Thursday, February 09, 2006

House Breaking a puppy is no easy task......

When we first got Lola I thought, you know, I can do this it will be easy......and it WAS for the first 3 months but now we're heading for disaster.

Miss Lola has decided that she does NOT want to go potty outside anymore, which means I sit out there with her for 30 minutes, sounding like a parrot "go potty Lola", "Lola go potty".....over and over and over again, but to no avail.
She runs around, she tries to chase cars, she chews on her leash, you name it!!!
All this just to turn around and come back in the house where she then proceeds to relieve herself.

Can you say "TICKED OFF?". I'm at my wits end with her, it's just so frustrating to deal with it day in and day out because I'm also in the process of potty training Nicholas. But before you all start saying "I told you so", let me tell you that even though I may be venting and may be annoyed with Lola, and there are days that I just want to run away..........I'm smiling through it and will continue to enforce the potty training for both her AND Nicholas. There, doesn't that sound like the perfect mom?!?!?!?! LOL

Anyway, I'm still trying to get the doctor's office in Boise and the one on Base to figure out exactly what the MMR (Mumps test) is.....they seem to both be confused about whether the Rubella or Rubeola is the test for it.....are you kidding me? And I entrust my life in these hands?
So now we play the cat and mouse game and we wait, just wait for them to figure it all out amongst themselves. You know wouldn't it be easier to just tell me to go and do a new blood test? I mean it IS after all MY blood and I'm willing to part with a small amount for test purposes. SIGH......unbelievable!

Well here I go, grab the phone and try again to decipher all of this. Let me tell you something, the day that I get that Green Card in my hand, I am throwing a party or having a few drinks, it will definitely be a HUGE weight off my shoulders.

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