Saturday, February 18, 2006

Not very much got done....

I knew it, I knew it. I shouldn't even try to make all these plans of things I'm going to do on the weekend because it usually turns out that nothing gets done.

I DID manage to sneak off to the library without the kids. My way of thinking is that they get to spend some time with daddy, but deep down we all know that it's mommy that is needing the alone time.
I picked up 3 movies for us to watch. I got Dark Waters which we already watched and it wasn't scary, just I don't know, just something. You will have to see the previews for yourself and decide. I also picked up Luther and Tiptoes, only reason I even got that one is because Matthew McConaghey is in it LOL
Also picked up more books, and you know I always wonder WHY....I have a HUGE TBR(To be Read) pile, but what can I say....I'm addicted to books. My dream is to one day own my very own bookstore. Gotta keep dreaming!!!

When I got back we took the kids to the park and that was fun, except for the fact that it was freezing outside and it started snowing on us, not that the kids seemed to mind, they were just happy playing. Got some good photos and will post them tomorrow when I add them to my album.

It's now 7:44pm and I'm ready to head upstairs. It's MY time and everyone knows not to bother mommy for an hour. I think I'm going to read a bit. I picked up the first 4 books from Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Series, they are supposed to be very funny, so I'm looking forward to those. I'm going to finish "You're Late again Lord", only have a few pages left and then will let you know how that was.

OH I did make fudge today. I finally found an easy fudge recipe that works and it comes out perfect everytime. Now if only I could keep from eating enormous amounts of it.

Well off to bed for me. Here's hoping that you all have a good night and sweet sweet dreams.

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