Monday, February 27, 2006

Rain Rain go away.........

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Arrgghhh, did I ever mention how annoying rain can be when you have to take kids to school and errands to run?
It started last night and it's still going. Now, mind you, I LOVE rain, but only if I'm either watching a movie, or laying in bed. Ahhhh, who doesn't love sleeping to the sound of the rain?

First I want to thank all that have left comments on my blog. It's always great getting to know and meet new people, and what's even better is that I came across some South African bloggers, as suggested by Lisanne over at Bathtub Junkie. I visited one of the sites and started off the day crying. LOL Yeah, isn't that wonderful, then again I think, if I can get this crying out of the way I might have a great day ahead. I hope!!!
Going back to why I was crying, it's because the lady Hannah had posted a bunch of photos she took during her trip to South Africa last year. Oh man did it bring back good memories.

Anyway, I started off this blog with a picture of downtown Mountain Home. Just because. Don't have much planned for today. Going to head over to the Self Help and grab a carpet cleaner.
Kids+Carpet=Weekly carpet cleaning.
I needed something from the store, but since it's monday it means the good ol' Commissary is closed...have to wait until tomorrow, or better yet, will wait until wednesday when I do my groceries.

Today is the start of an exercise. For those military wives out there, you know what that means. 12 hour shifts.
Curt is on the 6pm to 6am shift.......sigh, I can't stand that's like working midshift. It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have kids, but have you ever tried to tell a 2 year old that he has to keep his voice down to a whisper all morning until early afternoon. Not to mention having to constantly chase the dog back downstairs. She's figured out how to get over or through the gate that I put up blocking the stairs. She runs up there and tries to jump in bed with hubby. How annoying!!! If I'm NOT allowed to go sleep neither is anyone else LOL

So Curt and I have been talking about maybe going overseas. It's a tough decision because we've been stationed here for 8 years and know everything. The kids love it here, Jasmine loves her school and is used to it. We don't have too many years left before he retires....only about 5 or 6. We either stay here, or we could try for overseas orders, maybe for 2 or 4 years and then come back here to retire. We would love to go to Azores, Italy or Germany. Will see!!!

Hope you're all having a good start to the week. I'm about to go deal with more laundry, I think my washer is starting to give out. Yesterday I had to run a load of laundry 2 times to get it clean, first time they came out looking just as I had put them in.....I know I'm a bit forgetful at times, but I swear I turned on the washer, and then put them in the dryer. Right????
Well, I'll be back later with more updates on things in potato land.


  1. Hi Sandra. I am popping over from Valkyrie's site. I also live in Cape Town though not close to her. I thought I would come and say hello and send you more greetings from South Africa.

    You like Nando's - my best is Steers. Their burgers are to die for (when I decide to go on a heavy carb binge).

  2. Michelle, I LOVE Steers....oh man, I remember going out to clubs and on the way home we would all be starved, we'd stop at Steers and load up on their burgers and chips. YUM. Thanks for reminding me of that :)
    Going to check your site :)

  3. Thank you for the advice! Please keep in touch. I love having any adult conversation. I am lacking that ALOT! LOL


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