Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sinus, Sinus oh Sinus!!!

I think I've about had it with this Sinus issue. I can't take this anymore, honestly, I'm just done with these constant sinus headaches and feeling unwell. I'm done with not being able to breathe right, I'm done with feeling like I have a huge tennis ball stuck in my nostrils and preventing me from breathing right. Now does that sound like I woke up in a good mood?

I'm so frustrated with it all. Finally got over that horrible flu we had and now it's the sinus, why is it always something else huh?
If I was single and had no kids, I wouldn't really care, that would just mean I could stay in bed as long as I wanted, probably all day long. Wouldn't have to worry about meals and laundry and whatever that sticky stuff is on my kitchen floor......I bet Nicholas was playing with a juice box again.

So yeah, let's just say that I spent the whole night waking up, every hour or so, because I couldn't breathe through my nose. What's more annoying is when someone says to you "well just breathe through your mouth?". Ok Sherlock, if it was that easy I wouldn't be complaining now would I? I wish I could just breathe through my mouth and forget about the fact that there seems to be NO air circulating at all through my nose. Guess I'm just difficult!

It's been snowing since yesterday afternoon so everything is white outside, but I do see the sun peeking through the clouds so I'm sure pretty soon it will all be melted. That's good, cause I want to get the pictures taken of the base, something which I was supposed to do yesterday and then ended up sitting on the couch watching a movie. (hehehe)
I'm in the process of uploading the pics we took at the park yesterday, so by the time I'm done with this blog I should have the link up for you.

This is what I have to do today:
  1. Finish my laundry, still have 2 loads to go
  2. Vacuum downstairs and upstairs
  3. Clean the bathrooms
  4. Mop the floors
  5. Change all the linens on the beds
It doesn't seem like much but when you have 2 young kids running around you, believe me, it will take me most of the day just to get it accomplished.

BTW, just got done with the photos taken at the park so go HERE to see them.
Well Curt just woke up so I guess it's time for me to get off here and go start my cleaning, I can just have the kids play with him and that way I can get things done faster.

Have a great weekend guys!!!

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