Monday, February 06, 2006

Sigh....where to begin?

Sometimes I wonder what the heck I signed up for.

So last week the kids and I were all sick with the flu, or whatever it is. Flu would be putting it mildly I think because not only did we have the usual symptoms but then to make matters worse, we had a stomach bug too. Needless to say we spent the WEEK (yes you heard right), the whole week in bed. By wednesday night, I just couldn't bear to be in bed anymore and felt like my body was ready to just snap apart.

We're finally getting back to normal, but just the fact that mommy was sick too, is enough to send the house into turmoil. It's like waking up after a really bad hurricane and finding that some sort of mysterious small tornado, plowed it's way through your house.

So, here I am, Jasmine is back to school and now I'm left trying to clean and get the house back to normal.

Curt is back on swing shift, which might I add, I detest. hehehe
It's not only weird hours but the fact that he never gets to see the kids. He gets up when Jasmine is already in school and then leaves for work before she gets out and doesn't get back home until late late at night.....sigh, it's going to be another hard time putting up with the kids complaining that they don't see daddy, but you know, again, it's all part of being a military family and it comes with the territory.

So go ahead, go back to doing whatever it is you were I'm grabbing the cleaning pail and heading upstairs for the oh so wonderful cleaning.
Just hope I get some reading time today, nothing better than a book.....see there I go again, thinking of something else to get my mind off the cleaning ahead.......SIGH!!!!

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