Tuesday, February 21, 2006

If you want your children to listen to you.......

pretend you're talking on the phone. It doesn't matter where they are or what they're doing, you get on the phone and they'll appear out of nowhere. Unbelievable, but so true and I know right now a lot of parents are nodding they heads YES, YES, that's so true.

I think the last time I was able to have a telephone converstation where I actually HEARD what the other person was saying, was when I was pregnant with Jasmine. From then on, just forget it.
I brought this up, not because I had nothing else to say, but because again today I was on the phone with my doctor trying to find out if my MMR results are back (which by the way they aren't, big surprise there!), and I had to tell her to wait a second and then turn around and yell like a mad woman at the 2 kids who chose that moment to get in each other's face.......but mind you, the minute I hung up I heard "I love you Nicholas" "I love you Jasmine". Come again??????

So anyway, nothing much happened today, I had a WIC appointment which I actually didn't forget to go to like my last one. I would be embarassed to admit that, but at the time we were all sick in bed with that awful flu, so I can't be blamed entirely for missing it. After all, I wasn't exactly in the mood or able to get out of bed.

Picked up Jasmine from school and then headed to the Commissary to get my WIC checks, needed milk badly, and a few other items. I have to say that the kids actually behaved today, I didn't have to yell once or chase little legs down the produce aisle while yelling at the other one "PUT THAT APPLE DOWN, DON'T YOU DARE TAKE A BITE OF IT". Yeah, sad but true. Nicholas seems to think that the fruit at the store is set out just for him.....like the people there are that nice.

I updated my profile photo this morning, Jasmine got that pic of me right before we left for school and I actually like it, that's a first because I hate seeing myself in any kind of photos. Also, I started a food blog called "Full Bellies, Happy Kids", be sure to check it out. I will post the recipe of whatever we are eating that day and keep you up to date on how mealtime is going over here. It's never easy, if only I would eat as much as they do then I could loose the last 10 pounds that have haunted me for years.

Well, that's it for today, I'm about to go start dinner, then I have 2 loads of laundry to put away.
I'm hoping to have the dishes dones and the kids bathed, homeworks done and ready for bed by 7pm. American Idol is on tonight and I don't want to miss it.
Have a safe night everyone, and God Bless.

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