!
7. I have 3 brothers and one sister!
8. I've been married almost 8 years
9. I lived most of my life in South Africa.
10. I graduated from The Hill High School in 1992.
11. I was born in Mozambique, a small country in Africa.
12. I've lived in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Portugal, South African and now the USA.
13. I have a wonderful family spread out over the world.
14. When I was a child, one of my favorite things to do was play with my brothers and learn to cook with my greatgrandmother.
15. I went to school both in Portugal and in South Africa.
16. I went with my family to watch "ET: The Extraterrestrial" when it first came out.
17. I have light brown eyes.
18. I actually like brussel sprouts.
19. I am addicted to coffee.
20. I need to lose 10 pounds.
21. I collect nothing.
22. I color my hair because I have way too many gray hairs....yeah it's sad!
23. I haven't had long nails in years.
24. I love ironing.
25. I play computer games with my husband.
26. We're both addicted to astronomy and love using our telescopes.
27. Blogging has become a wonderful outlet for me.
28. I love to sing and have actually sang in front of a lot of people.
29. I love old photographs.
30. We are stationed in Idaho right now and far from any family.
31. I've got to learn to manage my time better.
32. I love to shop online.
33. I'm terribly self conscious and don't take well to compliments.
34. I drive a 94 Thunderbird, which is my first car!!
35. I hate two faced people.
36. I love my sisters in law.
37. I dream of owning my own bookstore in the future.
38. I have either visited, lived in or stopped by 9 countries: Portugal, Spain, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Botswana, Mozambique, England, South Africa, USA.
39. I would love to go to Italy and Greece!
40. I wish I had a fireplace!
41. I love the smell of onions and garlic frying on the stove.
42. My decorating style is definitely country.
43. Hubby and I dream of owning a log house in the mountains.
44. Hubby and I met on the internet.
45. We met August 12 1997, and got married August 12, 1998.
46. We never had a honeymoon.
47. I love big family get togethers.
48. I love cooking!
49. I do not like tomatoes.
50. My favorite movie is "The Sound of Music".
51. I can't stand to watch other musicals though.
52. I am a semi-organized person.
53. I used to be a radio DJ.
54. My first dog was a Pug named Rambo.
55. I've met a few famous people.
56. Hubby and I haven't had a date since I was pregnant with our first child.
57. I love all sorts of music.
58. I still don't know how to swim.
59. I love food.
60. I love camping.
61. I have a weakness for chocolate!
62. I love shoes and clothes.....I have to work hard to control the urge to buy more.
63. I have a fear of heights.
64. I love flying.
65. I am trying to work on a budget that actually works.
66. I love christmas at home.
67. I don't have a cell phone.
68. Hate people who talk on the cellphone while driving.
69. I wish that more of my family had blogs.
70. The new sweetener, Splenda, is my new favorite.
71. Thinking of 100 facts about me is getting very difficult!
72. I love yard sales and make a point of going to them every saturday.
73. I am a homebody. Even though I have traveled a lot, home is where I want to be.
74. I don't like drinking and partying, would rather be home with my kids and hubby.
75. I hate all sorts of ads on's annoying.
76. I love American Idol, ER, Related, 7th Heaven and Touched by an Angel.
77. I've only had 2 hospital stays when I had my children.
78. I'm afraid of snakes and I hate moths.
79. I love seafood.
80. My favorite thing to have for dinner is a big steak and fries.
81. I am a very loyal person.
82. I love diet coke.
83. I don't want to be alone, but an hour or so a day is great for my spirits.
84. I have the perfect kids.
85. I love to laugh.
86. I love sewing and knitting and all sorts of crafts.
87. I tend to neglect emails and forget to stay in touch.
88. I love travelling.
89. I'm obsessed with my digital camera and taking pictures of my kids.
90. I miss my greatgrandma a LOT!
91. I think I yell too much....gotta work on that.
92. My husband is my best friend.
93. I try to be the best mom I can be.
94. I love summertime and going on walks with the kids.
95. I support our troops, being a military wife I know too well the sacrifice they make.
96. I wish I had enough money to buy whatever I wanted, but not be rich.
97. I hate talking on the phone.
98. I love Food Network.
100. Last but not least, I'm a great person to have around but watch out when you get on my wrong side, the claws definitely come out!

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